100 thoughts on “Inside a $25M TriBeCa Penthouse With 360° Views | On The Market | Architectural Digest

  1. What a beautiful view! Cranes everywhere and noisy traffic, it's like a dream. NYC is the best. And the people are so friendly!

  2. Love this but would never feel comfortable having children with all of those open terraces. Makes me nervous just looking at it

  3. I love this! (As allways). What I like most, is that they didn't put a tv in every room. TVs are so outdated an nobody needs them anymore.

  4. I love seeing these amazing apartments but I’d love to see more historical and older more historical style homes from around the country. Maybe some that are in need of repair as to not let the old architecture and history go into disrepair.

  5. Thank you for not rushing through this video!!! But also $25M for that? I’d rather have that home anywhere but NY and an extra $23M in the bank

  6. Im a computer technician and this will take me 10,416 years to buy. If i eat and wear nothing of course.
    Don't ask me where do I live.

  7. If your kids/guests are in the kitchen & family room, the way to the nearest toilet is a maze trip.
    Also, how does the "Library" not have a single bookshelf…

  8. All I can do is laugh at these comments. For 1. who in their right mind wants to be by the trade center? 2 I live in Flordia and you can get something like that for 2 million. I am sorry if I had it I would not spend that kind of money. 25 million child, please. lol. But whoever gets it I wish them nothing but the best.

  9. My first question is ..What happens if, either A) You get stuck in an elevator B) The elevators stop working.

    ..25 Mil so I can swallow my tongue? ..No thanks!

  10. AD marking the wrong rooms on the plan had me really confused for a minute. Been there, done that 😂. I wonder how is a southerly aspect is of benefit in a bedroom? Surely the living room should have been located here? Makes me think the entire layout is orientated the wrong way. Those terraces though, on all four corners, 900ft above Tribeca… oh man, I guess I can dream. Really nice apartment, but if I was spending that kind of money I think I’d go for 31A the Woolworth building.

  11. Stunning apartment, but the interior is hugely disappointing as there is no colour, except grey walls in the sitting room, which you can't call a library as there is not even one shelf of books, so it is just a sitting room. You say you had fun decorating the kids room, why? It too is white, all you did was buy a few toys. A truly uninspiring interior – sack the designer.

  12. Anybody else dislike the idea of living super high up in a building? I feel like the view would be less interesting since everything is so small and distant. I feel like 15-20th floor or so would be ideal.

  13. This is the most beautiful New York apartment that I’ve ever seen! And I don’t say that easily. I’ve watched Million Dollar Listing New York since it started and I would still rate this one as the best I’ve seen!

  14. That actually looks really nice and worth the money.

    That said, I don't care how high up I am I'm gonna need some curtains in my bathroom. I don't want some pervert with a telescope watching me drop a deuce.

  15. Why they always say “ your own private dining room”? Who shares dining room with other families nowadays? For 25 millions I better have my private dining room.

  16. there's no walk-in closet in the master bedroom? if a person can buy a $25M house, I would assume he/she is loaded af and got some pretty fancy clothes, shoes, and jewelry…you're telling me the closet space is the one in the hallway? that's not what I imagine for a $25M house…

  17. In my opinion, this house lacks SO much character and is NOT worth 25 mil. Not even close. I know you’re paying for the location, but still 😂

  18. Did anyone else notice how the joints on the waterfall marble island did not line up? It’s supposed to be seem less so it looks like one piece.

  19. I'm curious how much the annual maintenance fee's would be for this unit since its serviced by the Four Seasons. Anyone have any thoughts?

  20. A library? Where are the books!!!! Shouldn't a designer or architect know what library is for? What do you need a dishwasher in the library for? This so called "library" is an epic fail….

  21. the funniest thing of the whole video "my favorite room of this home is the library" (camera shows 4 books on the table and no actual library"

  22. Angeli: Penthouse 82, 4500 sqft, 3 bed, 4.5 bath, for $25M
    Me: Oh, wow, that's reasonable for such luxury
    Also me: eating ramen, can't even afford a new car

  23. She's so much more kind than some of the other realtors on here. I appreciate that. So soft-spoken. When she said, "and all this can be yours…" I really believed it until she finished her sentence.

  24. i wonder how many of these youtube videos actually get attention from real million/billionaires who are looking to buy a home lmaooo

  25. That view of all the desecration. Not one inch of green trees or blue water.
    Just windsor flowing through a city of compressed ash.
    You'd have to pay me more than a million dollars a year to live in 1st class New York.
    It's so badly infected, my dress code would have to be hazmat suit all year round.

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