14 thoughts on “Look Your Best With Robin McGraw Revelation’s Home For the Holiday Gift Set

  1. Hope all the McGraw family have an amazing Christmas.
    I would love to get ur products Robyn..I did try with the site ur hubby just said but it came up that u don't deliver to or cater to Australia… Love u guys…love from down under..xo

  2. I think is just unnecessary to have a gingerbread house bigger than a house that some people live in I don't know how she thinks she can appeal to the general public when just the price it costs for her her skin care routine alone would buy one of my children their Christmas presents. I bet that gingerbread house cost more than I can spend on my four children every six months at the least probably a year

  3. Im missing Robin's "Botox hydra serum (with rose water)" in this Christmas package. Where is it? Its the one thing that makes girlfriends face so young looking!

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