31 thoughts on “Mega Bloks Star Trek USS Enterprise NCC-1701 – Unboxing and Speed Build

  1. Infobox is wrong!!!
    here are the correct infos:
    3098 pcs
    Year 2016
    Mega Bloks USS Enterprise

    Sorry for that mistake!!

  2. How long did it take to build it? I'm thinking of investing in one of these and I'm not sure what the max amount of time it is to build this specific set

  3. Definitely need to push those pieces together better ( Especially the saucer section ). I know it is difficult but if you use something like the base of an empty coffee cup to press down on them it helps a lot.

  4. Star trek awsome, legos awsome… mega blocks suck. You can't argue it, never found a defective lego, ever fifth MB wants to pop off the stud, cool figures though.

  5. I really hope you didnโ€™t spend $300 on this set, I bought like 5 of them for $80 each off amazon

  6. Got this set for Christmas 2017. Took about 24 hours (over the course of a week) to put it together. It has sat prominently on the piano ever since. Fun build!

  7. i personally love this build. Took me about 2 weeks when I built mine last year. Hate to say it, but I actually prefer this kit compared to some USC kits for star wars…might also be the fact I snagged mine for $99 in Best Buy's Discontinued section of the store.

  8. The Saucer, secondary hull and nacelles are well built. the neck is the weak point. If yo display this. over time the Saucer will warp the neck due to its weight. The neck will warp and pieces will start to work their way loose. I had mine displayed for about half a year, and returned it to the box. On the pluse side. You buy 3 of the bridge sets. You can just about have all the pieces you need to build the Entire bridge.

  9. I wish the nacell arms had been built and not one piece…other than that totally awesome!!!!

  10. I got mine a few years ago and had displayed next to my STAR WARS LEGO collection. Earlier this year I took the lights of and added it to my 90-gallon aquarium and my fish love it. Thank you for the video.

  11. To all confused Trekkies out there: In TOS (1966-69) the Enterprise was mentioned as belonging to the Starship-class. That changed after the release of starfleet tactical manual in 1975. With the than upcoming ships like Excelsior-class, Miranda-class and Oberth-class the Enterprise couldn't be called belonging to Starship-class when the other classes also just had been starships. So it became the Constitution-class instead.

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