LEGO City update! Building Main Street Plaza

hey everyone welcome back to new Jang
City we’re most recently I have been putting in work over there in the
downtown area working on the Main Street Plaza this is
where I wanted to bring in some some green space some open space and make the
place look a little bit more a little bit more alive a little bit more
interesting and nice for the many figures so over here I have started in
this corner closest to the corner and put some grassy areas in there did a
couple new small trees just very basic ones and then put in a statue which is
supposed to be semi-mythical or something I don’t know it’s supposed to
be like a source of inspiration for the many figures when they go to work at
this this particular skyscraper eyehole said the skyscraper but it’s my first
skyscraper soon well not eventually there will be many
more skyscrapers there but I had fun putting that little statue together i
wanted to to use some different parts in different ways and just you know come
with something unique and that would kind of fit the scale overall my plan
for this area has changed a bit since I last talked about it but it hasn’t
changed too much I’m still definitely going to get in all of the major
elements that I wanted to so back there that’s going to be and an eatery I’m
thinking like a deli cafe type of type of place you know place you can get a
nice like a panini and an espresso something like that and then this spot
over here is going to have a tech shop in it now the tech shop is going to be
you know a place to get your latest and greatest phone or something like that
it’s not going to be like for a DIY enthusiast or anything probably will
take a little bit of inspiration from app stores a little bit of inspiration
from Microsoft stores a little bit inspiration from Best Buy but on a much
much smaller scale and hopefully it’ll be fairly original all
it’s its overall in design it’s not gonna be intentionally based on any one
specific brand or anything that’s gonna be a two-story tall building and I’m
gonna try to make it interesting also you know and architectural
interesting different shapes I wanted to have some elevation to the place not too
much my original plan when I first started thinking about this was to have
the corner be elevated and to have something like a gazebo like like a
large gazebo structure there a little bit modern art he a little bit abstract
just you know odd in its design as I just kind of a focal point for the place
you know some of the some of the human element to it to counterpoint to some of
the natural elements around it and as I thought about that more and as I looked
at the realities of this space I realized that I really wanted that to be
elevated up with just what I was thinking of for it and I was going to
require having an elevated section here and then switching back to an area that
would be basically downhill to get back to the the basic ground level since my
skyscraper my first skyscraper is built at the ground level which I’m realizing
now may have been a mistake like it may have been cooler to put that on an
elevated platform and elevated foundation but that’s okay you know work
with the decisions that I made it was a pretty big decision at the time and I’m
okay with it so i’ve just adjusted my plans over here so i do still have some
elevation but it’s relatively subtle in its at the corners instead so the eatery
place will be elevated up low it is elevated up and oh man the stuff that i
went through figuring out how to get that that corner
in there with the corner stairs to actually fit they are attached with with
a jumper a single jumper underneath it’s very secure but it is actually attached
and to get all that the gaps as as minimal as possible posted a picture
before i put some of the details on here on on instagram i think it also went
went to twitter but that was that was those quite
quite a bit of interesting work and I actually in the process of doing that I
switched the way that I work in the way that I I do Lego math from what I’ve
been doing up to this point which is keeping it down to a that was a basic 5
by 6 you know everything done in in 5 you
know basically fifths of the width or sixth of the height those are the units
that I use of a standard brick and in order to deal with some of the math
issues that came up while doing this I mean it’s it’s all just simple you know
it’s just arithmetic but to make things a lot easier I switch to LD use for the
first time ever actually using the lvu style of of unit which worked out well I
was able to get I think the biggest gap that I have here is to LD use and that’s
back in the in the corner and it has yet to be fully filled in but I think this
is gonna work out pretty well and I’m gonna have some some seating just very
basic simple seating on the outside it’s not going to be filled in too much it’s
gonna be a fairly Airy interior to the place
it’ll have just a little bit of interior seating I’m not gonna try to go too
crazy with the accommodations and just focus on on the overall look more than
the practicalities thinking of it in the most well stern fashion of you know
house should actually be designed in real life and for the tech shop whatever
that’s going to be it’s gonna have just a little bit of a flat platform outside
of it and I said two stories the upper story will overhang a little bit and the
the Delhi Thai place eatery will also have a second level to it but you won’t
actually be able to go there it’ll just be for for visual interest and it’ll
probably have some something to let some extra light into the place I’m thinking
I haven’t fully designed that up just yet but this is what I’ve got the water
feature in the center that’s just something I threw together
in ya for the last half-hour so I wanted to have something there for the sake of
placement I think I’m gonna lengthen that maybe add two to four studs in
length going towards the skyscraper just to add to it a little bit I’d also like
to make it a little bit more interesting the the round corners or maybe a little
bit too round looks a little bit too much like a basic pool there not sure
not sure about that considering my options for that might make the edges I
might even just make them make them angled instead 45-degree angles out
there but ultimately once that is done it’s just going to be placed at that
45-degree angle roughly in the middle of the plaza so it’ll be something that
everybody will walk past no matter where they’re going to get to any of these
places you know they’ll be able to to hear it and they’ll be able to
experience just the feeling of having that nice natural water flow nearby one
thing that I definitely messed up on is is this pathway right here is six studs
which is correct the middle one I didn’t count but it’s it’s the size that I want
but that pathway over there seven studs wide oops yeah that ain’t right that
that was not my intention I originally had measured that out for an extra set
of buffer on the side that I was going to use I was considering using four
vines going down the sides or which I still might be able to pull off a little
bit either vines were or just a little bit
of an embankment and that just didn’t happen ultimately and I also now see
that when I made one adjustment which was much later on I messed up with the
positions of those textured bricks so I probably need to recenter that I do want
those to be symmetrical from end to end and then out at the street there will be
some more of those as well and I’ll just continue around so yeah a couple things
not quite right one of them I will definitely fix the other I think we’ll
be okay but ultimately this is shaping up main main
thing from a visual perspective is to get those those large shapes in there
and also to get the views for the minifigures to look nice so when I get
that camera down there nice and low and I can get some some nice sight lines and
see some hopefully you some cool stuff so I’ll keep you posted you know it’s
it’s custom work so it’s it’s not quick at least not for me and yeah it’ll take
a while longer some things may change it some things may not definitely there’s a
lot a lot more work to be done and I will show you once again once there is a
you know a fair amount to actually see when there are just small updates so
I’ll continue to just quickly throw up a pic on Instagram and or Twitter or
whatnot but for now this is this thanks for watching I’ll talk to you in again

