Meet the Winners of the Housing Innovation Challenge

– United Dwelling is thrilled to be one of the
winners of the Housing Innovation Challenge. – I really can’t express how excited we are. – We feel great about it and honored to have won. We’re very honored and excited to have been chosen. – We very rarely get to sit down and innovate and
think about concepts, and think about the future. – This money is really going to help us
move faster to solving this problem. – We believe that our model can be duplicated, so we’re excited. This is validation that it’s a good thing. – Every step of the way the process is going to be challenging and we’re trying to proof something up that is different and unique and slightly disruptive. – This will actually give us the chance to design something that can be bigger than ourselves. – And I really want to thank L.A. County for believing in our model and our people and
our ability to solve the problem.

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