23 thoughts on “Man attacked at his home on Maui speaks out about hate crimes

  1. No disrespect, but look up what neighborhood you're moving too first. Why you move to a ghetto ass place? What did you expect? Doesnt excuse the people who did that, but you also gotta except that not everyone can go anywhere, and if you are going to move to anyplace, you should learn everything about that place. D0nt move into a neighborhood of racists and then act surprised when people are racist. Common sense is the new Enlightenment.

  2. Wth?sorry this happened to you guy's. They should have gotten a more severe sentence, no one deserves this especially in your home…

  3. There's no excuse for hate crimes ever. But, Hawaiians & indigenous/oppressed people everywhere deserve solutions/remedies to help our people transcend past & present injustices. Hate only begets more hate! The State govt continues in its failure to address homelessness, mental illness, crime, economic disparity (& despair) that exists amongst the majority of the Hawaiian population. Instead, corruption & greed persist. A tipping point is inevitable, where large-scale, systemic reforms are enacted. Aloha nui & good luck 🌺

  4. Dumb ignorant Hawaiians
    it's not your land buddy he bought the house with real money not food stamp money.
    Dumb hawaiians

  5. That's the sad truth of living in hawaii. 90% of islanders are nixe and far but there are still racist on island who claim their actions are in defiance of the land but really they just dont like non hawaiians. I cant even speak up about it in public because of backlash.

  6. time to quit bashing native Hawaiians, there were no native Hawaiians involved in this incident. Locals are not native Hawaiians, they are descendents of pineapple pickers with a smidgen of Hawaiian blood. I doubt if any of these locals had even 50% Hawaiian blood, after 30 years in Hawaii I've only met a handful of locals who could claim 50% Hawaiian blood.

  7. We shouldn’t have hate crimes in Hawaii! This isn’t the mainland, the south, or the Midwest!!! Shame on anyone with those intentions of hate!!! We’re supposed to show Aloha to everyone

  8. I was a victim of a hate crime at Ward Center by there security department. Myles Briener is helping me, but they have been bribing the courts so it has been a struggle, but not surprising at all.

  9. Frkn sick punks. That's what you call non Hawaiian. But a disgrace to our race, the shame they've put on their families especially attacking handicapped elderly people. I apologize for what our Hawaiian citizens did to you. They should've been locked up for 20 yrs. With a stiff fine.

  10. Heard you when pull one gun on the kids down the road that’s why they came and that’s why you when throw your gun away. That’s why the judge gave a light sentence, cause you when show the gun off first. The braddah obviously get one anger problem and the second guys story i don’t know about. If he did do this, he should go to jail. But no make this one race issue…..

  11. We get cracks from white people too… some of us deserve it, some of us don’t…. the reason you don’t hear about is because we shame we got cracks from white people! Short story, everybody get cracks! No make it about race…

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