Importing Pixel Animations from Pro Motion NG to Construct 2 or 3

Here’s how easy it is to import the
pixel art graphics you’ve created with Promotion NG into your Construct 2 or 3
project. Your individual images and animations can be saved as sequential
images, sprite sheets, or Gif files which Construct can import. When your art or
animations contain semi-transparent pixels or layers be sure to export as
sequential images or a sprite sheet in 24-bit PNG format and not as a Gif file.
Also be sure that the project and the layers are set to use a transparent
background as opposed to a solid color. While exporting for animated sprites,
once you’ve created it in Construct, double click it to bring up the
animation and frame editor, right-click in the animation window, choose to import the animation from files or a sprite strip. If your animation was saved as a
Gif just choose the Gif file and click “open”. If your animation was saved as a
sprite strip just choose “import frames from sprite strip” then tell Construct
how many horizontal and vertical cells (or columns and rows of frames) are in the sprite sheet and click “OK”. Once your frames are imported set your
origin point and collision polygon in the first frame and then choose to copy them
to the rest of the animation. Finally set the animation to looping or not and set
its playback speed. Playback speed is in frames per second. When you click on any particular frame you can also set a playback speed ratio for that specific
frame. A value of 1 will have the frame display for the same duration as all
other frames in the animation. 2 will make the frame display for twice as long
and 0.5 would make the frame display for half the time as normal. When you’re
happy with your settings you can just close the frame editing window. When
making a pixel art game or app be sure to turn pixel coordinate rounding on
into switch sampling to point so that you’re carefully placed pixels will be
faithfully represented. Now when you run the layout you’ll see your art in action
in all its pixel glory. Be sure to check out the other video showing how to
import tile sets and tile maps from Pro Motion NG
into Construct as well. Thanks very much for watching.

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