12 thoughts on “Integrate Firebase into your existing backend infrastructure (Google I/O ’18)

  1. say if I created an app like instagram, if someone use abusive language, and reported by another user, how as admin block this user, I can do it through my code, but does firebase backend got a smarter way to automatically do it ?

  2. the screen not the people should be filmed during talks as the core info is on the slides with speakers reiterating over them

  3. just a suggestion if you guys can consider it that firebase should give developer the power to control number of phone auth messages is allowed per day or per month, wut I mean is control the quota by user. or control the number of auth messages to send to same phone number per day, doing so limit the possibility someone abuse it. thanks

  4. What techniques they used to code completion as I've seen they used semicolon to code completion what is this??

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