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Preeto, get some water. Hot water. You had a daughter again. Hello. I’ll put her on. Hello. Mother-in-law, good news finally. I had a baby boy. You have a grandson now. Keep these notes handy. I’ll copy all of them
and give it back to by evening. Let’s eat something. No. I’m already very late. My dad will scold me
if I reach home late. No problem, I’ll drop you home. Prachi, hop on. No, I’ll go on my own. There’ll be trouble
if anyone sees us. I’ll drop you two lanes
away from your home, come on. Madam! Madam, your… Madam, your purse. Why are you so late? I had gone to Pinky’s house
to give her the notes. I must’ve told you
so many times to call your girlfriends at home
if you want to see them. I don’t like when you go out. Next time,
don’t make this mistake, okay? Sure, dad.
I won’t do this again. Now will you just stand there? Help me with household chores. Chop these vegetables. Sir, you asked someone to meet
you for a job. That person is here. -Send him in.
-Okay. Meet Sunny. -Hello, sir.
-Hello. Hello, madam. Hey, it’s you? How come you know her? I don’t know her, sir. I saw her at MG Chowk. Here’s your purse. When you were getting on
the bike with the guy, you dropped this purse. Here. No way, I think
you are misunderstanding. I never got onto a bike. It wasn’t me. No, it was you. It has your photo. Please check it. -Your name is Sunny, right?
-That’s my name. What can you do? I can sweep, wipe floors,
do dishes, wash clothes. I can also drive. I have a license too. All right, you are hired. Thank you, sir. Come on. Get up. Sorry, mom. I’d never lie again. Is this how we raised you? You lie to us and roam
around with boys. Will you bring a bad name
to your family? Don’t hit me. He is just my friend
and nothing more. -Hurry up, boy.
-Okay. Girls from good families
don’t befriend with boys. They don’t ride the back-seats
of the bikes and roam around. -Sunny.
-Yes, sir. That’s your room.
Where are you looking? -Yes, sir.
-You did a great job today. Listen. Girls shouldn’t roam around much,
it doesn’t suit them. My daughter loves to roam around. I want you to accompany
her all the time. Okay, sir. Bunty, show Sunny her room. Okay. Come on. Come on, Sunny.
This is our room. That’s our cupboard. My clothes are in there,
I’ll get them out. Hey, listen.
What’s that? Your body is like girls. Pal, that’s not true. It’s so hot in here. Shower in the morning and shower
with sweat in the afternoon. Hey, why are you skirting eyes
like girls? Not really. -You’re changing…
-Get me my ‘lungi’. Sure. I’m running late. Get your uniform from
the cupboard and put it on. This one? Mother-in-law, good news finally. I had a baby boy. Sunny, no one should know that you are girl, not boy. Greetings, mom. I got a job. Mr. Jagdish has given me
a room for staying. That’s like icing on the cake. You don’t need to pay
the rent now. But I made a mistake. Mr. Jagdish’s daughter, Prachi. I saw her with a boy
on my way here. I blurted this before
Mr. Jagdish and Ms Usha. Prachi’s mom beat her a lot. I’m really feeling bad. You don’t need to talk to anyone. You’ve gone there to make money. So just focus on that. You’re not a kid anymore. What if anyone finds out the truth? Do you even know our family is searching
brides for you? What are you saying? That’s right. Your grandpa
is dreaming about taking dowry for your wedding. After all,
you’re their only grandson. I have saved you so far. Henceforth, it won’t be easy. You know that if our family finds out
you are a girl, not a boy then they’ll kill us both. Just earn as much as possible and I’ll start looking
for a new place. Once we have around 500,000, we’ll go far away. Take care. I’ll hang up now. Sir, please begin.
Let me call Ms Prachi. No need. She won’t get food today. I asked you not to eat, right? You can’t listen to your parents. I was very hungry. Hungry? You should’ve thought about
before you lied or rode with that boy. You sneaked in the kitchen
and stole food? You should be ashamed of yourself. -You won’t listen easily.
-Madam. Madam. Sir. Well… Well… It’s my fault. She didn’t bring her food
from the kitchen. I felt bad… She would’ve slept
on an empty stomach. So I brought her food. You’re a servant,
so don’t cross that line. Listen, he brought you food.
