INDIAs Biggest MEGAPROJECTS Future Infrastructures in 2017

Top 5 Mega Infrastructure Projects of India
in 2017 Sagarmala Project. It aims to promote port- led direct and indirect
development and provide infrastructure to transport goods to and from ports quickly,
efficiently and cost- effectively. The project is estimated to cost around Rs
12,00,000 crore. The government wants to implement the projects
worth Rs 5,00,000 crore under the ambitious programme by May 2019. Mumbai Trans Harbour Link, Shivaji Memorial. This will be country’s longest sea bridge
at 22.5 km. It will connect Mumbai’s eastern suburbs
with the mainland across the harbour through a 16.5 km sea bridge and a viaduct. The project will cost around Rs18,000 crore
and completed by 2019. It will connect Sewri in central-east Mumbai
with Nhava Seva across the harbour. The BJP government is also building a Rs 3600
crore grand memorial of Chhatrapati Shivaji in Mumbai. Arunachal Pradesh on rail map. Modi government has brought Arunachal Pradesh
on the railway map of India with India’s longest rail-cum-road bridge — the 4.94-km
long Bogibeel bridge over Brahmaputra. Modi government also aims for converting all
meter-gauge tracks in the northeastern states to broad-gauge. In Arunachal, the Centre has started location
survey to connect Tawang, Aalo, Pasighat with broad gauge railway networks. Setu Bharatam project. The Rs 50,800-crore Setu Bharatam project
aims to ensure highways without railway crossings by 2019 and overhaul of 1,500 British-era
bridges. Under the project, 208 railway crossings will
be replaced by rail over bridges (ROBs) by 2019 at an estimated cost of Rs 20,800 crore. Also, 1,500 bridges of the British era across
the country will be overhauled for around Rs 30,000 crore. Highest bridge of the world on river Chenab. The government is building the tallest bridge
in the world over river Chenab at Doda (359 metre above the river). The bridge would be built at a cost of Rs
1198 crore. After construction, it will surpass the current
record held by Beipan river Shuibai railway bridge (275m) in Guizhou province of China. So what do you think of India’s Top 5 New
Mega Projects Which is coming alive from 2017. Do you think India is going across Biggest
Mega Projects or India is just starting it Bit. Post your Comments below
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20 thoughts on “INDIAs Biggest MEGAPROJECTS Future Infrastructures in 2017

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  2. You forgot to mention Polavaram project which is going to cost 40000 crore Rupees. Currently work is going on briskly. The Govt aim to finish this project by 2018

  3. You forgot to mention under construction Kolkata Metro Railway LIne 2, Hyderabad Metro, Navi Mumbai International Airport, GIFT City and Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor.

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