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hello hello and welcome to your new online course called electronic commerce or e-commerce there is hosted by a faculty of contemporary science and technologies at the southeast European University for a moment it will be offered for the spring semester 2012 and as you know this is a master course so it's kind of different from e-commerce that is held on undergraduate degree maybe some of you have experience with e-commerce and undergraduate degree but this will be and more let's say advanced more research-oriented course and hopefully during this semester you will have time to learn more about e-commerce in the scope of research tasks that you will have since you are taking this course online and it's an online study course it will be required from you to have more impact on the overall scope one of the overall pace of your course so it is expected by you that you will learn more by yourself and less by what the teacher will offer you probably some of you are wondering who's this guy that is talking in the background so my name is adria embassy me I have master's in computer science and bachelors in computer science and I am pursuing a PhD degree well actually I'm by the end now in e-commerce specifically in business-to-business e-commerce so I've been in charge to take care for this course where this for the online part this is my picture so just for you to know how do I look and these are my contact information so my office is that at the University campus in Tetovo at the CSD building is called 305 and the office is number three my usual office hours are Thursday from Delta 12:00 a.m. GMT plus 1 that means the timing is European timing meaning GMT plus 1 so the timing for Skopje Belgrade Berlin I think and so on just for you that you are not on the European timing just to know what are the times for my office hours my email my official email is a dot BC Maisie with edu that MK so try to mail me anytime that you have any issues related to your course I will try to help you as much as I can and if we can arrange any meetings so you can use my Skype address which is Adrian that we see me and we can then chat and discuss issues related to this course for the website this is the University website and my profile is set at the University website so you can see more details about me and during working hours you can call it my office phone which is shown here so for any information please mail me and usually responding to mails very often so probably less than 24 hours will get some response use livre all the time because I am posting a lot of informational be brie and try to keep the track of what I'm doing because things have related and you will see when you log into liberal about so all the details about this course are set on libri you should search for the course name electronic commerce but with the keyword online and seek for the course code MC bi 23 this is the course code needed for you to enroll the pin code for the enrollment is one two three four five six and you have all these details on the official syllabus and this presentation is more short presentation just to have some information of what this course will be like but you'll have to read the syllabus because the syllabus is containing a lot of materials probably more than fifteen pages but all the information that you need anything that you need is a clearly stated there every detail every assignment every homework every time frame every deadline and so on okay now let's go to the course description but please always refer to the syllabus when you when we talk about this course I will give you some information now the course name is the chronic commerce you must know that this is a graduate level course that will introduce various topics related to internet business and e-commerce models but as well the technological infrastructure that is needed to power this ecommerce and make it run there will be several subject covered but also cover some substitute probably are not included in the course but very important for the course like details about what internet is networks security web pages and so on the idea of the course is to be a research oriented course rather than a classical teaching course so students are required to do individual research as described in the syllabus so always go to syllabus for more details about what are the requirements from your site what you need to do in order to pass this course the main objectives of this course are defined in the following slide the first thing is that you need to learn what are the difference between real companies and digital enterprises so we'll try to give some information on what is the difference you should understand and be able to apply basic principles of project management why I am saying this project management is required for you especially because you are studying online so probably I will create an account on trailer trailer comp where for the final project that you will have if you're not on the same campus you can use that a project management tool to define your tests and jobs and merge them together so the project management principles are basically included in every course in masters and this will not be an exception you should be able to also write a business plan and the feasibility proposals I'm not expecting you to be experts in business plans and feasibility proposals but after we go through some presentation about business plans and feasibility you will be able to define some sort of business plan whether it's small or big because there are many templates that can help you I'm not asking you to do to create a new business idea but just to use some existing idea and create a business plan for e-commerce Enterprise you should be able to also understand the history and development of e-commerce understand the complexities of the marketplace for e-commerce understand various business models and channels even though we would stick to a web channel as a medium and not the mobile channel maybe if we have time we can cover that also to have to bear in mind and be familiar with some legal and regulatory policies that are effect in commerce and some finances so finals I'm not the expert in finances to tell you the truth but there are some financial issues that no matter what type of project you are doing you should be able to do especially if you are master students you should understand finances and finances for e-commerce a little bit specific so we will cover that part and I want you in your final project to have this finances covered and delivered is deliverable at the end of the semester you should also have some basic knowledge of network security and you will get some knowledge of network security and some solutions even though that's not the topic but it's related to the course you should be able to design an e-commerce with will shop from scratch so this is very important even though it's research oriented course I would like that you to be able to design an e-commerce but also from scratch even implement it if we see that you can do it so we'll see how we will arrange this thing at least you should be able to design it on paper and put it on some technology okay next thing is what we will be studying during the semester this course will provide you an analytical technical framework to understand the emerging world of e-business and it will be divided into three main domains what is the economic domain the second is the social domain the third is technological domain so we will learn about business plans