Meet the Transport and Infrastructure Select Committee

G’day, Alastair Scott’s my name. I’m the Deputy Chair of the Transport and
Infrastructure select committee. Sounds like a complicated and complex sort
of committee, but it’s not. We are the select committee that involves
ourselves with transport and infrastructure. Infrastructure like wastewater management,
roading, rail, ports, telecommunications, anything the public or legislation that might
involve those subjects. We listen to those submitters and legislators. For example, how about dealing with drones? Drones are very interesting. How should we deal with drones in our airspace? So that’s been an inquiry that’s come
through the select committee. Should there be more trains on a particular
route in a particular place? That’s come through the select committee. Listening to ministers and making ministers
account for themselves is a very important part of the select committee. And the public can be involved with all of
those things. So I encourage people to create their own
petition if they have something to say about an issue. We want to hear from you. We encourage people to submit. We encourage people to put petitions in. And it is important that the general public
of New Zealand participate in the process because that’s how we make a better
New Zealand.

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