Jack’s Creepy Carriage Gets Spookling Clean | Carl’s Car Wash | Halloween Special

(xylophone ringing) (wolf howling) (spooky music) – Whoa, that is one spooky spider. I hope it doesn’t frighten
the trick-or-treaters away. (hooves clopping) (horse snorting) Huh? (horse whinnying) Oh, my first trick-or-treater. Welcome, I’m glad my spooky
spider didn’t scare you off. – Greetings, I’ve been told
that you can clean vehicles. – Uh, I sure can. – Ooh, thank goodness. It is so nice to meet you,
Jack O’Lantern’s the name. And I’m afraid my carriage
is dreadfully dirty. – Oh, it sure is. – I need your help getting it spookling before the witching hour. – Oh, I’m not exactly sure when that is but my car wash is super fast. – Excellent. (whimsical music) – So, are you on your way to a
Halloween party or something? Your costumes are terrific. Your ghost horse looks so real. Oh, it’s unbelievable. (horse neighing) Okay, let’s get started. What kind of vehicle are you driving? Is the vehicle a bulldozer? An old timey carriage? Or a spaceship? That’s it, an old timey carriage. (bright music) Let’s see how messy it is. Is it a little messy, medium
messy, or super duper messy? I’d say it’s super duper messy. Let me see what kind of mess this is. Hmm, oh. Whoa, creepy, ugh, and sticky. Is it rotten eggs, wet paint, or creepy cobwebs? That’s it, creepy cobwebs (giggling). And finally, what size is this vehicle? Is it normal sized or is it big? Hmm, it’s normal sized for a carriage. (happy music) That’ll be six tokens, Jack. – Six tokens? Ah, in my day, a carriage wash used to cost naught but a shilling. Very well. One,
(coins dropping) two, three, four, five, six tokens. We’re headed in (laughing). – Wait, you shouldn’t go in there. The wash is just for your carriage. – We’ll be fine (laughing).
– Wait. (spooky music) (brooms whirring) What’s going on in there? (bats screeching) (ghosts wailing) My car was sounds haunted. (hoses whirring) (fans blowing) (hooves clopping) Oh no, Jack, your carriage has more creepy cobwebs now than when you started. I don’t know what happened. My car wash was working just fine before. And you wanted your
carriage to be sparkling. – (laughing) Not sparkling, Carl. I wanted it spookling,
and you’ve done just that. Now we’re really ready for Halloween. (wolf howling) And just in time. Many thanks, Carl, now
I must bid you farewell. (spooky laughing) – Have a good time at your party. Wow, they disappear just like real ghosts. Just like real ghosts? (Carl screaming) (spooky music) (Jack laughing) (child cooing)

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