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howdy folks hello and welcome my name is Caleb D MDG and I am here to record a m20 a constructed set overview now m20 in terms of corsets in terms of corsets it's been pretty juicy it's been pretty tough ta it's it's it's rare for a corset to shake up standard this much usually doesn't happen very often I think the last time we saw it happening on this level was maybe when the Titans were printed and maybe not even then we've seen cards impacting modern and legacy as well we've seen em 20 cards showing up in those older formats and and that's and that's very exciting for me so when we going through most of em 20 um well the cards that are relevant for constructed anyway and uh and I'm not even gonna be able to get to all of them because there's a lot there's a lot of cards they've been showing up but I'm gonna do my best I've got a lot of decklists I'm gonna show you folks a nice tech some of its mind so a lot of its not going to a little going to a lot of other content creators for some for some sweet decklists I've been doing well things been doing well on the ladder things with Abaddon 501 modo things that are important to be tracking to be following but before I do that before I go into all that I have got a short little announcement to make this video was video folks listen up everybody I have some news this video is sponsored [Applause] yeah oh my god oh my god so what this pillowcase with the with a dollar insignia is implying that this video is is sponsored by a little company known as Wizards of the coast that's very very exciting for me it was naturally quite exciting for me I am it's a it's a bit of legitimacy that I would not have imagined however many years ago when I first started streaming full-time that's awesome don't let you don't let anybody say that Wizards doesn't support the content creators because I mean just think about me holding this this pillowcase Oh to celebrate to celebrate this pillowcase I want to share it I want to share it around a little bit spread the love I want to do a do a giveaway and and since this videos at m20 video related video will be giving away some some boxes of m20 so the way little work and the full the full rules will be at the end the full rules will be at the end the way that it work just post in the comments say your favorite m20 card say why it's your favorite m20 card and then i'll hand pick three lucky winners maybe I'll have someone to help me with that so it's it's like way less just me picking people but I'm gonna pick three lucky winners and I'll ping them here on on YouTube and you can email me and we can figure out your address and all of that I won't have not going to use your address for anything fishy just want to send you a box of him 20 I've done a lot of giveaways on my my stream feel like I'm talking too much the the official rules are gonna be at the end the main important ones are this is the Caleb D run giveaway so all the legal responsibilities and everything that's all that's all on me it's not on youtube it's not on Wizards and the other important thing is that I'm obviously not gonna break the law to send someone in m20 box right so if you live in a country that US the United States has sanctions against I'm not gonna send you a box of them 20 right all my viewers in North Korea and that unfortunately will not happen but but pretty much everybody else you are you were eligible to win this anyway let's get into some some cards right there's some real juicy cards and I'm twenty and we're going to start with the reprints and we're gonna like build we're gonna build and hype the first one that I want to talk about is God's willing so God's willing is a card that has shown up in blue-eyed heroic decks of the past in order to protect a really important threat to like force it through the opposed it saying removal in God's whittling is a really good one because you also get a little bit of scry so you're less likely to flood out you can keep the gas flowing and then you can also use it as evasion if your opponents got Sega Lehrer holding your team down give a creature pearl white attack maybe get in lethal that sort of thing it's a it's pretty exciting card and there's a deck in standard that can use it and that's this feather the redeemed stack now this deck is just playing straight red white I've seen lists going into going into nyeh recently but uh but I think it's quite good this is a five-o list from from from moto Magic the Gathering online and if you're if you've got some keen eyes you'll also notice another m20 card here and that is temple of triumph the temple saw a ton of play last time around they saw a ton of play they saw a play in mono color decks they just wanted a little bit of subscribe just wanted to make sure that they could hit through laying drops and chain stuff together in the early turns while also not flooding out quite as badly in the late game and they saw a lot of play just as like general fixing and whatnot they're really really good cards they still see a little bit of play in modern um combo decks that don't want to invest too many cards into filtering they can't just decayed afford to play like all filtering because they need you know they also need their deck to work but still want a little bit of extra selection so so coreos vengeance tanks have been known to play temples and uh ad nauseam has been known to play temples in modern so that's good enough for modding it's probably good enough for standard these lids are great and it's exciting to see them back these lands are especially good with growth spiral to the odds are if you play eternity growth spiral and put a lane into play you don't really care if it comes in a play tap moving on I want to talk about another couple of reprints lay light of the void and graft occurs cage another lay line the guy printed it's pretty big – leyland of sanctity but I want to talk about Leland of the void specifically I did get to preview this card thanks again Wizards and it is it's quite the important reprint in standard it's not that big of a deal because there's a huge deck building cost – including ley lines you might want to run forward to increase the the chance that it's in your openers so it takes up a lot of your sideboard slots and then if you draw it naturally it might not come down in time and so the real benefit of it in m20 is that it's much much needed to reprint for those older formats before modern Allegra player if modern or legacy players wanted to play the card they just shell