42 thoughts on “Inhuman: Undercover in America's Late-Term Abortion Industry – Arizona

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  2. That is big FAT LIE! They do not send the pieces of the fetus to be cremated. They sell them on the black market to do all kinds of satanic abominations. It's most commonly found in your high end makeup products for anti-aging serums. It is why they are so expensive.

  3. She literally called it a baby and alive…wow how far humanity has gone. Murder is murder heartbeat and growth movement and development is life!!

  4. semantics and strategic phrasing should do little to persuade any logically sound that abortion, at any stage, is fucking murder. unfortunately, the world is full of selfish dick wads without souls.

  5. These people should not be called doctors – death technicians would be more precise. They provide a service – they kill babies for people who want their babies killed. God will judge them and any nation that sanctions them. God help America – the cup of Babylon will be full one day, the day judgement will fall on America and she will be no more.

  6. You can see these women working there are traumatized and the only reason why they can go forward is because the mother chose it not them. Like a soldier obeying his general.

  7. And it's not just religious people who are against this so aborters need to save that b's rant too. This is inhumane.

  8. Oh my god. This literally makes me sick to my stomach hearing this 🤮 How inhumane can people be???? I cannot believe this.. There have been cases of babies being born at 23 weeks and surviving, this is a crock of crap!!! I can’t even believe this goes on!!!😭😭😭

  9. 89% of abortions happen in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. 1.3% occur after 21 weeks. And most states have laws stopping late term abortion. Sooo.. Are we going to ignore that?

  10. Barbaric… what woman in her right mind decides to have a late term pregnancy terminated? If they knew, if they only know…they have to know! A little soul shoved out of the nest, pulled out, torn out…Sex education and reproductive education must be obligatory at High School age, when puberty kicks in and hormones are jiggling wildly. Pro-choice is one thing and woman's reproductive rights must be protected but termination in late pregnancy is cruel, and unethical and quite frankly stomach turning. Why plant a flower, wait till it grows petals than pull it out of the nurturing soil only to discard it on the compost? Parallels in the consume society of today!

  11. We kill our children because it's legal we steal lie cheat eat anything we want we disrespect our mother we kill each other we all drink the same water listen to the shame people whach the same shows the same news breath away air and shit away the ozone they aren't human they aren't natural she sees she thinks she knows you aren't on the right path people should spend more life learn to swim plant a tree grow into humans that other intelligence will appreciate not tolerate what happened to wisdom what happened to time who can save you who will want to. help you ? That's a joke what this experience is about is compassion and nature nothing gets worse when you break that law of universe nor wilt the torment of a planet of apes that used all there sticks for there fire

  12. She said it so casually…"Poke through your belly so it stops the fetal heart…so there won't be any movement"🤔

    They "spread the ashes into nature"? Wow!

  13. Okay Digoxin stops the heart beat, think about it… If the baby is part of the woman body she would die also. The baby is not part of the woman’s body. The baby has his own beating heart. Wake up people

  14. To think actresses like E.W and S.T are supporting such vile actions , bother me . Like how dumb could you get ?

  15. WHAT????????? I am a nurse & ANYBODY who works in the medical field will tell you if your in labor where "the baby is coming out" you go to the hospital NOT plan parenthood!!!!!! These people make me sick!!! If these people think there is nothing wrong with what they are doing why do they have to lie to these girls/women ?

  16. If educating women about pregnancy and the fetus were a priority, women would immediately recognize that they ARE LYING. Come on, we were taught this in 7th grade health.

  17. I don't care if u agree with me or not, abortion is murder. I'm sick and tired of people doing this. Those babies blood is on your hands.

  18. I dont condone thiz my gurl had a miss carriage at 5 months it had a heart fingers hair and all I remember them putting the fetus in a blender type thang messed up thang we was gona have a daughter I wanted 2 catch a case that day imagine u hearing bones craccing i remember that still till 2day juzt watching this video made me wanna bke like at&t reach out n slapp her

  19. At 23 weeks all that's left to do is lean to practice breath. The baby is fully formed. All baby has to do is grow thicker skin and put on weight grow bigger and fatter. Baby is the size of a large grape fruit about 11 inches long from butt to head.

  20. They believe it should be left up to the family yet they always turn away ambulance, police and any rescue the mother has requested.

  21. My friend told me that the Dr. puts the baby in a bag and slam him against the table then put it in a can. My friend quit her job that day.

  22. I'm pro choice, but no one should let it get to the second or third trimesters. If it gets to the point where the baby can feel pain, it's not worth it. Please, be careful. If you must abort, do it ASAP. First trimester abortion, while undesirable and unidyllic, is by far the most humane. Just have safe sex and we won't let it get to this point.

  23. The world deserves destruction Danial 2:44 “. . .“In the days of those kings the God of heaven will set up a kingdom that will never be destroyed. And this kingdom will not be passed on to any other people. It will crush and put an end to all these kingdoms, and it alone will stand forever. . .” Da 2:44

  24. She shouldn’t be there to talk for the dr then ! U losers maybe we should push or make it mandatory for girls or boys to have to be in a birth control at a early age ! Why can’t we do that ? But we have a choice to murder the baby’s

  25. Why couldn't they tell this was a setup…..when you done its still a womans choice. Let God deal with the woman not man. #ProChoice

  26. Still not the governments or someone else's choice. It's the womans business and her's alone. I can tell a lot of people have been drinking the orange koolaid about the new York abortion law. Its illegal to get an abortion after 23 weeks without a medical reason! Jesus people research it for yourself instead of relying on these propaganda videos! Abortion is never going away! All you're actually doing is making safe abortions illegal! You're causing more harm than good! If you really want to help lower abortions, stop complaining about free birth control! Its actually proven that free birth control lowers abortions in teens and unwanted pregnancies!

  27. They were seriously already using a lot of the same crazy rhetoric back in 2013-botched abortions should die on the table. Then they say we're being hyperbolic when we give that rhetoric back to them. Screw all those people that want to adopt, let it die on the table.

  28. How come the democrats only believe you are capable of making your own decisions when it comes to abortion?

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