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  1. Nice looking at 60 years old, Cordell is a 15 year practitioner of calorie restriction in this video.

  2. This was a very helpful video, but the last point about two people reaching their 50th anniversary but for a greener-grass opportunity just goes to illustrate once again that the law simply does not recognise the fact that our situations are domestically abusive. And that abuse continues onto the children of narcissistic personalities. A disappointing end to an otherwise helpful approach from the legal side.

  3. Counselor… thanks for the inside, it was perfect.
    I see Robert's point, they are too large. Unfortunately/Fortunately divorce is not about feelings, it's about law. I prefer a small law firm, someone that's know in the local court.
    Anyway… DSD… PHENOMENAL VIDEO. Thanks again. Albert

  4. I told my lawyer that she said "you think I was a bitch before, you ain't seen nothing yet!" He assured me, I'm ready for any fight she brings. She's been bothering me with inappropriately with texts of her new man, the puppy this ?? is? And how she was too busy with her new man to make HER scheduled drop off. She passed that task off onto her 18 year old daughter?

  5. My narcissistic, physically, sexually, finacially abusive cheating, husband of 23 years who abandoned me and my children 3 years ago. Is living with his girlfriend in Mississippi and is using this law firm!!! I'm doing the best that I can to take care of my family without any support from him all these years. Now he only wants full custody of our youngest because his girlfriend cant have children and wants her for her own.

  6. Their about the money its been one year now and I'm still paying off a high interest loan…the courts and lawyers, judges are all in cahoots the system is broken and unfair towards men,info here is good,my ex-wife got three restraining orders against me,called my employer, called the police on me 15 times i felt helpless beaten up by the state,no laws against this sick behaviour

  7. I just found your videos. It's nice to put a name on it and realize we're not alone in dealing with this specific kind of crazy. Add to that a meth addiction and it was all kinds of scary.

    Fortunately we lived in a one-party consent state so we recorded EVERY interaction, phone call and text. So when he finally physically assaulted there was evidence. It was no longer he said, she said.

    Now we have overwhelming evidence. Even so, it's expensive emotionally and financially to protect the children. The courts put their rights as parents over the children's rights to be safe and grow up relatively sane.

  8. So true on the point of not divorcing lightly, same is true of don’t marry lightly. Be careful of who you’re marrying. Don’t marry an individual addicted to a substance.

  9. I'm a man who won custody of his daughters. I went through a painful 2 year divorce that costs tens of thousands of dollars to do it though. You need to really analyze why you want to fight for custody. If your reasons are sincere, and not just to hurt your ex, and you honestly believe your children would suffer greatly in the primary care of their mom, then you need to go all in. Just know up front, it gets very expensive. If you're not willing to sacrifice tens of thousands of dollars, then maybe your children aren't as bad off with mom as you think. My ex also made false allegations of abuse. If they are not true, then fight the accusations with everything you have. I was arrested, charged, and then got the charges completely dropped. They try to scare you into taking some type of plea agreement to make it go away, but if you do, you can forget about custody. My best advice is what was mentioned in this video. Get evidence. There are so many hidden cameras and recorders you can buy these days. Record everything. Every phone call, every interaction. (Make sure you're familiar if your state is a 2 party consent state) Chances are sooner or later she will lower her guard and say something acknowledging that she lied. One more point, if you are in a custody battle, one of 2 scenarios is true. Either one of you are crazy, or both of you are crazy. Because if both of you were sane, you could work things out on your own. Therefore, don't let yourself look like the crazy person. Never make a phone call in anger, never send an email in anger. Keep control!

  10. I recently talked to a female attorney that worked at Cordell and Cordell in Tarrent County TX. She seemed to lean toward a Feminist view even after I told about my Covert Narcissist wife of 1 year. I didn't use them to defend me. The wife has been diagnosed with several mental disorders by Psychological Doctors.

  11. Bingo! The the Client is the expert! My former attorney did not view me as an equal partner. She was an idiot. One attorney I consulted gave me better advice than #1 because he listened and in a 45 minute reduced fee consultation told me to do X. He offered me multiple options and reasons and told me to use the system. He said my other attorney was an idiot by not offering other alternatives and strategies. He also said it was his job to give bad news/tell people stuff they don't want to hear because you need to go by the system as it might work. My former attorney would file ANYTHING even if it wasn't a winning motion. He said if the court wants you to do X then do X and then do it.
    As for what Mr. Cordell said about "a position of strength" my former attorney never seemed to have strength in her arguments for me. My ex said "His anger management at the VA did not work." Attorney says "of course he is angry." Wife and her attorney spin everything arround to be about me being a demented veteran. Guardian ad Litem was appointed, that jerk wants all of my military records. He wants all military and VA drug and alcohol treatment records, um…. biased much?

  12. Your word against hers….

    My wife lied…. drew up divorce papers, I was out of the house, homeless, wife took all the marital money and left me with nothing. I had to hire 2 attorneys, Criminal and Divorce with zero money. She bought a brand new car 15 days after serving me and never told the court in her financials, my miserable attorney never questioned this to cast dought on her word.