out like $200 for a play set now it's it's much closer to like a sixty four dollars for a play set if they if they want to use them 20 Edition so that's awesome that is super cool and that's a I mean if you're gonna do a set that has like a certain number of reprints doing some that looks very specifically throw a bone to people trying to play those older formats well we appreciate it you would genius appreciation I'm just gonna speak for all eternal players everywhere we all we all appreciated people to play eternal formats um yeah that's great graft occurs cage is not a card that really needed a reprint for for price reasons but it isn't it is a more exciting card to have printed into standard you can play any number in the board and it's still gonna be effective because it's costed so aggressively so you keep a hand that doesn't have a crafters cage and then you draw it you're like oh I play this for one man it's almost free right and it's very easy to fit into your curve and you can play one to four and it's and it's not a big deal whereas with ley line you really want in your opener so you're probably playing three or four if crafters cage sees a lot of play then mono Reds red players might have to retool through their lists a bit cuz it's especially brutal against experimental frenzy if the mono red player plays experimental frenzy and then you play a cage they're almost locked out of the game right they have to like spend a turn sacrificing their frenzy before they could start playing cards again it's pretty exciting pretty sweet nice little answer there the next reprint that I want to talk about is goblin ringleader now this is my ringleader list for modern I'm still working on it I'm still tweaking it but uh but goblins has shown up with some five O's couple of couples has been performing goblins showed up with a five-oh with just goblin nature and getting reprinted and now now we have a ringleader as well and and for the first time in modern we can do something that's more akin to what Collins has been doing in legacy which is chaining together a bunch of card advantage goblins fighting through like almost any number of sweepers almost any amount of disruption because you have so much card advantage between 4 gallon matrons 4 ringleaders you got vials spitting them all into play you got cost reducers you got this sweet toolbox for matron you're not killing people on turn 3 but uh your late game should be better than most other decks so I am still working on this list I the card time least sure of are the two Frog tosser pants I'm pretty sure they should be a fourth copy of mob war marshal in a third copy of a goblin war chief right now those cards have been kind of over performing for me and I haven't really popped off with the Frog tossers yet I was just like testing them but this is the list that I'll be playing in the modern super league that uh that that airs on Twitch so at twitch.tv slash magic happens every Tuesday playing this week I've not played by matches yet so hopefully I don't hopefully I don't let the goblin tribe down but uh but I am I am slotted to pilot it currently the huh Gak deck has been banned which means we no longer need to sideboard for leylines which is why I've got four graphic crews caged in the sideboard goblins is very very good at beating other creatures beating other creature decks in the late game and being controlled X in the late game it's not necessarily great at beating fast combo decks so what you want to do with your goblin deck sideboard is tool it against whatever fast combo deck is the most prevalent right now that's neo form so that's why we're playing for grafters cage and the thought ceases and channel some of the void can come down on 0-2 to stop them from playing pacts but chalice is mostly there for Phoenix type deck sticks that really really care about playing a lot of one drop spells note the chalice of the void is actually quite good with cavern of souls so you can still player one mana goblins through your own channel sub one so that's it for reprints that are having a constructed impact but still not too shabby shabby right it's it's pretty rare for reprints to actually impact older formats like that I don't know if we have an example of a reprint actually printing something into modern in that way maybe scavenging news maybe scabbed the scavenging news reprint is a good example we'll see if Gavin green leader has the same impact long-term that scavenging uses head-on modern right kind of exciting alright we're we're gonna start talking about and start talking about them new cards now and first I want to start with Soren cuz oh my god is this card powerful that's absurdly powerful Soren the the up ticks are both great they're both great they're very good in a tribal deck right you can give something deft touch and lifelink put a woman counter on it if it's a if it's a vampire get in there just like slowly grow a creature while also making it difficult for the opponent to race excellent then the sacrifice ability domes something for three damage gained three life also really good maybe you're only doing this the very late game when you just need to like kill the opponent may be there at six life you just want to spend a couple turns a couple ticks killing them once they've managed to like stabilize maybe you want to clear their Mane of dorks to like buy time to actually attack them make sure that they don't turbo out a fastness of something along those lines there's a lot of flexibility there and it's good you can even like clear off opposing planeswalkers oh my god it's so good and you can build your deck around it to varying degrees to like maybe include more creatures that you don't mind sacrificing that sort of thing and finally the downtick the table takes very exciting the town takes very exciting I'm messing around with down ticking and putting more fun into play in in the modern and legacy to varying degrees of success and the naming sliver dragon and dumping a bunch of deer fruits and Plains and it was very fun it's not really competitive most of this video we'll be talking about competitive combos but I just wanted to I just wanted to say that's very fun anyway the main card that people been putting into play in standard is a champion of dusk which is excellent because it means you can go turn one one drop turn two one drop one drop turn three soar in downtick put champion of dusk into play draw four cards and have a four-four out what that's ridiculous it's a stupid curve and it's a really good nut draw the deck has