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good afternoon everyone and thank you for joining us I'm Bob woods manager of social selling here at frontline selling I'm very glad you joined us today for a very special webinar ignite your b2b sales with the power of video so today's webinar is going to be different from others we've done in the past as you'll be seeing everyone live and hopefully you'll be seeing some actual videos as well so we're going to stop sharing here and at this point hopefully everyone can see everybody else so let's go ahead and introduce our panel Mario Martinez jr. is the CEO and founder of dan Gresso and nimesh Gupta is the CEO and co-founder of one mob how you guys doing today fantastic Bob good good glad to hear so um why don't you give a quick elevator speech about what your companies do Mario once you go ahead and go first sure that thanks so much so van Gresso is a digital sales transformation company and we help sales folks reach the other 90% of buyers that they are not reaching through cold outreach and we utilize tactics such as digital sales training with video or social or texting to be able to accomplish that along with helping to transform one's individual personal digital profile so that they can actually attract and for the marketing organizations we spend a lot of time with marketing helping to design content strategies and content execution and distribution strategy so that when salespeople are actually engaging online with someone or they're sending a video message that they're actually sending content that is a value to their buyers at the same time and so we work with marketing to be able to help produce that that's what we do very good Dinesh you're up to bat yeah thanks for having us really appreciate it so companies one mob we are a venture back company in San Francisco and we are a digital experience platform you're gonna be hearing the word digital a lot as Mario just threw in there quite a bit so we are a digital experience platform that enables customer facing reps to more personally engage with their custom and customers and our prospects in a fully trackable way and I can kind of dive deeper into that during today's look nur yeah that sounds great so let's actually just plow right into it then so so the first question that I believe everyone probably has on their mind on this call and as they're watching on demand as well is why specifically should be to be sales people care about video and Mario why don't you go ahead and take that one first well first off Bob I think it's helpful to really talk about the difference between video marketing for marketers and video marketing for sales and those are two very different worlds often times sales folks think of oh yeah when we do a video will will upload a big massive list someone will take a professionally made video and actually you know tag hey John inside of the whiteboard that's behind you know an actor inside of a video that's video marketing for marketing that's done at mass scale but video marketing for sales or social video as we like to call it with myself and and our partners at one mob he's really focused in on helping to create digital personalization one-to-one messaging or one daph you type of messaging and the most important thing that we as salespeople need to recognize and realize is that anytime we create outreach to any buyer whatsoever that should include some sort of call to action whether it's to call us back whether it's just set up an appointment whether it's to read something of value and that's what video marketing for sales should do it should drive an individual on one individual video landing page that says hey guys or hey Bob reaching out to you we talked about this particular article down below if you look at this particular thumbnail it has a heading of whatever might be go ahead and click on that now and read that and I'll answer your questions related to our product or technology or service and issue a problem whatever it might be so I think that's important for people to understand why should they care about it look at the end of the day there are four things we know about today's modern buyer and one of those four things is that their video hungry and the proof is in the is in the pudding right into by the end of 2018 experts have forecasted that 76% 76 at 7-6 76 percent of the world's Internet traffic will be as a direct result of video consumption and Cisco just put out a study given the fact that Cisco has a massive play in the thing called Internet yeah that by 2021 eighty one percent of the consumer Internet related traffic is going to be consumed as a result of consuming video so hands down the individuals are consuming video at a rate that is nothing we've ever seen before the question that we have to ask though is our business executives b2b executives taking that same type of activity that they would do on a individual personal consumer level and are they bringing that into the business world and we'll talk about that later on yeah that sounds good – yeah thanks for that Mario and you know Mario clearly is he's kind of paved the way with I feel one MOG in this whole video evolution and it's been great partnering with the folks at Negresco well we were actually partnered with Mario before he was kind of his own shock and then he orchestrated this this amazing merger so anyways just wanted to put throw that out there so for me if you take one step back I mean I think just having been so I'm actually a lawyer by trade in an electrical engineer so I went from designing circuit chips to a patent litigator to writing patents to then founding my own company and you know what I have kind of noticed at least in the last four or five years is that sales reps specifically are some of the most talented workers in this kind of knowledge economy right they have so much to offer and it's not even just these reps but the community around it right like for example you Bob my mean one you know sales influencer are taking the time to learn more about the practice in Mario's world consists of this on a day to day basis where he's constantly connecting with sales influencers and kind of paving that pact and for me video enables these reps these influencers to uncover their why right and if you think and I'm a huge simon Sinek fan and he talks about the you know the how what why as relates the companies and there's this recent podcast that he gave with tony robbins that talks about the why of oneself and without getting too philosophical here I feel like what video enables me to uncover my why to you so that you give me a platform to communicate with you and to tell you what it is that I am trying to quote unquote sell or offer you so that it can impact your day to day so that's the way I've always looked at it and I'm passionate about enabling any customer facing rap not only just sales to helping them uncover their why and its do video because video enables this passion to emerge it it uncovers this passion I can't communicate with you like this lien email it me through this face-to-face interaction yeah yeah so what should they be communicating basically I mean is this just a a way to do a sales pitch just but just with video or or or what type of message you should should people be doing when they when they first start with video here and that's for either one of you yeah I can I can take that one quickly Mario that's okay yeah yeah absolutely yeah you know it's a phased approach right Bob I wish I had the you know the perfect answer to say hey this is but it is a relationship that you need to build and that's why you know we are