Jim Rohn – Ways to Build Your Best Future (Personal Development)

Jim Rohn ► here’s one of the greatest things to develop in your lifetime enough influence you know it starts with our family if we start having children but it also starts in school teaching your kids to be influential to try to persuade you know others to do the right thing go the right direction read the right books you know forget the temptations that might take you the wrong direction ambassadors of good thinking ambassadors of you know positiveness ambassadors of virtue ambassadors of you know building your life laying the foundation for things to come ambassadors of developing purpose objectives ambassadors of citizenship community team spirit if children can start early not just being themselves but lending their influence on the poverty side that’s the key by helping others we help ourselves there’s an ancient phrase years where it says if you try to save your life you will lose it but if you will lose your life meaning if you will invest your life that’s the best way to save it and to multiply it many times over so you do me the greatest honor here by coming and letting me invest the piece of my life into your life so here’s the phrase investing life into life has the potential of creating miracles investing life into life investing life into life creates a new baby but investing life into life with ideas information Association influence can create Enterprise can create a corporation can create a business can create a movement can create something that benefits many more people than just those few that might have invested in each other’s lives so this is the grand opportunity for me it’s why I’m here to make another investment and I do it gladly and yes you know air travelled is a little difficult and you know by the time you stand in line and pack your bags and check into the hotel and check out travelling around the world is really hard work for me lecturing is is easy I call it work so that I get paid but this is the easy part really traveling is the difficult part trying to get somewhere I love to be there but you know getting there is it takes a push and you have to exert you know some good efforts and positive thinking and everything else right to finally get where you’re supposed to be so that’s the hard work but now you know getting here now and having the opportunity for a couple of days to three days to invest in other people’s lives you know that’s a unique opportunity so that should be one of your goals is to be valuable enough to invest in somebody else’s life starting first if you’re married with your children and then invest in each other marriage and friendship these associations are a chance to invest in each other a business enterprise bill Bailey and I’ve been involved in other enterprises but the enterprise you know fortunately was successful and we had a chance to affect a lot of other people’s lives but guess what happened over those years and which continues to today we continue to invest in each other I come up with a great idea I get on the phone my colleague he comes up with a book he’s read they said this is a masterpiece you’ve got to read it so we have this chance to invest each other and while we walk the farm country of Kentucky we invest in each other we walked the beaches of California he helped me design a little test set here’s what it’s called how to kick the worry habit and Bill Bailey helped me to put that together we’d walk the beach and he has a habit of grabbing your arm when you’re walking and talking so he would grab my arm until listen when we get sore and then we’d trade places so we could you know grab the other arm for a while while we’re walking and talking but a chance to contribute to each other and what I share with him he shares with others in what shares with me I share with you and others around the world that contribution of sharing with each other being influential leadership making a contribution to someone’s life that no telling how far it may go from the time it starts so I’m just delighted to be here thanks to all of those who have made a contribution we’re going to have lunch in just a few minutes but let’s get started on goal setting if you’re ready say I’m ready does anybody have five pages of notes already from this weekend section wonderful wonderful a man showed me notes one time that he took 23 years earlier and he says in the front I took these notes 23 years ago now I want you to sign them so I finally signed his notes after 23 years he said I’ve used them to build my business and my personal life it’s just been fantastic and he said when I took these notes I was 18 years old incredible so make this note now you never know who’s in the audience he was 18 years old just a teenager we shouldn’t say just a teenager he was a teenager so you don’t know who’s out there that’s going to make an impact on the world it’s going to do its drawer Denari things so here’s you must always do always be sincere and always do your best no matter who you talk to because you just don’t know all those years ago in my audience in Orange County was young Tony Robbins 17 years old just a teenager and he went to work for the next day and joined one of my offices and worked for me three and a half years and finally at about age 20 he ran one of my offices helping to promote my seminars back there incredible 17 so the man who have signed had me signed his notes was 18 about the same time I met Tony I was doing a seminar in Los Angeles and in my audience was a young man 19 years old his name was Mark Hughes and Mark Hughes started an incredible company called verbal life but these were teenagers now Mark Hughes 19 Tony Robin 17 the man whose notes I sign 18 so it’s incredible you just don’t know who’s there ready or when the timing is right and I’ve just hope that this weekend was the right time for you so it’s a chance to never be the same again after this weekend only by choice by choice you can still go do the same old things but if this weekend has touched you by what you’ve heard the communication from several voices it’s been important so jut this down it takes more than one voice to help us to see help us to think help us to make decisions help us to evaluate it takes a variety of personalities messages points of view the weight of experience if it comes from several sources it can be just incredibly valued when you sum total it and I’m just happy to be part of this sum total of good voices for the weekend now let’s talk about setting goals when I first met her will show not long after we had met each other he asked me mr. own maybe here’s one of the best ways I can help you he said let me see your current list of goals and let’s go over and talk about it he said I’ve got the experience and he said let’s do it and I said to him I don’t have a list he said well you don’t have a list of your goals I said no he said well if you don’t have a list of your goals he said I can guess your bank balance within a few hundred dollars which he did and I thought is that something then I said to him you mean if I had a list of goals it would change my bank balance he said drastically so that got my attention and although years ago I learned how to set goals and so we want to talk about that today and we’re just going to get started before lunch and we’re going to finish after lunch when we come back but now let’s make these notes now on goals the promise of the future is an awesome force we look back for experience but we have to look forward now for inspiration and what gives us inspiration to get up in the morning and do our job learn skills develop all that we can possibly be is the promise of the future and it can be so powerful that it can overwhelm any adversary you might have any difficulties you might have here’s a key phrase reasons