Why did you take it? You listened to our servant,
but not us. I’ll teach you a lesson that you’ll never
repeat your mistake. Hold on. Wait, Usha. We’re expecting
a suitor’s family tomorrow. Don’t ruin her face. You broke our trust. In our society, girls and women
are hailed as Goddess of Fortune. But today, we bring you
the stories of two girls, who were facing trouble
at every step of the way. Hello, I am Girish Jain welcome all of you to
the new episode of Crime Alert. Prachi and Sunny, two girls, were the victims of
dangerous crimes in their own homes. On the hand, we have Prachi, who was facing severe restrictions
from her parents. On the other hand,
we have Sunny, who raised her not as a girl, but as a boy. Except her mother, no one knew that she was a girl. This is quite baffling. Friends, there are
lots of people in our society who think girls are burdens. Sometimes they snuff her out
even before she is born. Sunny was from such society. That’s why, her mom hid her true identity
from everyone till today and kept her away from everyone. But for how long? How long will Sunny live
with a false identity? Sunny and Prachi’s lives
get intertwined together and progress on the path of crime. We shall see that now. Sir, I forgot to introduce him. He is my son’s uncle. He is from the US. He owns a big business there. My son is going to work with him. That’s great news. You still haven’t eaten anything. Please have something. My daughter has made
every single dish. That’s nice.
What else can you cook? After marriage,
Ashish will settle in America. You know it’s very expensive
to hire servants there. Before Ashish goes to America, both of them should get married. It’s confirmed from my side. That’s really great news. Right, dear? Let’s have some sweets. Come on. Dear, have it. Now elders should talk about
the wedding gifts and other things. Kids, you should go out. Prachi, take Ashish around the city. -Sunny.
-Yes, sir? -Drive the big car.
-Yes, sir. Go. I liked your dressing style. -Very traditional Indian.
-Thank you. I like girls who wear
traditional dresses, not modern outfits. Sir, water… Stop the car. Do you know
how much this suit costs? It costs more than
what you make in six months. Illiterate. Ashish, let it go. Stand outside for some time.
It will get dried out. Fine. I’ll spare him
because you asked him. Madam. I know how it feels
to stay cowered. But there is a solution
to every problem. Do you mean you also stay
cowered from anyone? Sure. Not more long, madam. Once I save some money, I’ll go far away from everyone. Far away. I’ll live freely after that. I won’t be scared of anyone. It was an awesome cafe. Prachi, you should’ve been with us. Sorry. I always feel like having
chocolate shake from that cafe. But my parents won’t let me. That’s what you always say. Okay, by then. -Prachi.
-Sunny, what are you doing here? Chocolate shake
from your favourite cafe. You know I’ve also tasted it. It’s very tasty. Before anyone comes, have it. Thank you. -Sunny.
-Yes, Prachi. Can I ask you something
if you don’t mind? Go ahead. The other day you said you wanted to earn a lot of money, and then you can live freely. Why do you need that kind of money? For my mom. I’ve never seen my mom happy
ever since I know. My grandpa, grandma, father. They tortured her a lot. They made her cry. I want to buy a house
with my money. I want to give my mom every happiness
which she couldn’t have. Hello? How long will you take to save enough? They are forcing me
to get you married. I can’t stop them now. Listen, mom, don’t worry. I’ll get you out of there soon. I don’t understand.
How can being a girl is a sin? Listen to me. I’m going to save a lot of money soon. I’ll then buy a house
and we’ll stay together. Till then take care. I see. So that’s the secret. Prachi, I wanted to tell you but I had no way of explaining to you. -Prachi…
-Enough. I didn’t hear anything. Relax. I’ve just found
a solution to your problem. Prachi, what’s going on? That’s a lot of gold. Where did it come from? Sunny, I am in love with you. I want to see you happy ever. I want to spend my life with you. Here is all my jewellery. You can get around
500,00 if you sell them. You can buy home
for your mom after that and all of us will live together. Sunny, tell me, if you want to
spend your life with me. If our family finds out, you are a girl, not boy then they will kill us both. Just make enough money and I’ll start
looking for a new place. They say no vice like avarice. Lying is wrong. But think about it. Is it possible to do
right thing every single time? Even if you’re
going through a crisis? After all, Sunny was a human being. But it’s true that our elders said these things
for a reason. Despite the trying circumstances, lying will never help you succeed. Now it was time to see
if Sunny’s lie will bring happiness to this family or is there a storm
waiting at the corner? Prachi. I’m very happy today. We’ll deck up this lovely house. There won’t be fights. No one will hit anyone. No one will stay cowered. No one will lie to anyone. My mother-in-law, you and I and our kids in the future. We’ll live here happily. My mom is calling. Hello. I am at the market with Sunny. Yes, I’ll be back soon. What’s the matter, Prachi? Mom wants me home right away. -I’ll leave now.
-I’ll drop you home. No, stay here. I’ll see you in the evening. All right, Prachi. You haven’t eaten anything.
Have something. Prachi is here too. -Hello, aunt.
-Bless you. Dear… Don’t call them aunt and uncle.