now the other five drop vampire and standard that people have been putting into play is vona butcher of uh Meghan and and that's a good one it's a pretty good one I've seen it in a lot of sideboards and as you see here in a huge ensign stake on the deck it is showing up in the sideboard there Hughey got the number one slot on the mythic ladder playing the stack and he is one of the best players in the world so certainly worth a look certainly worth a look see I've seen I've seen other takes on the deck I've played a few different takes on the deck I think the main difference in in people's different approaches to the deck is really what kind of like complimentary removal you want to be playing so here he's playing mortify which is like a versatile card kills creatures kills legends unlike cast down and also it's enchantments so he's gonna have a little bit more game against enchantment based combo decks like wilderness reclamation I had some luck with a conclave tribunal I like the flexibility of the casting cost and then it's also it also can get Planeswalkers if it needs to not too shabby the a lot of the deck is built to be very similar into like the the white we need and why we need always played that card so that's why my my my first jump to it but it's not necessarily better than other options most recently I've seen the more aggressive lists running both of Kyah since that's not only a removal spell but I can also go face when you factor in that with the soaring sacrifice ability that adds up to a lot of reach for white black creature deck huh next up scape shift will only be around for a few more months but it finally found a friend with field of the Dead so this is a gait shift course at 20:20 standard deck made by the great Jim Davis Jim Davis and me go way back we played each other on the Star City series way back in the day we're both in like a similar place where we never really like broke out on the Pro Tour level we played a few Pro Tours but we always like kind of found our found our home on the on the the cache tournament circuits within content creation and that sort of thing he's a fellow streamer you can check out his stream at Jim Davis MTG so twitch.tv slash Jim Davis MTG Jay mdavey is I'm did you edit in any way I mean he's good check them out this egg is sweet so scape shift fits pretty well into a into the gate deck anyway cuz that deck already what to play like a ton of lands a ton of lanes in different a ton of different kinds of lands as well so the the option to scape shift for field of the Dead it's pretty easy and escape shift has already shown up in some gate stacks to take advantage of guild summon the the draw engine there so you can go turn 3 guild summit turn 4 scape shift draw 4 cards things like that you're probably not doing that line specifically but you could you know and then a scape shift also gives you the option of tutoring up a pile of plots of harmonies against aggro eat a bunch of life that sort of thing so the stick isn't just using field of the Dead as the new m20 card it's also using golos tireless pilgrim now activating gulose as a man a signal late game pretty zesty pretty zesting you look to the sideboard there is yet one more in 20 card and that is chandra a weaken an inferno now chandra got a lot of hype going into this format chandra got a ton of hype everyone was like very very excited about this card but it's not as good as it would be in other formats for a few different reasons one the spell can't be countered not a lot of counter spells going around three minutes of fairy kind of kind of removed a lot of counters from the format there's people just like are playing a lot more sorcery speed magic than they usually would so that's less good too there's a lot of elementals running around and 20 has been so successful that elemental tribal is a deck and so Chandra's downtick isn't very good because it doesn't it doesn't actually kill a lot of the the creature decks that you would want it to be an effective sweeper against so in another format shaundra wicked Inferno would probably be quite quite strong but here i think it makes a lot of senses is strictly a sideboard card which is where jim davis has put it it is funny to see the chandra emblems against the taking turns decks right against the wilderness reclamation decks they take a bunch of turns in a row and they have a couple of chandra peplums and so they take another turn and lose two and i like figure out how to keen life or kill the opponent before they die I don't know it makes it a lot more fun next up this is another scape shift shell this is a Caleb D MTG creation this is one of my own I streamed this and had a absolute blast with it very explosive I don't know if this shell necessarily is especially competitive but we did have a pretty good win rate with it but uh but it is a lot of fun and there's definitely some potential there right so so different elements of this deck might show up in in another like better decks later down the road down the line or maybe this deck is actually good because like I said we were winning with it so this so escape shift isn't an M 20 card but Lotus field is so what we're trying to do here is play blood Sun on turn three and then turn four playscape shift and get quad Lotus field and the way that blood Sun works is the Lotus field will not have that comes to play sacrifice to lands ability but it will still tap for three mana so so uh so blood son into Lotus field is quite the combo it means that if you get two curved blood Sun and escape shift assuming you haven't drawn any Lotus fields you're going to have thirteen mana on turn 5 which means that you can use one of the decks finales finale of Revelation you can draw ten cards and then like still generate mana you can use finale of Revelation as a as an actual ritual in the stack you can run out to kama also as a ritual have a pile of mana furs Acamas abilities or just play more things and then finale of devastation to go gets a Tulpa not too shabby not too shabby indeed that's attacking for a lot of double striking damage hit someone for like twenty eight the cool thing when I originally made this deck I only had as a comma as the the finale target of choice I had a couple of other like toolbox II type creatures but someone suggested too-tall before when the opponent was at more than twenty life is a comic and smack someone for 20 from that situation what if someone's at like 25 or something a little bit harder the tall bug gets there the topic gets there and it also has flying to