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-Yes, mom. What are you always looking
at through the binoculars? -Come on. Let me see too.
-Mother, I… -Show me.
-I was looking at the stars. Looking at the stars? During the day? Yes, I can see them through these too. Is it? I want to see too. Give. -Fooling your mom?
-Hey. Your results are due today, right? Are you worried about that? No, right? -Mom.
-Listen to me carefully. I won’t spare you if your
results are not good this time. Mom, my results will be great.
Don’t worry. Please. Let go of my ear. -That is better.
-Let go of my ear. Watching stars during the day? Come on, get ready fast. Yes. I couldn’t even see properly
because of mom today. Where did she go now? Drat. But no problem, my lad. She will come to you one day. Ms. Shweta. Enough. Enough.
Let’s take a 2 minutes break. And then we will start again. Look, our new neighbor, Ms. Shweta. Miss? Isn’t she married? She is not married but she
is still so fit and fine, right? She will focus on her
figure where there is no Husband and family, right? She doesn’t have to
worry about family like us. I am also worried about
our kids’ results now. Hey, Rekha. What about your son’s results? What to say? My son doesn’t pay attention
to his studies at all. I am very worried about him. Why? Did Varun flunk his exams again? What else?
I don’t know what he does all the time. How to make him focus on his studies? Do one thing. Shweta tutors college
students at her home. Get Varun enrolled there. Good idea. He doesn’t study at home. Maybe this will teach him something. Yes. But I don’t know how to
convince him for these classes. Will he even consent? Mom, why are you after me? I don’t want to join any classes. Study at college, at home and not classes. -Varun.
-No, I am not doing it. No. At lease meet the teacher once. Madhu said that she teaches well. Please meet her once. Mom, I don’t want to join. I told you… Listen, she is here.
Please talk properly, son. Look, who has come? Come in. This is Ms. Shweta. I was just talking about her. Hi Varun. Third year, right? So, are you coming from
tomorrow to my home for classes? -At 5 pm sharp. Okay?
-Hmm. -All right, Rekha, Bye.
-Bye. Come let me see you out. Bye. See you. Teach him well, Ms. Shweta. Bye! He will come from tomorrow, for sure. What happened? Come. Come. Sit. Your house is very beautiful, like you. Thank you so much. Okay, sit here. I will be back. Hmm? Show me your books. Books? Okay. Show me the other one.
The rest of the books. -Varun.
-Yes, mom. -You have come, son.
-Yes. How was your day today? -Very good.
-Did Shweta teach well? -Hmm.
-Good. Continue to focus on your studies And then you will ace your exams. Hmm? Mom, I am focused. I am just waiting for my results. Very good. -You wrote it correct, Varun.
-Thank you. And yes, ask me about your doubts anytime. Treat me as your friend not a teacher. Friends? You mean we are friends now? Any doubt? This hand has got Shweta’s fragrance. Shweta. Varun, memorize the two
chapters I taught you today. -Okay.
-Take. Ma’am, you will have
to come to my home tomorrow. Why? Because tomorrow is very special for me. -Is it?
-Yes. What is so special that
I have to come to your house… One minute. Ms. Rekha? Your mom is calling. Yes, Ms. Rekha. Ms. Shweta,
you have to come our house tomorrow. -Why?
-It is my son Varun’s birthday tomorrow. You have to come tomorrow and no excuses. Please come. Okay. So tomorrow is special
because it is your birthday. I will have to come now. After all we are friends. Hmm? Varun, come and cut the cake. Yes, Varun,
why aren’t you cutting your cake? Wait for some time.
I am waiting for someone. -Any other guest?
-Yes, someone special. Varun, come and cut the cake. People will get late. Come on. Yes, mom. I thought you won’t be able to come. How can I disregard your invite? Thank you. Come on, son. Cut the cake. “Happy birthday to you.” “Happy birthday to you.” “Happy birthday dear Varun.” “Happy birthday to you.” Come, Ms. Shweta. This is my room. Wow. Nice room, Varun. What happened? Cake. There is cake on your face. -Okay.
