Learn Colours with Construction Trucks at Gecko’s Garage | Car Wash Video for Kids

Hello everyone! My construction truck friends want to play
a game of Hide and Seek, but it’s difficult to hide when you are all bright Yellow! Luckily, the truck wash has a new re-spray
setting, so the trucks can try being a different colour for the day! right then, who’s in first? Dylan the Dump Truck, Red Sid The Skid Loader, Orange Caroline The Crane, Green George The Giant Dump Truck, Blue Danny The Digger, Purple Rick The Road Roller, Pink Ryan The Wrecking Ball Crane Brown Mia The Mini Digger, Black Florence The Forklift. White Celia The Cement Mixer, Grey now I think we’re ready for a game of Hide
and Seek. I’ll count, you hide! One…Two….Three…Four…Five…Six….Seven….Eight….Nine….Ten
Ready or not, here I come! Down at the Spare Parts Storage shed
I can see Dylan, big and RED Where oh where has the next truck hid? Oh, there he is! It’s ORANGE Sid Who’s that in the trees, where they can’t
be seen? Ah, it’s Caroline, big and GREEN I can see George over there, can you? He’s blending in with the sky, so BLUE Is that Danny?…What do you think? He’s hard to miss when he’s sprayed bright
PINK! Look over there, quick, quick, quick
It’s a purple vehicle – that must be RICK In the mud, there’s a vehicle all BROWN
It’s Ryan, knocking another wall down! Now that wall is out of the way
We can see Celia, dressed in GREY Who is that, in the dark tarmac? MIA the mini digger, painted BLACK! One more vehicle, hiding in plain sight
Florence the Forklift sprayed bright WHITE! Are you ready to say the colours one more
time? Red
Orange Green
Blue Purple
Pink Brown
Grey Black
White Now the rain is washing away all the paint,
and the construction trucks are back to being yellow again! See you again soon! BYEEE”

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  1. Cool and fun Learn Colours with Trucks for Kids 🙂 We Subscribe and Like your Video. You are Welcome

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