boot so it's much harder to block some of the damage and not die Massacre girl is there for for fighting aggro decks it's another finale of devastation tutoring if you draw the massacre girl naturally the only way to play it is off of Lotus feel but the whole deck is designed to find lowest field and put it into play so that should be that hard one other end twenty card that's in this pool is tails end so tails end has impressed me a lot it's a it's pretty good at countering opposing Planeswalkers which is nice and then in this deck it can also stifle the Lotus field comes in a playability so you play your Lotus field the trigger goes on the stack you tail send it now you don't detect you lands so you're spending a card to do that but you're also ramping so it's like not bad it's not bad at all one thing that impressed me when I was playing out this tank that I didn't expect to impress me was that just playing blood son on turn three and then just dropping a Lotus field the next turn generated a lot of mana it was a nice boost of mana I was a it's part of what made the deck feel competitive to me and and I think blood Sun + Lotus field might show up in decks that aren't playing scape shift I think that might have some longevity – it might show up in other lists words keeping an eye on I thought it was I thought it was a little wild I thought it was a little crazy when I was putting the deck together I didn't I didn't expect to win a lot and then I won a lot so give it a shot give it a give a don't sleep on it is what I'm getting in next up I want to talk about elementals so a lot of people have been talking about risen Reef is potentially the best card of the set and they might be right there isn't really really good it's a it's especially good in multiples right it just pops off it's a by itself it's a 3-minute quarreling Oracle nothing that impressive but it's a drawing jinn that gets around in our set and there's enough elementals in the format that are playable that it's becoming like the core of a lot of different decks a lot of very different explosive decks so the list that I've got here for elementals this is a vt/zl a special you can find him on twitter at at BTC la1 this was his first trophy deck of the season I think this list is very good I've seen a lot of decks similar to it basically what what he's trying to do here is use these very explosive rape cards to dump this into play and then you've got flood of Tears there – as like kind of a stopgap to like stop whatever it is the opponent's doing note that flood of the tears does not balance your Nyssa animated lands so if you get a Nyssa down on turn 3 animate a few lands play a flood of tears you still have some three three Easter Eve are still beating down you still have that value in play so it's a lot of it's a nice combination of cards a lot of nice pressure this also gives you that mana that boosted mana to to play the flood of tears and then have manager to replate your cards right you see the the omniscience in the stack omniscience and floatin tears is pretty sweet combo I've seen decks that are more focused around that combo if you want to try in a full combo you can do that you can play more copies of omniscience you can play tamio to rebuy the flood of tears right so flood of tears bounces the tamio you replay the tamio you bounce the flood of tears the flood of tears puts up nishan sin to play you you get the idea it's like it's a cycle so then if you have a card that draws a card like say say a risen Reaper chance you can just go through your whole deck that way or or I guess I'm Nath would a would ping the opponent infinitely might be a little cleaner of the kill I was testing on a build that was using Jace's the wind condition which is pretty miserable the one blue blue Jace that one uh it's kind of a miserable wind condition cuz you basically have to draw the entire deck in order to kill someone with it so hopefully they could see but they don't concede there's a lot of clicking involved so uh I'm not on Nath might be make a better wind condition there I'm Nath another m20 card I was not sure if he was gonna see play it's hard to tell it's hard to tell when you've got these these tri-colored legendary cards that appear to be designed for EDH it's really hard to tell if they're gonna make it impact on standard but I'm not surprised that they are right there's a lot of text on these cards there's a lot of text on this cycle of cards the other one that I've seen play is the junk one I've seen a little bit of play but I'm not sure if it's competitive so I'm not gonna spend a lot of time on it I'm Nath on the other hand works really really well in this elemental shell with risen reef leaf kindred is a two mana mana dork – Mina Matador it's not embarrassing at all in this format there's a lot of decks that are playing them this one's a no 3 so it can also like block an early vampire get some blocks in before it starts to burrowing things out the last elemental of the deck oh I should mention the the sideboard because we got vale of summer there it's another 20 card and cerulean Drake yet another 20 card and fry so we're gonna talk about a little bit more about those later but I want to point them out because they are seeing a lot of play and they are quite good alright the last elemental the last elemental in this deck is a Cavalier of Florence and the clad cavalier the Cavaliers cycle is a pretty good that's like it's a pretty good cycle they all have a lot of text on them in limited they're much easier to answer than the the gods were there's there's even some common removal spells that can that can take them off the board and when they die they stay dead so it's a lot more pleasant of a limited experience than just like oh my opponent play to God and how I lose to the God the Cavaliers are good enough that they're worth building round and limited and that strong presence but then the opponent has loot has access to a little bit of counter play nice nice good job wizards this is better much much prefer this and the costed powerfully enough to see constructed play I've played against all of the Cavaliers in uh in standard at various points in time not all of them are necessarily good enough but they all have enough text but they all have enough abilities that seeing them just pop up here and there is not crazy the two that have impressed the most are cavalier thorns which you see here in this elementals list here it's mostly just a ramp spell and a five six body and an elemental four risen reef and Amna fritters but