-Stop. I will clean it. -Done.
-Thank you. I am so sorry, Varun.
I couldn’t get you any gift. Seriously, I am sorry. No problem. But there is something
you can give me as a gift. What is that? Varun! What are you doing? This is not right. You are my student. So, what ma’am. I like you. I am always thinking about you. Please try to understand. Varun, you need to understand. This is wrong.
There is a huge age gap between us. This is not possible, Varun. This… Age doesn’t matter in love. One only loves in love. -Varun.
-Shweta, please try and understand. I will never let go of
your hand since I have held it. Ms. Shweta, please agree.
I love you a lot. I want to marry you. I love you, Shweta. What is happening? What is happening? -Mother…
-Aren’t you ashamed? -Mother!
-Aren’t you ashamed? I sent him to you for
classes not for such dirtiness. -No.
-Shameless woman. You should have thought about your age. Look, I am telling you. I won’t spare you if
I see you near my son again. -Get out of my house. Get out.
-Mom! Mom, what is this nonsense? You cannot talk to Shweta like this. That middle aged woman
has become Shweta for you. What else did she teach you? She has not taught me anything. Just listen to me.
I love her. And that’s it. Love her? Love her? Look at your age. She is not much younger than me. Love her? Do you even understand
what you are saying? Don’t you dare. If I see you around that
woman then I will not spare you. You cannot stop me from meeting Shweta. I am stooping you now. Got it? And remember, this is my house. And you have to do my bidding here. Mother, whether you agree or not. I will not let Shweta get away from me. I will make Shweta mine. Just watch. Hi mom. We got married today. Stop this nonsense. I don’t accept this middle-aged
woman as my daughter-in-law. -Mom, we…
-Don’t enter this house. And you. I told you last night
to stay away from my son. -Didn’t I?
-Mother. -Get out from here.
-Mother. Think about it. If Shweta won’t stay here, I won’t either. Okay, I won’t allow her in my house. So, you can leave too. Get out. I am leaving. I will not return. Okay? Come, Shweta. What are you doing, Varun?
She is your mom. She has the right to scold you. And who gets angry at their mother? Varun, she is right
in being angry with us. We got married against her wishes. And what were your about to do? You are his only son. How will she live if you leave her alone? Who will take care of her? You are correct Shweta. Did you listen? You abused Shweta and
she is worried about you. Mom. Try to understand, mom. Please. Listen to me. Varun. Varun. Don’t worry. It will take time but
we will convince her together.We will have to convince
her otherwise my plan will fail.Such a grand house. So much wealth.And Varun you are the lone heir.And I. I am your wife. I will rule.Love. They say love has no limits. One can fall in love
with anyone at anytime. Our story today is
also about an odd couple. Greetings, I am Girish Jain. Welcome to this new
episode of Crime Alert. Even Varun fell in love
with his neighbor, Shweta. And she was almost double his age. Varun was so much in love that he didn’t even listen to his mom. And he married a woman
almost his mom’s age and got her home without
any investigation. But Varun didn’t know that his true was just a game of fraud for Shweta. A game where both Varun
and his mom will be targeted. What will Varun’s
senseless wedding lead to? Come, let’s watch. Hey! What is all this? Are you teaching my son all this? Please stop it now. You have been nagging
since I came this morning. Behave yourself. This is my house. No matter how I speak, listen properly. You have no space in this house. Got it? Be ashamed. You are older. My son is innocent. A child. You should tell him not to do all this. And you are doing it instead. Let him go. Tell me, what do you want? Silence. Just shut up. Ms. Rekha, I am no longer your neighbor. I am your only son’s wife. This house is mine too just like yours. It will be better if
you don’t mess with me. Otherwise remember. Your only son’s heart is under my control. And Ms. Rekha, if I hurt him by mistake then you will lose your only son. Got it, mother-in-law? Excuse me. It is my and your son’s… Your young son’s nuptial night. So, excuse me. Please. What is this? It’s our first night, right?
