Let’s Talk, Topper: Housing

– Hello, and welcome
to Let’s Talk, Topper, where we discuss important
topics for incoming students. Today, we are going to
be discussing housing. A lot of students coming
in are worried about who is required to live on campus, applying for housing, finding a roommate, and what the residence
halls are actually like. So, stay tuned as we go
over what incoming students should know about on campus housing. (mid-tempo contemporary music) The first thing that
incoming students should know is that all full-time
freshmen and sophomores are required to live on campus. We do offer exemptions to our
housing requirement policy. The most common exemptions
are that they’re commuting from their
parents’ primary address, that is within 50 miles of campus, they are a primary caregiver
to a child, or married. Students who have not been
granted a housing exemption, and do not apply for on campus housing their freshmen and sophomore year will still be charged the housing rate. To learn more about our
housing policy and exemptions, visit wku.edu/housing. Next, the application for housing can be completed online or sent through the mail. The applications consists of reading the housing terms and conditions, completing the housing agreement, and including the $150 housing deposit. The housing applications
is actually currently open for the fall of 2018, so students, be sure to apply as soon as possible. Since the room assignments are based on order of application received, the sooner you apply, the better. The priority deadline for the housing application is March 31st. Applying by then will
give you the best chances of receiving your preferences
listed on your application. Students are allowed to request roommates. If you already have another
WKU student in mind, make sure that both of
you include your names and WKU ID on your application. If you don’t know who you
want your roommate to be, we can either automatically
match you with someone based on the preferences
listed on your application, or we provide an app
called Roommate Finder, that gets you in contact
with other students looking. The best way to describe
it is kind of like the eHarmony or Match of roommate finding, except instead of finding a soul mate, you’re just looking
for someone who doesn’t play Nickelback until 3 a.m. To join Roommate Finder,
go to social.wku.edu. Also, please note that
Roommate Finder is only available until the priority deadline. Lastly, students can make
changes to their application up to the March 31st housing deadline. WKU has 16 different
residence halls on campus that consist of all male,
all female, and co-ed. We are currently
undergoing a multi-million dollar renovation of all of our halls, including the opening of a brand new building, Hilltopper Hall. While it is exciting that this new hall will be housing a few incoming freshmen, it is important to note
that this number is limited. Most incoming freshmen
will be placed in a single gender residence hall, with
a community style of living. Another exciting innovation
starting this fall is the introduction of some new Living Learning Communities, or LLC. This is just an opportunity
for students to be placed in a housing located around a community of similar students. Communities range from your type of major, programs you participate
in, and LGBTQA students. If this sounds like something
you would be interested in, you’ll be able to indicate your interests on your housing application. Majority of the rooms are
roughly about the same size, 16 by 12 feet, and come
with a desk, chair, closet, bookshelf, and
dresser for each student. All residence halls are
equipped with wi-fi, cable, and HBO Go access,
just in case you want to get caught up on Game of
Thrones in between studying. All of the residence halls also come with kitchen, laundry room, as well as the community living room for the floor. If you are living in a
community style residence hall, that means that you’ll share
bathrooms with your floor. So, when you are looking through the list of residence halls,
and trying to decide which one you may want to select
as your number one choice, it may be worth pointing out that most of the freshmen halls are about the same as far as amenities and rooms go. However, what does vary is
the location of each building. Some students may want to
be located by their classes, because they know they
kind of have some issues getting to places on time, so they might want to
be closer up The Hill. Other students may want
to be located in the sort of social hub,
where students hang out, which would be towards
the bottom side of campus. Or if you’re like me, you just want to be located next to the food. So, location really is the main factor of how these freshmen halls vary. To see a list of all the residence halls, their location, and rates,
visit wku.edu/housing. Rooms will be assigned over the summer, and will be posted on your
TopNet student portal. And that’s when sort of,
things kinda get real, because you can start
thinking about things like packing, which may seem overwhelming, since most of your probably won’t see your space until move-in day. Luckily, our housing and
residence life website provides a move-in guide with
suggested items to bring. Some of the essentials include: Extra long twin bed sheets and blankets, towels, laundry supplies, hangers, toiletries, cleaning
supplies, and your own TV, if you wanna access that free HBO Go. A lot of students like to bring their own mini fridge, coffee pot,
and microwave as well, because, you know, how else are you gonna heat up that ramen? While we do have a kitchen on each floor, that includes a stove and a sink, you will need to bring your own cookware. And you’ll also need
to clean said cookware. Maids are not provided. Things that are not allowed in rooms are items such as hot plates, candles, space heaters, and pets. Although, fish are allowed, so you don’t need to leave Nemo at home. To see the extensive list of what you can and cannot bring, visit
the link on the screen. As you start to get prepared
for living on campus, our housing and residence life
is here to offer you support. While this discussion gives
you a great head start in preparing to live on
campus, there is always a resource to help answer questions. You can reach out to the housing and residence life department at 270-745-4359, or email [email protected] And of course, stay tuned for more Let’s Talk, Topper, videos to help incoming students stay informed. (mid-tempo contemporary music)

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