in a lot of decks cavalier thorns is really good at filling up the graveyard for cards like me on the dread hoard so not surprised to see that one showing up in these ulti lists as well the other one that I've seen show up is the the black cavalier two hours later okay it looks like I don't have a deck list for the black cavalier handy but I have seen it show up in Sultan lists and I've also seen it show up in red black lists similar to the one that I'm gonna show you here from croakies now cookies is a streamer and my apologies if I am a mispronouncing his name but you can find him at twitch.tv slash CRO ke y Z and he does a lot of standard and he's been messing around with red black oh no no not necessarily Madrid mid-range red black aggro I would say and and he has played with the cavalier a little bit in this deck was why I was thinking about him but something that I want to talk about in his deck that I didn't really touch on when I was talking about vampires is Knight of the ebon Legion Knight of the ebon Legion is very very good it's a very very good vampire it's it an Sauron are both part of like why vampires are making this big resurgent and surgeons and why vampires is like probably a tier 1 deck right now so nightly I've been legions got a lot of text on it one mana for one – every time the opponent takes 40 image or not just the opponent yourself as well right so when the vampires deck you're playing the two men at one one where you can pay for life to make it indestructible means that if you attack with that card and you put a blocks and you pay for left to make it a destructible on your turn your Knights your Negro right in the vampire deck of course in this deck that's uh you're probably not taking for damage yourself on your own turn but unless like there's a weird midnight Reaper combat but it is pretty easy for this deck to duel the opponent for damage heck and then if the Evan Legion can deal for damage you just put 3 min into it it gets + 3 + 3 deals the opponent for damage and a turn and get someone 1 counter Rose becomes harder and harder for the opponent to deal with it also gains death touch so even if the opponent can block it with multiple creatures they're gonna lose all of those creatures and it's kills very very well into lake in so the more lanes you have in play the more times you can activate it you can activate a more than one type return I think this card would be standard like a standard powerhouse even if you could only activate at one time per turn but as it's currently costed the scribes gonna continue seeing a ton of play as you can see here this isn't even a vampire deck and it's just good enough neither the up in Legion almost makes this style of deck good enough on its own it's very own like right finally we have a one drop that's this the this workhorse this this power level to make a deck like this work also notice in the sideboard we got a noxious grasp and fry so the the sideward cycle of uncommon cards has been really good that was printed in m20 a lot of them are great at popping random Planeswalkers noxious grasp and fry in particular had been seeing a lot of play because they hit two fairy in one hit and they also a problem permanence like Lyra that show up post board so if you're playing against an esper deck and you bring in your fries and your noxious grasps to hit there through two fairies and whatnot and then post poured the bringing in Lyra to try and stop you so now your sideboard cards be brought in for the main deck we're also hitting their sideboard cards that's a very very good sign regardless that's good that ideal a feel ideal situation in legacy vale of summer has been doing work and it's julian 23 on Twitch who is one of the most accomplished legacy elves players out there he's been using it to great success I've heard it described as the green fluster storm I haven't seen it cast and standard yet but I have seen it showing up inside words some of which we've already looked at today the card seems great a cart seems really really good like I said Julian is one of the better Elvis players alive he's the most most accomplished and if he's been playing it to good success it's probably good enough Evans good enough and legacy probably good enough and standard now that's not necessarily the case right now sometimes you have a card it'll show up in vintage like nil rod that's not necessarily good and standard because there aren't art of hanging so what have you get the idea sometimes sideboard cards are good in one format but not good in another sometimes Torme on script is really good at an older format because there's a deck that it hoses but there isn't a deck that it hoses in standard so it doesn't see any play but I think people will be playing blue and black spells which means the veil of summer is probably gonna be good it's probably gonna be good enough finally I want to talk about marauding Raptor so marauding Raptors last one I'm gonna do a deep dive on and it is worth it it is an excellent excellent card very exciting is the first card I saw spoiled that I was like oh I'm gonna play that one I'm gonna play that one to me after a two three that's a mana dork right and reduces all the cost of your other creatures that also rose every time it gets to pick up a dinosaur and a lot of your dinosaurs haven't raged so they want to be pinged they actively want to take damage yo turn to marauding Raptor turn three play a rip draw Raptor and draw card Virchow Raptor which was already seeing play last standard you know before I'm 20 it was already seeing play because it's so good to get this red aggro just slots into this perfectly gives you this beautiful curve maybe you want to play in raptor hatchling and then attack versus six on turn three maybe you want to play a raptor actually and something else in a tank for eight who knows anyway so I've been messing around with dinosaurs a lot red-green rule some versions play more dinosaurs some playing less the version that I like a lot right now is a list of just 500 decently on magic Gathering online piloted by one buries we have lists here so the thing that I like about this is you're playing for commune with dinosaurs so the the way the deck really really functions the ideal curve is turn to marauding Raptor and then turn through rip job Raptor so if you're playing commune on turn one that dramatically increases the chance of that happening the other cool thing this is doing is it's maximizing its ways of giving the dinosaurs haste it's playing the for hunt master which I've been