make the difference in how your life works out reasons make the difference in your appetite and zest for taking on the challenge doing the job becoming successful mr. chef said if you have enough reasons you can do the most incredible things you can get through the most difficult day you can overcome the most unbelievable challenges if you have enough reason and so he said to me if you haven’t got a list of your goals mr. own it’s probably because you don’t have enough reasons he said I’m sure since I’ve met you you have enough intelligence and he said you have enough good health and he said you have you know all of those things working for you but here’s what you must work on now is to have enough reasons looking into the future developing reasons okay so now make these notes we’re primarily affected by five things number one is the environment the political environment the social environment the physical environment whatever surrounds us affects us the city the country the countryside the village the office the people we’re constantly affected and shaped by our reaction and decision making a lot of it depends on the environment and for the physical environment we all need to pay attention to that make every contribution you can it’s little small planet remember those first pictures from space looking back on Earth it looks so fragile look so small we thought wow so many people live there how can that be we must take care of it right now it’s the only planet we’ve got do everything we can my mama taught me those little things right pick out don’t leave your trash you know if you a little thing like remember I got a toothpick once at the cafe and I took a little cellophane off the toothpick and I just dropped it on the floor mama said no no you wouldn’t do that at home I thought well she should just put it in your pocket and then when you get home he put it in the trash in terms very well what difference does that make you know the little fella fane on the toothpick here’s what makes the difference the habit and the habit makes the difference primarily for you now yes it makes a contribution and a little small contribution by not leaving trash but here’s what it does mostly give you the incredible feeling of self-worth because you have good habits that’s the deal the habit of turning out the lights when you’re finished with your hotel room you leave the hotel room turn out the lights it just makes a small contribution but what if everybody did it and I’m telling it the energy requirements would be less you say well the hotel gets the benefit it doesn’t matter to you who gets the benefit guess what’s the greatest benefit being a person of unique habits habits that not only right make you perform as far as skills are concerned but habits that make you feel good about yourself and then sometimes we get the question why do it and I got the best answer to that why not do it if it’s so easy to do why not do all the easy things that make a contribution and who knows what the total contribution could be if we all did it but even if everybody doesn’t if you do it and if I do it it just makes us better human beings it makes us feel better about ourselves and if I know you do it it makes me feel better about you and if you know I do it I think it makes you feel better about me say why now this man was taught some good things when he was growing up I did a little television series not long ago and here was the title of the talk things my mother taught me it was kind of interesting my mother taught me always eat before you go to the band clips so you won’t appear hungry when you get there and then you can do what which is most important and that’s to socialize so rather than go to the band court to make up for you know Emil you haven’t had and eating everything in sight not having any time to socialize and mingle with the people mama said always eat before you go to the banquet wow that’s really good advice little thing she taught me mama said what sit up straight reason she said that is because she had a vision of me sitting up straight shoulders back right chin down look up look everyone in the eye good posture right feel good about yourself other people feel good about you our parent divisions of who they wanted us to be gave us those little tips it wasn’t wrote the book everything I needed to know I learned in kindergarten thank you please some countries the world show unique respect when I go to Mexico I love to go to Mexico because they don’t just say hello Jim Rohn they say hello mr. Jim Rohn when they introduced me to say this is mr. Jim Rowe they don’t say this is Jim Rohn it’s just part of the custom was just mr. Jim room when I first came to the south I remember just as a kid and they said yes ma’am yes sir no sir I mean where I was raised we really didn’t do that but I think the more the south did it the more it caught on and now I’m beginning to hear that in the a lot more places than just the sound yes ma’am yes sir things my mother taught me things we can all earth help them with our lives better helps make the world better helps make people feel good about themselves feel good about us incredible so the environment whatever little thing you can think of it gives you pride and joy in doing to make the contribution as small as it may seem you make it for what it does to the environment for the people but here’s the biggest reason for what it does for you I want to be the best I can possibly be delivering the message of good words so we keep working on our skills to be the best we possibly can never let me get back now to setting goals first we’re affected by the environment next we’re affected by events some events affect us all some affect the world regionally nationally or by the state or by the community but some events affect us all how many of you go back to the Cuban Missile Crisis how many of you go back that far go ahead admit it this is okay you’re among friends here okay quite a few of you the Cuban Missile Crisis that was an event that affected the whole world it was unbelievable US government finally wakes up one day and finds out that Chris Jeff’s got his missiles on the way to Cuba and the sights are already prepared so Kennedy calls Khrushchev and says in the tithi you cannot put your missiles in Cuba and John Kennedy hadn’t been president very long so this was a unique occasion for the young president Nikita Khrushchev says young Kennedy this is Nikita Khrushchev I’m from Russia and I promise you sir we will put our missiles wherever we please now people are starting to dig their bomb shelters right in the backyard things are starting to happen next call John Kennedy calls mr. chairman mr. Khrushchev you cannot put your missiles 90 miles from Florida that’s impossible mr. Khrushchev says well young president I must inform you the ships are already on the way Wow now we’re getting nervous next call John Kennedy calls with Khrushchev says mr. chairman I promise you sir this is such a serious matter we will not let your ships arrive whoa Khrushchev called Kennedy said mr. Kennedy you must think this over because if you mess with our ships and stop them on the way it means war last call Kennedy says no to Khrushchev I must have hear you sir and this is for your sober consideration if it is war Russia will cease to exist there won’t be any more Russia last call Dean Rusk Secretary of State at the time put it I think very well it said Kennedy and Khrushchev were staring at each other unfortunately Khrushchev blinked and decided he better take his missiles and go back home and so ended the missile crisis but it was tense time I mean we were having exercise as we went through and Google right did none of the desk hiding somewhere those were tough times so some events affect us all

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