100 thoughts on “Last Dream Home Update of the Year!

  1. Am from Africa and I live in Salt Lake City Utah. I came across your video visiting Mombasa Kenya for a friend's wedding and I started watching your whole videos. Nice house. I will love to work in your organization in Africa.

  2. An engineered wood floor on a slab on grade foundation without a moisture barrier? Unless I'm missing something, this will be an expensive call back.

  3. If your neighbors ever sell their house, couldn’t the new owners make you move your retaining wall off their property?

  4. Hey you guys should consider getting cool ladders for the kitchen like on a rail system similar to those in like private libraries you see in movies!!! So everyone can access the shelves in the kitchen!

  5. My friend is hella rich and has two of every appliance built in (like microwaves and toasters). It’s sorta helpful, are you doing that?

  6. I love how you have this huge house and are complaining about the size of a bathroom. So what if the doors cover something. Be grateful.

  7. I noticed your house from the top view and saw that it looks like the what’s inside logo, the pavement with the rev garage looks like the I and the house is like the N. I saw that from the drone shot.

  8. Sorry am I the only person who doesn’t like thei house. It’s just American my mansion… disgusting. What’s the design? Adding boxes with triangles onto more rectangles with triangles… the floor size of the house is wasted by poorly planed rooms. Sorry to be a downer, just can’t believe no comments say anything negative

  9. We need a shot where you're standing next to your wife because everything in the house looks huge when she's standing next to it so it's hard to grasp the real size of everything due to her height.

  10. Hey dan, I'm trying to make your house in the sims. Is there a way you could post a full 360 with the camera so we can see all around the house?

  11. This house has been completely ruined by poor interior design choices. As an example I provide the completely unnecessary amount out cabinetry that has been installed everywhere.

  12. Ask your landscaper about gator grout or polymeric paver grout. It hardens in the cracks and then when you power wash it. The grout or “sand” won’t wash away.

  13. Some people might hate them for having a big house but they worked for the money to buy it

    Some people don’t make sense

  14. What a fail having outside doors opening indoors?… And seems that you do not have a clue what practicality is…

  15. If you wanted to get the house done quicker then I would order the floor that I’d want and put it down so it speeds up a tiny bit

  16. When he talks about the driveway and says it is like when you see a red brick house and the white on the bricks looks cheap !

  17. Instead of moving the cabinets down in the kitchen, you can get shelves with handles that pull out and downwards so it comes lower to make life more easy.

  18. The fact that you barely have any property on the left side of the house kinda of sucks. Doesn't give the house much visual breathing room on that side. The width of your plot of land is just a bit to narrow to properly fit the homes design. Even another 10 feet of plot width would have done it alot of justice

  19. I think an interior design series after the house is built would be awesome! Love how you guys have built your dream home. 👍🏻

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