Let’s celebrate. Come. Come on. I haven’t tried this before. Then try it today. -What happened?
-Nothing. Cheers. No need to do all this. And this is my house
so don’t come to my kitchen. -Got it?
-But mother-in-law, breakfast… If you want to have breakfast
then you find a way out. But not in my kitchen. Shweta, sit.
I will arrange for our breakfast. Okay? Hmm. Our breakfast is here. -Hello, aunt.
-Hello dear. -Where is your mom?
-Mom… Madhu. Hema. You two here? You didn’t come to
the park since two days. So, we came to ask after you. No problem. Hey. Hello, Ms. Shweta. What are you doing here
so early in the morning? Have you come to tutor Varun? But all these marks of marriage. Have you gotten married? Wonderful. Congratulations, Shweta. Introduce us to your bridegroom. Where is your husband?
Who is the lucky man? Forget all that. What business we have with her husband? -Come on.
-Wait. Wait. Wait. Won’t you meet Ms. Shweta’s dear husband? -Yes.
-Yes. I am her husband. We got married yesterday. Come, Shweta. Hi. You here? -How are you?
-How are you? Come on. -Here is your pizza?
-Thank you. Varun you didn’t tell you got married.
Is it true? Yes, I have gotten married. Wow. Really?
Where is your wife. Introduce us. I will. Ms. Shweta, you are here too? Hello. Hello. We have come to meet Varun’s wife. Introduce us to your wife. This is my wife. Come on, Varun. You can win it. Come on. Come on. Come on. -I know you can win it.
-Come on. Come on. I know you can do it.
You will win this time. Do it. Yes. Do it. Do it. Come on. Come on. Come on. Yes. Yes. Yes.This girl is just sticking to Varun.She might be trying to
snatch away my lotto ticket. Did you see, mother-in-law? How your son is flirting
with strange girls? You tell me about customs. This… These customs… Shweta, can’t you see? They are friends. Their friendship is hurting me a lot,
mother-in-law. Anyway, one shouldn’t flirt
with other girls after marriage. Do you know your son’s antics are torturing me mentally? So, get it. If I report to the police
about this mental torture then you two will be apprehended
for domestic torture. So make your good son understand. All right, bye. See you. -See you. Bye.
-Bye. Take care. And call me as you reach. Goodness. You and your friends
have littered so much, Varun. Clean it up. -Me?
-What else… You know your son treats
you like a child still. But you are grown up now, Varun. You are married. So, you have to take the responsibilities. And you also need
to become a good husband. Okay listen. One has to help his
wife in household chores. Right, baby? You are correct.
I littered so I will clean it up. Where is the broom? There. In the back. You are correct.
I littered so I will clean it up. You know mom never let me do all this. That’s why I am still a baby. Mother-in-law, where are you? Why are you shouting like that? Mother-in-law, I need to go shopping. After all I am your daughter-in-law. So, I have to wear good
clothes as per your family status. Mother-in-law, don’t ask. I can’t tell you how
demanding your son is. He is warm blooded. Just become a man. So, I will have to shop
according to him, right? So, mother-in-law, as I was saying. Your time is over. So, give me your bunch of keys. I want money. You want to go shopping, right? -Yes.
-Use your money. Because I am not giving you any money. What did you say? Not giving any money. Yes! You don’t know me. Are you trying to scare me?
So, let me tell you. You cannot scare me. What will you do then? What will you do? You will go and make a police complaint against me and my son. Right? Fine. That is good for me. My son will see your reality. And that fake web of love
you have trapped my son in. That will get removed to. Go and complain to the police. This old woman will not surrender so much. She has control over all the money. I will have to find another
way to get the money. -Love.
-Hmm. As I was saying, I need some money. -Why?
-I have got many expenses. How do I cover them? I need money. But Shweta, I am still in college. How do I earn money? And the pocket money mom
gives me gets spent immediately. But I promise when I will start earning you will live like a queen
and cover all your expenses. I promise. Why don’t you take money from mom now? -From mom?