avoiding I've been avoiding testing this card but it looks really really good here the reason I didn't like hunt master that much is because you want to play wrapped around turn to but like you can't play the hop master after that so I've been leaning towards Elena where else because that comes down earlier in the curve but getting your dinosaurs haste is super important against all of these turbo mana decks all the like say the elemental stack that we looked at earlier all the decks that it's putting out all this fast mana because you need to race them you need to kill them real fast before they get rolling or they're gonna play a flood they're gonna balance your board we're gonna kill you with Nyssa they're gonna do all kinds of things so you'd need to apply pressure as fast as possible so playing for of the Registrar alpha that gives you dinosaurs haste and then played for of this hunt master probably the way to go I I like it a lot and the other cool thing about this list is that it gets to play a quad rotting registar so attacking with that one the seven six so I'm turn I don't know just some just some incredibly early turn love it love it the riding register also makes call to way easy to cast super easy to cast that card when you have a seven six in play so riding Registrar has a card that I didn't have much many ideas for on how to tool around how to build it but I think if it's very very well in this tank and I think this list is where you want to go the the triple collision Colossus also makes sense again you really need to be bursty you need to kill your opponents before they get rolling in this current format and I think that's what this deck does now we don't have a lot of Planeswalkers right we don't have a ton of good anti can control cards but in the sideboard we see the three dress you see the veil of summer is so we have some ways of interacting with them post board finally I'm gonna go through a list of cards that are good enough to see constructed play and I have played against them but they're not quite meta yet so these are these are all cards that are worth discussing but they're not like part of like a Tier one deck or archetype or or something of that nature yet Bishopville wings makes angel tribal look kind of exciting drawn from dreams gets around our set which is pretty important and looking at seven cards and getting two of them that's a lot of cards so I think it's a solid one or two of an combo in control decks and that's where I've been seeing it pop up sepharose skies blade spectral sailor in Tirion angel kind of make it look like standard fliers could could maybe be a thing like an off meta way to attack the the format if you're if you think the the meta is week two seven seven Flyers coming down like before people have the chance to answer them maybe maybe that's attack empyrion Eagle in particular seems like you will be decent in in modern showing up in blue white and banch spirits now it's worse than the current Lords that those decks are playing but it might still be a one or two of and fit in that way pulse of murasa just played a lot in popper could be a sweet sideboard card in standing gaining for life you've got a slower deck play a pulse why not something that's something to note about pulse murasa is actually an interesting sideboard card against tree animator as well so a free animator becomes better in the format if burn becomes better in the format we might start seeing more pulses Thunder Keane awakener is not doing anything in standard nor did I expect it to but it is showing up in some modern brews holy diva has been messing with this card she's great you should give her follow you should watch her I've been playing a few copies in shamans and into it's really good effect I've been rebuy rage forger with it which is pretty powerful just having like a hasty shaman it's good in that day having something that you can collected company into an attack with on that turn is nice a season of growth is showing up in some lists of nyeh feather um I haven't seen it 501 moto yet I haven't seen nyeh feather like dominating on arena but maybe maybe it is good maybe that is the best version I'm not sure I kind of ancestry is a card they got a lot of hype going into this format I do think it's still good I've played like a copy or two in vampire lists I've played a copy or two in goblin lists messing around and standard I think it could show up sometimes you just wanted another lure defect and this is the Lord effect that in the late game can also find you more gas plainer cleansing a lot of people were talking about planet hop plein air cleansing might be a sweet sweeper in this format because there's so many planes Walker's floating around so people speculated that would open up the the gates for like a different style of control tank and I've seen a one or two of showing up in some like really big mana type type ramps al decks but it hasn't really allowed for like a like a like a new version of control yet at least I haven't seen it doesn't mean that it won't happen but it hasn't it hasn't quite quite happened yet alright folks that's gonna do it for mine and 20 constructed set overview hopefully it wasn't too long hopefully I didn't push you all to sleep last we lists a lot of hot technology this is my first time doing a video of this nature if you have any if you have any pet peeves if you're you have any pet peeves if you have some constructive feedback I would love it if you have constructive feedback on my constructed overview ship it to me in the comments it should the video be shorter is this long form great is this like a good way to it to approach like a like a Sat review tackling the installed the impact Sun unconstructed is that is that too ambitious is it not ambitious enough um where the decklist breakdowns good should I've spent more time talking about what each deck is trying to do and like spend more time dissembling it or was it just like talking about how the each card impacted that deck moving on to the next deck was that was that strong let me know let me know um maybe I should just be doing like a top 10 top 10 video right people love those it's real easy to digest maybe that's maybe that's better anyway a whole lot of different ways we can go with this video series I'm gonna be doing one each time a set comes out it should be a lot of fun thanks thanks for watching folks and as promised here are the the rules for the giveaway if you want to get with a box of em 20 [Applause] [Applause] yeah much love Caleb the out-pitch all later