digital banking and money marketing and advertisement business models CRM and so on some of them more and some of them less depending on the importance of the of the topic that we will cover we will also cover some social aspects not that much but we will cover some so the privacy and intellectual property protection legal initiatives and so on and of course I would like to cover the technological part even though I assume that you already have a peg technological topics I think you know what programming databases web web services distributed computing networks and so on I think you know this issues but in case you have forgot something I will remind you about Internet infrastructure some little security some of their services some mobile technology and so on these are the topics divided into three domains but however really what is happening in the bedrooms that they are all interconnected they're related to each other so when we talk digital money will go to web pages we don't go to web services to the security and so on they're all related just to bear in mind what we will have this is what you need to know there is a special part in a syllabus when you go there and you'll see it's called policies I want you to go to this policies part and read it and understand it and bear it in mind because it's very important especially the part of plagiarism but you need to read and know because I will not tolerate any paper that is being copied from some other source without citing the source or just copy and paste and offering there's your own chopper on the paper so please always this is an online study I expect you to work on your own but meanwhile every work that you will do please always bear in mind the policies that I expect you to to understand that there is no place for plagiarism so this is what to to know and also read this part is very important I'm stating that understand because you will give zero points in your paper if I see that it's not properly cited and it's not a research but it's rather a copy I have also a tool a software that will do this but I'm not trying to make you feel bad for this I'm just trying to make you do the research rather than just take it from someone that already did it okay now let's go to the let's call it most interesting part what is the create a new break break down there is a good news here and the bad news so the good news is that there is no exam no final exam included the bad news is that there are many chunks of jobs that you need to do during the semester in order to achieve all the points all the grades so you must understand that we have a final project which is total is valued 55 percent of your final grade and you have the papers that I want you to do individually these papers are valued 15% each so in total is 45% what does this mean that if you do only final project most likely you will not pass the exam if you do only the papers you will not pass the exam so in order to pass the exam you need to do the papers and the final project the first component is the profile of an e-commerce company that is how you're going to start the course so all the details about these components and papers and the final project are equal in the syllabus please please read them the first paper is that you need to create a profile of an income company you need to submit it through liberty on the drop pocket I will trade for you the second paper is called issue paper you will choose the topic among the topics offered in the syllabus or you can provide your own topic but I need to approve it and then two persons cannot do the same issue paper so one per student and then you will state your arguments about that issue related it's all related to ecommerce and the third paper is actually it's an issue paper but it's called third paper so this is another topic that you must choose from the list of the topics and if you are able to complete these three papers you will get the particular points for those three papers meanwhile you need to work on your final project so this is a separate thing the papers are research the final project is more let's call it a applicable project where you need to do a feasibility plan about an e-commerce company application virtual company or however you wanna call it so you're gonna do a feasibility plan about a particular company that you want to create an e-commerce solution maybe you'll say I want to open a bookstore so you need to create a feasibility plan for the bookstore and you have the deadlines and dates on the syllabus for each component individually so you need to submit a feasibility plan and you will get value ten percent of the total grade then you need to deliver the project documentation report so this is actually at the end after you finish everything you need to deliver the documentation report how did you do the project including all these components there is five percent of the total grade you will need to deliver a prototype of the software of the solution sorry which is valued 10 percent of the grade and ten percent is a presentation of the final project in case you are not able to do any software you will lose % I'm not asking you to create it from scratch the software because there are many software a solution that exists out there open-source commercial ones software codes so if you are able to get this parts of software that exists out there merge it all together link it to your prototype work that you have created put it on the web you will have the final project completed in case you're not able to do the software Parker will remove you will get reduced 20% of the final grade but anyways even if you don't do a software you have the opportunity to get a good grade like 80 but I encourage you to do the software because I want you to experience the real world of e-commerce not just to learn what is ecommerce without doing anything I want you to do it you can use open source you can just use any type of software and you can put it all together into a wonderful web solution the final project is value at 55% as I said and you need to have both companies so the papers and the final project in order to pass this course and the grading scale is as shown on the table on the right side so in order to get a 10 which is a you should have 95 percent of 95 points in total minimum and in order to pass the exam and get a 6 you should have at least 51% of the total points but that 51% must include some parts from the paper and some parts from the project ok so it's not hard think it will be easy you will have a lot of things to do every week so you will not be left without doing anything but the good thing is that we don't we don't have any exams the final project can be done in groups of 3 or 4 people I don't know how many are you in your group get that information when I meet you online but I assume you will all work in the same project and we can use trail as I said to monitor the progress of your project at the end I wish you a good luck and I thank you for your time I hope we will meet next time online and discuss more details about this but please please read the syllabus read it carefully there are a lot of details they try to know the dates the deadlines so when we start we don't want to stop which will just continue and use the system go to Liberty go to the first folder which is start here and download the content for the first let's call it the first week or the first meeting or the initiative of this course ok thank you one more and hopefully we will meet each other later bye

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