    My brother is a sheriff, he said one lie casts doubt upon everything else.

  13. I couldn’t show any behavior on his part- he lied about everything. Also, he wanted me to see and be tested by a psychiatrist and my Atty said sure-as long as he takes same tests..well, I really didn’t have much hope as he’d already charmed the court appointed evaluator to extent of her lying and no longer being able to work in the courts…so I went told truth he went at some point to(also his atty picked doctor-female) and low n behold as we sat in front of hearing officer n I was told my test was valid and only thing she felt she could recommend was if there was a group therapy for me to be able to have ppl in similar situation to talk to to help alleviate my stress… his test came back INVALID! Dr wrote, she couldn’t “properly diagnose his condition as from moment in the door, through her verbal evaluation, through the paper test mmpi, and to his way out-he lied entire time.” She also said (the best part to me as I felt I was right and had proof I wasn’t the crazy one) “if he were to come back for further tests and evaluations and be honest I could give his diagnosis-in my professional opinion I find this highly unlikely to occur.”
    Mind you she said he was a liar and yet when I was asked ,by hearing officer same day as results were given, “what do u have to say for yourself in regards to ‘his’ statement” ..which btw was him making some ridiculous accusation about me- so I was just dumbfounded that he asked me like ‘baby daddy” was stating something that was fact- so I said- that’s an absurd thing-i was interrupted and asked why would I think absurd and I was in disbelief and said, because I know I didn’t do that and he’s lying- and I got yelled at!!!! Do not call him a liar, unless I missed where you are credentialed to do such- I say mute for a second and then asked my attorney looking at hearing officer in his face and eyes when he made split second eye contact when could I have a copy of psych reports NEVER MATTERED

  14. Cordell and cordell ripped me off real bad and all their attorneys were women and so were the paralegals.

  15. Just when I was ready to give up. I would scream my story to the world if you got me there. And I wanna be a advocate like Alex Falconi!!!

  16. I just finished watching this video… And I immediately reached to them and this was my message. So now i bow down and pray, and i got to hope he meant everything he said… Cause I've done my work… Just need someone to care enough to fight with me cause I got the truth and the evidence of it all, on my side. So who ever helps me will be a hero. Thanks so muchI just wanted the video with Joe Cordell talking about custody cases. And I cant stress enough how important it is I speak with him. I have been going through a custody battle, the worst form of false allegations, and stalking, and tormenting me and my children, during this last year, and had to be fight like i was on trial for murder when I was just rescued by 3 counties of police, after being trapped by him for 6 years. He was just statin having those clients with all the evidence, and are believable, because in most cases they are telling the truth…. That is ME. I had to fire my attorney because everything that my lawyer2 has told me has been ordered, temp custody, gal, and psych evaluation which there is actually no order at all….. So I fired him because he was not working for me. And now he's being aloud to hold my 2 yr old from me… AND he is a convicted child abuser for beating a 2 yr old with a metal baseball bat almost to death!!!!! My baby is in danger and I have everything you need to role your sleeves up like joe said and do the damn thing I just cant find someone with the power to do so…. an then I want o sue them all because we have been living a nightmare, and I have all the proof that shows everyone's negligence… And I know you handle mostly men, but I have don all the work. You just mentioned we have to be a team with your client….. Will you please help me, I don't think I can do this alone… This has been the most terrifying thing for me and my babies. I've had the full order of protection, everything that SHOULD make me win right off the bat… but things aren't being played fair. I will be anxiously awaiting your call. I will be on my knees praying you meant everything you said during that interview…. And you seem to want to take cases that you'll win. Well WE would have to fight… But I have all the legwork if you got the law on my side…. Please help me save my baby. Thank you. Wish me luck… I need it

  17. I despise this lawfirm in the Twin Cities area of MN. I wouldn't recommend them to ANYONE! Unless you want to get financially duped by both your soon to be ex-wife AND the Cordell and Cordell attorney. I am LIVID over how unhelpful they have been in my brothers situation. His wife left him when she got busted in her affair with her girlfriend. MN law SUCKS in this arena! But my brothers lawyer has done NOTHING to protect him. I've been able to guide my brother more than his stupid attorney has…I should seriously take the bar exam. What should have been a pretty simple divorce is just dragging on and on and on…. his attorney is HORRIBLE on the 'communication level'…my brother has even complained to the firm and directly to his attorney. Nothing changes. Now researching /contemplating malpractice approach based upon..'bait and switch' (you don't get the attorney you have your consult with), breach of contract (as they don't 'deliver' on their word/empty promises)l, and negligence (because they fail to inform/guide/protect the client and actually seem to work more on getting you to bow to your soon to be 'ex-wife's wishes. Sharks. they're flat out sharks. this is based upon actual ,first hand knowledge, of my brothers divorce. It makes me sick to even think about it…… With God as my witness…THIS is the HONEST TRUTH!

  18. Great video. Looking for something with valid insight. It is very hard to find! I am glad to have discovered your channell. Thank you for putting out something of value!

  19. Can't thank you enough for this video… I've been trying to find the answers to those questions for months now thank you a million times over

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