30 thoughts on “M20 Constructed Set Overview | #Sponsored | CalebDMTG

  1. My favorite card so far is Golos. One because it won me my prerelease, two who doesn't like casting Chandra, Awakened Inferno and Masterful Replication for free on the same turn?

  2. Call it silly but I really like Chandra's Firecat. Mostly because it's cute and with the younger Chandra arts we see I just think about this little fire kitten following her.
    Also depending on format and local meta the Chandra trio can be pretty decent and the cat can help make it happen sometimes.
    Mostly it's just flavor cute.

  3. Grats on the $ponsorship Caleb! My fav card from the set is Risen Reef. I've been trying to play Horde of Notions in commander for ages and I think this card is going to make the deck a lot better (several of the other cool elementals are making it in too)

  4. I think my favorite card in the set is Cavalier of Dawn. I honestly really like the Beast Within effect in white; it reminds me of cards like Oblation where white gets to say "yeah I'm a dick, but I feel a little bad about it." Also the effect being attached to a 4/6 means the 3/3 is a lot less of a drawback. Maybe you jam it into some weird Teshar combo deck in standard so its death trigger matters. I also really dig it in God-Eternal Oketra EDH, as it brings along a 4/4 zombie and it gets back important combo pieces like Cloudstone Curio. Kind of a strange combination of abilities on the Cavalier, but a lot of value considering the color.

    As for the video, I quite enjoyed it. I rarely watch Youtube videos, but I actually watched the entirety of this. Really liked that you gave props to the decklist creators. I think you went into a good level of depth on the decks for what is supposed to be a full set overview. If you pique someone's interest with a summary, they can really dig into it with more research. Touching on a variety of formats is also good. I didn't mind the length, but short attention spans are common; maybe try to keep it under 30~. You can shave off a couple of minutes by reigning in tangents, or at times such as when you were talking about Scavenging Ooze, when the thought seemed to just pop into your head, go back and re-record that thought so it's a bit smoother. THAT SAID, please continue to have fun with it, your excitement is apparent, and it was an informative look at the set and what's happening in standard.

