Irondequoit Bay Seasonal Outlet Bridge

My name is Joseph Logan. I’m a
professional engineer with Fisher Associates in here in Rochester, New York. This is the Irondequoit Bay Outlet Bridge that was constructed back in ’97
as a replacement for a bridge that was taken out ten years before by the Corps
of Engineers. The galvanizing on the project was the entire structure: all of
the concrete reinforcing steel was galvanized, all the bridge railing is
galvanized, the entire truss floor system, and the open and closed steel grading
system on the bridge. The galvanizing was chosen for this project because it is a
very humid environment. The bridge is only four feet off of the water; that
proves to be pretty detrimental. If you’re looking at a painting system
you’d be repainting the structure more often. We felt that galvanizing would be a
more durable coating to provide and allow the county to get away with as
little maintenance as possible on this structure. My name is Bo Mansouri
with the Monroe County Department of Transportation. I have been with the
county for the last twenty eight and a half years. My role and my
responsibilities about this bridge is maintenance and operation of it. We had a concept to put a coating on the bridge that would be long-lasting and would be
protecting the steel in a very harsh environment near the lake with a lot of
salt applied to the road for safety. So we wanted some sort of coating that
would last a long time and we wouldn’t have to come back and recoat. So as a
result the engineers investigated various options and galvanization was
deemed to be the most suitable alternative for the coating. We’ve really landed on galvanizing for this project because of
several benefits: one we didn’t have to go in and and coat, repaint the structure to maintain it. The bridge is cleaned every year so it allows the maintenance forces
to evaluate the condition of the coating, and as really the project has borne out
in the last 20 years, the galvanized thickness still remains much higher than
as the minimum required for the new construction, so it has really proven
itself. We’ve looked at galvanizing for bridge structures for a long time. The
Thruway Authority uses it for all of their structural steel for concrete
abutments and piers. We felt that the durability was the biggest benefit to
putting galvanizing on the bridge. Looking at the project, how its come out,
if I was going to build this project over again I would still choose
galvanizing. We are very happy, as I’ve said before, with the performance of the
galvanized coatings. It provides a durable coating that you don’t have to
revisit and I really think that painting is more of a environmental concern now
than it has been in the past and weathering steel just doesn’t work in
this location. Considering the location of this bridge, really between two bodies
of water, the Irondequoit Bay and the Lake Ontario to the north, I can’t think
of any other alternative that’s available right now that would give us
that protection against rusting for the number of years that we expect to get
out of this which is about 70-75 years. There’s simply no other protective
coating that could withstand the severe harsh environment that this
bridge is located in.

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