100 thoughts on “LEGO City update! Building Main Street Plaza

  1. He needs to add a museum, it would be interesting to see what the exhibits are, because he can add stuff from different themes.

  2. hmmm… if you REALLY wanted to make the terrain higher like you were talking about at 3:12 you could always make your big green building higher as well. it could gain a parking Garage. BUT I don't know how elevated you wanted it. heh.. My suggestion might make it look very awkward. ^^; It'd also be waaaaaay more work..

    I'm curious to see how your little tech building, and eatery turns out.

    Also I don't know why but… I LOVE that little tan truck. It's adorable.

  3. I was looking at your traffic cones next to the sidewalk, and was thinking you should add a damaged one or one that's all crushed up. idk I see them all the time.

  4. I really like the overall design of the plaza, and the statue itself is quite good too! I donโ€™t like the pedestal for it though, I wish it was wider at the base of the statue.

  5. Any tips on how to start a city? All i have right now is a road, a police station and a couple residential houses lining it on one side. On tho other side I started building a playground and restaurant. But how do i expand? Tips?

  6. Would it be possible to raise the skyscraper up in elevation and add a staircase entrance? or is it too late to add anything?

  7. You should Put in like a StarBucks Type place where you are putting that little building and you could Make it a two Storey.

  8. I love your city, especially the MOCs…They add a different vibe and definitely enhance the look of the city. I wish my MOCs got as much publicity ๐Ÿ˜‚ Great work!

  9. Amazing work love your city! One idea for the fountain though. Instead of a 'walled off' fountain, why don't you put multiple fountains that can be walked through if you get what I mean. Just a suggestion, keep up the great work!!!

  10. That's quite lovely what you did, adding some trees and a fountain near the skyscraper, the 2 other little shops are a nice addition as well, they won't take up too much space, I'm sure you've got other things planned in this area, nice work!

  11. The area just outside the entrance of the skyscraper looks very empty

    My opinion is that you put a ice cream or pop corn stall overthere
    Just my opinion you do as you wish otherwise it's awesome….๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  12. Hi jangbricks I love your videos and really like your city. I think your a great lego builder and your Mocs are amazing. I also love your reviews and always watch them when I'm about to purchase a lego set. Just thought I'd say thanks!!!๐Ÿ‘

  13. I'm more of 'humanities' brain but I did okay in the sciences, too. However, I have no idea what this "lvu's" is. Some sort of 'new math'?

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  15. Looks great! Good to see the downtown area seeing some love. One thing that I thought of was using more of the white fencing that you have placed on top of the cafe as a trellace. You could even put some of the vines you were talking about and place them over the trellacing. That could provide visual interest and provide shade for the outdoor tables.

  16. I would love to see you work on your residential area. I think it would fill out the city so well. Keep it up!:)

  17. Hey Jang! Very fine work. I do agree that elevating the skyscraper by a few tiles would look better. From a structural point of view, it makes more sense to have a foot of clearance from the pavement to protect from damage to the facade and foundation. I do understand that it's not an easy Lego fix, and that it's up to you; just thought I'd share my opinion.

  18. It's very odd to see railroad level crossing in a downtown area, especially in this future setting. These are next to non existent in dutch city centers in the present day.

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    And how much work has been done sence the first video of this city to this one today

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  26. This is coming along nicely! What is the part number of those 2×2 triangular tile pieces? We've never seen those before and could not find them on Bricklink. Thank you!

  27. The statue reminds me of the Thailand style sculptures of a Phoenix. That would make sense since it is in NEW Jang City.

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  29. Hey Jang. I think it would be cool if you made a sky scraper designed similarly to the One Wotld Trade Center. Something modern and all glass. Just a suggestion!

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