Ludhiana Police Give Women Free Ride Home

On Sunday 1st December 2019, In Ludhiana, Punjab the police launched a free-ride scheme for women. Isn’t that great! Under this scheme, if any woman is alone in the night and is unable to find a taxi or rickshaw they can call police helpline numbers to pick them up. The call will be connected to the closest police station and they will go to pick up the woman. She will then be dropped home. If you want to call helpline number when you are alone, there are two numbers. This is the first and this is the second. When a call is placed on this number the police will come to pick you up. This closest police stations will give this service from 10:00 pm to 6:00 am on all days. These numbers work 24×7. Rakesh Agrawal, Commissioner of Police of Ludhiana said that, they have started many programs to ensure safety of women and make sure women who are alone are safe. If anyone is facing problems such as molestation, bullying, rape, etc. they can call the helpline numbers to seek help from the police. If a woman is alone and finds herself in a dangerous situation where she feels someone is following her, she can download the App Shakti and click the ‘SOS’ button. The nearest police station will be alerted of her location. Also 10 of her contacts will be alerted about her location as well. This will make sure she can be rescued in time. More than 2,500 women are using the App in Ludhiana.

6 thoughts on “Ludhiana Police Give Women Free Ride Home

  1. Hello… Police have made Call number for women's safe but what about deaf women ??? How to communication on women's safe app ??
    @ISH News – Request you tell the police that Should do make message number for deaf women's safe at any state.

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