100 thoughts on “Julie Bowen Has a Strict No Penis-Pulling Rule in Her Home

  1. Jimmy ask Julie if the son that does things upside down, has a tough time comprehending what he reads at school? I used to watch TV laying in a chair upside down as a child, and I would have to read things twice to get the meaning of the sentences. They have a name for it now, but back then they didn't , it's called dyslexia. I'm 68 and made it with a lot of help from family, friends, and coworkers. I hope it's not that, cuz it really sucks. I read something now and I'm asleep before I finish the first paragraph.

  2. I’m greatgrandma evolutionary biologist and say FINALLY a non-feminist celebrity mom who acknowledges that boys and girls ARE different from birth. It is part design part hormones since conception and gets greater each preprogrammed release. Boys are natural explorers experimenters competitive Willy fascinates immortal believing teens that scare a mom shitless in bewilderment and worry. My daughters I worry get hurt later pregnant my sons I worry kill themselves later DONT have sex.
    Sad to admit our society has BANNED positive masculine role models since the 70s in TV.
    We’ve raised 3 damaged effeminate masculine punishing generations now fathers like these guys are terrible fathers opposite of positive masculine role models.
    Sadly she is a rare mom today.

  3. If she’s honest with her story, then I think Julie failed in allowing her boys pull their penises. She should’ve stopped it at the beginning. Being a fun girlfriend doesn’t mean being a good mother too. Oh well…

  4. She seems like she would be a fun fuck buddy , her enthusiasm tells me she is a creamer and a screamer when ya reem her. Go down on her and you might get a broken nose I think. She just seems like she would be animated when she mated.

  5. Tonight show should give her a week of her own hosting the show! This is how the Carson years worked..whacked out guests permitted to dominate the conversation instead of being subjugated to preplanned boring line of questions obviously scripted beforehand. Her stint was exciting because Kimmel had no idea where she was going and couldn't slow it down!

  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CrAuehCWZg8 F…. all the comments below! Julie Bowen! hows your youngest doing after NOT MINEING HIM LOL…… I would burn my mum alive HAHAHAHAHAHA i doing it again and again andaaaaaaaa. mooooohhahahhaha….

  7. Julie Bowen, who ever the hell she is, needs to go to rehab immediately for over using coke, crack, crank, meth, speed, uppers, goofballs, bennies, hot wire, zingers, flingers and forwards. I had to take Valium after listening to her for less than a minute.

  8. Wow ! I have no idea who this woman is but she is way too loud and obnoxious! And most definitely not funny. But then again, she IS American so I guess I ought not to be surprised. Is this what passes for humour in the good old US of A?

  9. i don't think she had to go there, over and over and over. she WAS the cute one in happy gilmore (i think), not so much now. ugh. by the way "beat of your own drum", not "drummer", omg

  10. Well that took on a different direction, I thought this was going to be about no pleasing ones self. Why would anyone want to grab someone else penis 😨

  11. I just read last week of a woman whose retinas are physically sensing images upside down. So if you see her on the subway holding a newspaper, she holds newspapers upside down to read them comfortably. TV at home, mounted upside down. Awkward.

  12. I raised twin boys. At that age they are off the rails….. So much fun… best thing I did was teach them how to ski downhill.

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