Min Champagne: Federal-Provincial-Territorial Meeting on Infrastructure – September 2018

How can we deliver to the people? Knowing that infrastructure is a key driver to our economy. Key driver to creating jobs and with that obviously creating the strong partnership that is essential. If we are going to deliver we need municipalities, we need provincial and territorial governments and obviously the federal government. Phase two, the $187 billion we have put forward over the next twelve years to invest in public transit, in green infrastructure and social infrastructure, in rural and northern community. I think it’s really going to be a game changer for Canada. It will allow us to build the infrastructure of the twenty first century. Canadians want us to think big, they want us to think smart, they want green, they want modern resilient infrastructure. And I think that’s what we’re looking at. Infrastructure that will benefit Canadians. We’ve been able to acquire more than seven thousand buses, , which are mainly hybrid buses. We’ve been able to do repair, rebuild or refurbish about one thousand four hundred water and waste water treatment in the country. And I saw that we repaired or rebuilt about one hundred thousand social units. So our plan is working.

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