  5. Great video! Love to see decks for other formats in another video. Kaalia, Zenith Seeker is my pick for my favorite card because she looks to be great in Commander!

  6. 1) Season of Growth
    2) It is a fun build around in limited and constructed.

    In limited it allows pump spells that are normally card disadvantage to be possible two for ones.
    In constructed it acts like a fifth and sixth copy of Feather, the Redeemed.

  7. Veil of Summer – I like cheap interaction with counterspells and removal (for the sideboard) in an otherwise "fair" deck.

  8. My favorite M20 card is Bag of Holding. This card was a perfect way to out value my opponents in the prerelease. Also, the connection to D&D is awesome to see as someone who is a big lover of D&D. Just don't discard a bag of holding to itself, or you'll get sucked into the astral plane!

  9. My favorite m20 card is Vilis, Broker of Blood
    because it's a freakin' sweet big demon that lets you draw a bunch of cards when your opponent kills you

  10. I'm a big fan of Wakeroot Elemental! Green has been my favorite color to play since like 2009 and I love having a new target to ramp up to that doesn't involve Nissa!

  11. Rotting Regisaur is my favorite card from the set. It's a dinosaur AND a zombie which are both really cool, and the art is sweet.

  12. My favorite card in M20 is Agent of Treachery because of the lack of "until end of turn" text on the ETB effect. Cheat it in with Show and Tell and take whatever your opponent puts into play, flicker it with Resto Angel or some other flicker effect and take your opponent's entire field. Plus the foil art is some of the best.

  13. My favorite card in the set? EASILY Goblin Ringleader. It's about time my boy makes a break for it into modern. If goblins isn't a tier 1 deck eventually, I'm gonna eat my hat.

  14. Love the content and am stoked you're moving into more YouTube stuff. Can't wait for the inevitable pleasantkenobi crossover! My favorite card from M20 is dread presence because when your lands kill your opponent how can you lose?

  15. Sorin, Imperious Bloodlord – for sure. I love vampires, and my Edgar Markov EDH deck can't wait to give it a whirl!

    Great video Caleb. I love the long format with detailed explanation on why and how these cards are useful.

  16. My favorite card is Kykar, Wind's Fury, because broken things involving tokens are my favorite kind of things, and who wouldn't want a swan that shoots fireballs?

  17. My favorite card is Sorin, impervious bloodlord. Makes my favorite tribe viable. And also you can just turn 3 some sweet, sweet (2) (2) vampires. 🤣🤣 Also know as the modern tier 0 deck as 8 vamps by Caleb D. Priiiiiimmmmmeeeeee. You rock, dude. Congrats on the sponsorship! -Dusty31186

  18. My favourite card has been risen reef….I missed all my local game store pre release events….I watched the stream a lot to at least get the content and figure out the format. This past FNM I managed to find a group doing a sealed event and was able to build a sweet elementals deck ….using some tips from you caleb building around elementals and risen reef….went 3-0….so thanks ….. I think the art of the card and the value is amazingly powerful in limited.

  19. My favorite card in M20 is Field of the Dead because when I resolve Scapeshift and Arena pauses for a second before putting my triggers on the stack I almost quit Magic. But then it starts slamming out zombie tokens and everything is right in the world. Winning games just by playing lands is the best.

  20. I'm a filthy EDH casual.
    My pet deck is Feldon, of the Third Path.
    My favorite new card is Cavalier of Flame because making a bunch of Robot Horse-Riding Elementals that let me put more cool stuff into my graveyard seems legit.

  21. My favorite card is Nightpack Ambusher because it's the second coming of Huntmaster of the Fells, and it's a good boy who makes more good boys. What's not to like!

  22. my fave m20 card is aether gust, dig the color hate sb cards. great art, flipping cow, gives an interesting decision of do you want x on top or bottom, skill testing, i like interactive cards, very interested to play it in the UG decks out of the board.

  23. My favorite M20 card is Golos, Tireless Pilgrim. They're sweet value, a solid defensive body, a late game mana sink, and they're the perfect commander for my edh deck.

  24. My favorite card from M20 is Chandra, Awakened Inferno, because sometimes you just feel the need to throw some fire at your opponent and sit back and watch them burn…

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