Is The Housing Market Slowing Down? | What You Should Know | Dr. David Phelps | Investing 101

– Hey everyone, it’s David
from Freedom Founders. Want to give you a quick tip today about your real estate investing. Just picked up today’s
Wall Street Journal. It’s title is Home Sales Extend Slump Despite Economic Strength. So what’s this really all about? You know, we’ve had a rising economy, for really the last several years. Really since Trump came in to office, post-spec all the regulation, the economy’s remaining strong, vibrant, the housing market, the stock
market, everything is up. So what’s up with a housing market that is in a slump right now? You know this is the
selling season right now. This is summer-time when
houses should be selling very briskly, as opposed
to earlier in the spring, or even the winter-time. Well number one, interest
rates are starting to rise. You have a federal reserve
that’s starting to push rates up to some degree. Another factor is that housing
prices across the nation have gone up substantially in
just the last couple of years, but the problem is, most
people today can not afford the house they want. Even with relatively low interest rates, they can’t afford it, that’s
what’s causing the problem. Debt, our nation’s debt, our
individual consumer’s debt, is taking over right now,
and we’re starting to see that sluggishness show
up in the housing market. Is it the time to quit investing? No, it’s not, it’s a
time to be very prudent about your investing,
and remember you’re in the top of a marketplace. Right now, I’m not buying
so many equity properties, meaning I’m not buying properties, per se, because I think we’re at
the top of the market. I’m doing more lending,
and I’m being strategic about how I position my investing, so that when the market does
do a correction of some degree, I’m ready to go back in,
and then buy properties that cash-flow at a greater level. That’s my tip for you
today, is just remember that markets will cycle up and down, and every real-estate market is local. So look at your local market,
or where you’re investing, to realize what’s going on there, before you make any decision. That’s my tip for today. Remember, always stay
focused on your freedom.

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