Call them mother-in-law and father-in-law. Ashish has got a visa. So we want this engagement
to take place today. We’ll get you married this month. Go and get ready. Go. She is a bit shy.Ashish has got a visa.So we want this engagement
to take place today. We’ll get you married this month. Pick up the phone. Sunny, why don’t you answer the call? No matter what, I will never marry Ashish. Mom, I am not ready for this. I am leaving home. Prachi? What’s this? That’s a lot of stuff. My family was going to getting me
engaged with Ashish. So I ran away from home. Sunny, we should get married today. But… Sunny, what are you thinking about? You know my family. We should get married
before they reach here. Once we get married, they won’t be able to harm us. Prachi, I… I can’t marry you. Why? Prachi, I… I can’t marry because… Prachi. It’s my fault. I should’ve told you everything
the day you brought me the jewellery. That’s a big lie! Why? -Prachi…
-You pretended to be a boy, though you were a girl. Why did you do that to me? Prachi. I didn’t want to hurt you. Please forgive me. I was helpless. My mom gave birth
to two kids before me. Both of them were girls. My papa and grandpa
killed them both. Can you believe that? I was the third child. You know what my mom did
when I was born? She told everyone
that I was a boy. From my childhood till now, My mom raised me like a son, and she told everyone I was a boy. Prachi Please forgive me. But what about me? I ruined my life for you. I left my home for you. Prachi. Please forgive me. Forgive you? Yes? My family is better than you. At least, they don’t pretend
to be good. You toyed with my feelings
and my heart. So I’ll never forgive you. Forget me, even God won’t spare you. Listen, Prachi. This girl ruined our reputation. We are ashamed, all thanks to her. There comes your daughter. What’s this? Where have you been?
Why don’t you tell us? Shameless girl, tell us. Please forgive me, mom. I made a big mistake. I made a mistake. I shouldn’t have brought
you into this world. You can’t give us anything
but bad reputation. I’m hearing taunts because of you. Papa, please forgive me. I’ve realised my mistake. I should trust you? You’ve ruined
my years of family reputation. I’m dead for you
from this moment on. Dad! I’d rather die childless
than have you. Why did you come back?
Why didn’t you die?Prachi, I can’t marry you because…-Ambulance.
-It’s on the way. Send the body for the post-mortem. -Search the house and find the clue.
-Sure, sir. I’m also sad for losing our daughter. We must suppress this suicide case. Or we’ll be blamed for it. I know what you are going through. But I want to ask some
questions about your daughter. Why do you think
Prachi committed suicide? Inspector. We have no idea. Prachi was our only daughter. We fulfilled all her wishes. We still can’t believe
Prachi could do that to us. How could she abandon her
parents in this age? Sir, Prachi’s phone. She made the last call to Sunny. Sunny is our driver. But when I read the messages, It seems
Prachi and Sunny were having an affair. No, that’s not possible. Sunny was just a driver. We’ll soon find out. First, tell us
where does Sunny live? Call him.
Where is he? He is on leave today. First, he’d live in
servant quarters with me. He has moved into a new place
two days ago. Give me the address. You pretended to be a boy
despite being a girl. Why did you do that to me? Forgive you? Yes? My family is better than you. At least, they don’t pretend
to be good people like you. Yes, Bunty. Hello. Sunny, the police
are heading your way. What? Why? Prachi committed suicide. Why? It’s not possible. Yes, I’m telling the truth. They found messages from you
on her phone. Prachi! Prachi! No! I didn’t want to kill anyone. Mom! Please forgive me. I… am leaving without
talking to you. But mom… I’m really happy… Open the door. Is someone in there? …that I am getting you… out of that hell. I… I’ve bought a place for you. I want you to stay there away from papa, grandpa, grandma. Stay away from them. No one will trouble you. Mom… I’ve wronged Prachi. Why isn’t he opening the door? Break open the door. Prachi. Mom, please forgive me. -Call the ambulance.
-Sure, sir. -Constable.
-Yes, sir. He slashed her wrist. Oh my God! Sir, I got a call from here. I’m Mamta Chaudhary,
Sunny’s mom. -Where is my son?
-Not son, but a daughter. What? Sunny was a boy. After the post-mortem report,
it’s clear that Sunny was a girl. She was also pretending to
love your daughter. When Prachi learned the truth, she committed suicide. Sunny was too ashamed to face anyone
so he killed himself. That’s not possible. My daughter can’t die. Sunny left a note
before she died. Dear God. Before we make any decision,
we hear our inner voice, which tells us if we are
doing the right or wrong thing. When we don’t listen to our heart, we get angry at ourselves
and also ashamed. That’s what happened to Sunny. She was living as a boy by hiding
her true identity since her childhood. She chose deceit
to get out of this maze which took Prachi’s life. Even Sunny couldn’t
take this blow. But Sunny’s way of repenting was very wrong. Suicide is not the solution
to any problem. This is a grave crime too. So please don’t ever do that. With this, I Girish Jain, take your leave from
this episode of Crime Alert. I’ll see you again
and alert you from one more crime. Till then be alert, be safe. Crime Alert,
A voice against crime.

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