-Hmm. Baby, I married you. Not your mom. Why should I ask money from her? And you have to take all
my responsibilities as a wife. But I am still in college,
how do I earn money? I don’t like doing the
same thing repeatedly, baby. I want money. It is your problem
as to how you will get it. Shweta, where do I get it?
Where I get money from? Varun, I just have this. Even I have only this.
I hope this will help. And even I have only this. Thanks friends. Thank you. But what happened, Varun? All good? Yes, all good.
Shweta wants to go shopping. But she knows you are in college. You don’t have a job. Then why is she asking money from you? She also takes classes. She doesn’t want to work anymore. And she is correct. I am her husband. I should bear her responsibility. I should cover her expenses. -Okay, bye.
-Bye. -Thank you.
-Bye. -Shweta.
-Hmm. Here is the money. Wow. My good husband. What is this Varun? This is just 2000. I can’t even buy a sari with this. And you know that I don’t
like wearing cheap clothes. Shweta, keep this for now. I will get the remaining in a few days. I don’t know when you
will have your few days, Varun. Anyway, baby.
I have got good news for you. I know that you want to be a good husband. That’s why I spoke to a
friend of mine for a job for you. Job? Don’t worry. It’s a part time job. Go to college during the day.
And work at night. But what is the job? They needed a watchman in their society. So, I recommended your name. A watchman? Shweta, have you lost your mind? My son will work as a watchman? So? What’s so bad about it? He is sitting uselessly
at home after marriage. At least he will earn
some money like this. When you got married you knew that he is a college going kid, right? But you still married him, right? So, why are you bothering my son now? He is my husband.
I will do what I want to. Why do you care? And yes, if you are so
worried about you son, fine. You can cover my expenses. Give me the keys. Okay, so that’s why you are doing this. I told you to stay away from her.
Don’t trust her. She consciously trapped
you in this web of love. -Understand it now.
-Enough. Enough. Stop your drama.
Give me the keys. I am late. Are you mad? You cannot talk to mom like this. Wow! Even this small kid has found his speech. You can continue your
mother-son drama later. Give me the keys, I am getting late. -Give me the keys.
-Shweta, are you mad? What are you doing? Shweta! Don’t try to stop me again. Give me the keys They say,
people should think over ten times before taking a big decision in life. Examine all aspects. After proper thought and
advice from your well-wishers one should take decisions. But unfortunately Varun
made a huge mistake here. He was so enamored by
Shweta’s superficial beauty he took a huge decision like
marriage without investigation. But now he is shocked
when he saw Shweta’s reality. A youth was asked to leave his studies to become a watchman. Shweta has never loved Varun. Her aim was Varun’s money. His property. But she was getting impatient due to the delay of her
plans getting materialized. And she exposed her true self to all. And Varun’s mother was silent because she was scared for a
false domestic violence case. But as they say, every sin ends for sure. But will a cunning woman
like Shweta accept defeat so easily? Or is this family going
to face some more problems? Come, let’s watch. Are you mad? What are you doing? Varun, what are you doing here? You didn’t even come to the café with us. And you also left college early. What happened, Varun? You look troubled. What is the matter? I think I made a huge
mistake by marrying Shweta. Why? What happened? No… I can understand. Maybe problems are happening because of your age difference. Bro, why don’t you leave her? You just got married
a few days ago, right? It is not so easy to leave her. What is the problem? Just tell her that you don’t
want to continue this marriage. And we are there. If she says no, we will convince her. Oh. So, Varun’s life is getting
ruined because of me. Shweta. Shweta. How dare you talk like that to my husband? Causing problems between a couple? Aren’t you two ashamed? Shweta, don’t talk to them like this. -Please.
-Why shouldn’t I? They are instigating
my husband against me. And you want me to keep quiet. And this girl. She is smitten over you. No, Ms. Shweta. It is nothing like this. -You misunderstand.
-Hey, shut up. I have not misunderstood anything. And listen to me properly. If I see you around my
husband again it won’t be good. Got it? Stay away from my husband. Got it? -Shweta, you…
-And you. Come. You have spent enough
time with your stupid friends. -Come on.
