22 thoughts on “‘Million Dollar Listing’ star on housing market, mortgage rates drop

  1. Don't forget the real estate tax! If PRICE is low and interest rate may be high, in two years real estate tax could be high then!

  2. Not in SF or California, in general. The demand far exceeds supply as they have failed to keep up new housing stock to accommodate the increased population.

  3. This guy isn't focused on average American homebuyers. The wealthy have options that we do not have, generally speaking, because they have money. But, I do think he is right about letting prices fall, because they have been severely over inflated for too long. Buy low and refi later when interest rates drop makes perfect sense to those who are not millionaires!

  4. Since we all turned into real estate gurus on here let me throw myself in the mix. I think Ideally what this guy has to say is really good investment theory in general. With that being said, real estate investment can have a lot of variables to consider. Location Location Location is one. Goal for the propriety. If your paying the same for rent and will be your primary or only residence then you have to consider monthly rental cost vs purchase. Investment only properties on the other hand you need to buy market low and that's it. Region of the country you're buying on is important. Let's consider supply and demand. Good luck with your future home purchases! The real estate market can make you or break you.

  5. Itā€™s because ā€œmansionsā€ not only are dated but sit on the market for years.

    But if you look at mid range, it transact like hot cakes most of the time due to practical needs.

    As a RE investor I prefer mid range and brand new! Cash in and cash out. When I can cut out the middle hassles, I do.

  6. I wouldn't live in California for anything. I have no desire even to visit California. If I could afford a Million dollar home, It would not be in California.

  7. The guy is an idiot. Housing prices have steadily increased since 1900 to this current day. There are dips but have steadily increased over the decades.

  8. Million Dollar Homes?Do You have Any IDEA how much time it takes UP?Even if you have maids and butlers?Some of You Wealthy Elite are Missing something US average Folk Spend Time ON!Can You guess what that IS?

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