-Shweta. Listen to me. I said come home. Means come home. Come. Shweta, why have you got me here? You want to leave me, right? Shweta, it is nothing like that. They were just saying.
I am not thinking of it. I didn’t marry you so that
you can just leave me anytime. I married you so that I
could own your house and property. Huh? And unless I get that,
you cannot leave me. What? You mean… You want to leave me, right? Okay, do one thing. Write over everything to me. Your house, property, money. Everything. And then I will set you free. You can go wherever you
want after that for all I care. Call you mother and tell her to come here with the property documents. Phone. Call her. Call up your mom like a good kid.
Very good. -Take this.
-I won’t. what will you do? -What will you do?
-What will I do? -I won’t call her.
-You want to know what I will do. You want to know what I will do. Shweta. Shweta. You want to know what I will do. Shweta. Stay in your limits, Shweta. -You want to know what I will do.
-I won’t call her. -Hello aunt.
-Hello, dear. Aunt, where is Varun and Shweta? Actually, there was some
misunderstanding because of me. So, I just wanted to solve it. What misunderstanding, dear? And where is Shweta and Varun? They haven’t reached home yet? But Ms. Shweta left for
home with him since long. Shweta? But she didn’t come here. What happened? Tell me what is the matter.
What happened? Aunt, actually Varun was
very sad about his married life. Why don’t you leave her? Just tell her that you don’t
want to continue this marriage. Yes and we are there. Causing problems between a couple. Aren’t you two ashamed? And in anger she took away Varun with him. So, we thought he had come home. Varun has not reached home. Shweta. Where did Shweta take Varun? He has not come home.
His phone is unreachable. What do I do? Varun, I have been trying to call you. Your phone was unreachable. You could have called. I was so worried. It’s me not your darling son. Shweta? Shweta, is Varun with you? Yes, he is there. Right in front you. And if you want your son alive and safe then just carry out
my instructions. Got it? And yes, if you inform the police then I will get you two
arrested for domestic violence. Got it? Aunt, why are you so worried? What happened? Shweta has kidnapped my kid. God, what do I do now? I cannot waste even a minute now. It’s been so late. When will this old woman come? Waiting for your money? I had loved you. I didn’t even listen to my friends. Everyone said that I was wrong. But I was crazy in love with you. Hey. Shut up. You are just blabbering since long. You think you have become wise since you listened to other people. That is your problem. You are a big fool. You always believe others easily. You trust it. I have got a remedy for that. Yes, I will cure it now. Shweta, no. Shweta. Shweta, keep it away. Shweta, keep it away. Please. -Your ears…
-Shweta. They are the biggest problem. -No, Shweta.
-No ears. -No, Shweta.
-And no hearing problems. Shweta God! What have you done to my child? Shweta! What have you done to my child? Did you do what I told you to do? Give the money and take him. You want money? You want the property? How dare you hurt my son? -How dare you?
-Hey. Move. If I can do this to him
I can also kill him for money. -I have the money.
-Hurry. Here is the money. Move the knife. First do what I have told you to. Hurry. Remove the knife first. Hey. Stop there. Arrest her. Take her away. My child. Your condition… Hello? Ambulance? A scary incident which shocked everyone. Friends, one can fall
in love with anyone at anytime. But one also needs trust and
respect beside love in relationship. And that happens only if
you and your partner are true. To accept each other’s
positives and also negatives and lead a complete life. Be faithful in marriage. This is the main rule
of a happy married life. Varun’s one-sided love
was a ladder of crime for Shweta. And she took advantage of his emotions and ruined his life
and the people around him. That’s why friends, we request you all that choose your life
relations after proper thought. So, that these relations
can make your life happy. And not ruin it. With this I Girish Jain, bid you adieu from this
episode of Crime Alert. I will see you again to
alert of another such crime. Meanwhile be alert, be safe. Crime Alert. Voice against Crime.

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