so well the folks have been aggressively pioneered this in the social selling space and you know the gist of their message not to marginalize it is how do you develop a relationship with someone and then offer to them what it is you are going to offer to them and right what video it is that it is how do i humanize myself with you take time and and connect with you in a way where you start trusting me to then start again selling to you what I need to and the Challenger still has this really compelling stat where over 50% of folks by now is because of the selling experience and that selling experience is how personal I am to you right I need to develop that relationship with you in order for you to hear so that's what I was kind of see on that I know Mari if you want to add anything and so first off videos can be used in multiple ways number four we actually have 18 different ways that we teach in our digital sales video course program on how to actually develop the right first off mindset and skill set and we exclusively utilize the one mob platform and there are four major providers that are out there right and so as the consultant that looks at you know what are the ways to do this hands down we have chosen one mob and the reason we've done that is it's very strategic in nature because you have the ability to be able to create videos as a way to reach out and touch someone for the very first time you also want to be able to utilize the technology to be able to not just reach out and touch someone for the very first time but what about reaching out and touching someone throughout the entire sales process because what we know with a hundred percent certainty is that if we can actually see someone face to face scientifically proven our brains are hard-wired to trust the human face our brains are hard-wired to be able to listen to modulation and be able to interpret that into can I trust that individual in addition our brains are also hardwired to watch movement and if we can actually keep someone's attention longer than our competitors can by sending a text-based email through movement through modulation through actual seeing someone face to face you can build trust quicker faster and stronger and outpace your competitors and this is an important element that people need to understand about video they also need to understand of will my customer want to watch a 15 minute long dissertation on a video heck no absolutely not right they will not want to do that but would they rather watch to read a read text or watch a short video in order to be able to get the same information well there was a study that was done and it talked about its showcase that 59% of senior executives would rather watch a short video then read text if both text and and the video we're actually sitting on the same part of me on the same exact page right so what is short well we'll talk about that in a little later in terms of some some things that you can take away on on the types of videos that you should create and how long they should be but also what we also know is that executives are actually consuming video we know that our buyers are digitally connected socially engaged and their video hungry and their mobile attached we know this we know that our buyers are actually pulling in data before they actually get to us they're consuming data and we also know that if you asked your marketing department one of the top five tactics for 2018 as identified by the Content Marketing Institute is in fact use of video hands-down in fact this presentation that we're doing right now we chose to do a only video based presentation not a death by PowerPoint right for the obvious reasons that hopefully and you can throw it into the chat or the QA and you can say look I'm hearing Mario I'm looking at him I'm seeing his engagement I'm seeing his facial expressions and I'm seeing the passion yes I actually believe I trust versus if you were just looking at say a picture of me and with that picture all you saw was all you saw was my voice and what if my voice sounded just like this and I'm saying to you video is a way that you can engage with your buyers now if you look at that and there are stats that prove that you can immediately tell that there's an absolute difference between using video and actually hearing that voice modulation and hearing the passion that comes behind that right so I don't know if I answered the question did I answer the question or did I go off on some crazy tangent are you cooked all the boxes there I think but but still I mean I think that just in in turn and look at me I'm starting to use my hands now just because you're use but yeah but I think that just in in terms of you know even just seeing you and seeing the passion that that you have in this and hopefully everyone on the skull and with the products and services that they're sorry they have that's the same type of passion to I think that that actually goes a long way in just instilling confidence in anyone who used that video is that you know hey this guy really enjoys his product or this gal really enjoys her product to the point where she's talking about she's very enthusiastic about it this might be worth a look I mean does and and as you said Mario and I think in MSU you said this too just in terms of a boring you know text or text based email or whatever video really provides that extra punch it seems like well let me give you some hardcore stats right please we ran a test and this was internally dove ingresso we sent out to 1043 individuals 1043 brand new LinkedIn connections alright so obviously we put our money where our mouth is we socially engage with socially prospect we socially connect to it to potential buyers now I would love to see in the chat window any of you guys to take a wild guess if you were to send an email to a cold prospect to a cold prospect what is the rate of deliver ability to a cold prospect throw it into the throw it into the chat window right there in terms of what you think might be the rate of deliverability yeah absolutely so first off before we get to the content so we're gonna cover that through it through in this webinar and for the individuals who asked that question I thank you for asking we will absolutely answer that and I'll give you there's 18 different ways that we teach people how to use content we're gonna give you a few of those but I gave you actually a couple Y which is the linked and welcome connection message right so if you want to connect me on LinkedIn I will respond back to you with my with a standard message that has a video message and you'll see what that looks like – I just gave you another one which is go ahead and send me an email to Mario at Van gray so calm and watch what happens in terms of my out of office you'll be quite and I think you'll be quite excited and impress over that but the one thing I want to talk about is how else you might be able to utilize video to create engagement and we've seen this in partnership with one mob we worked with as an example one of the NFL teams now the NFL teams that we've worked with New York Jets fort San Francisco 49ers they in fact have utilized video to be able to showcase their product their product is an experience that experiences is a sweet life as an example at the Jets Stadium and what's interesting is that these individuals are selling multimillion-dollar deals and the people that are signing the checks on these multi-million dollar deals are usually fortune 500 accounts and the people that they're targeting are the CEO CFOs and the executive VPS these are the only folks that have the ability to be able to sign a multi-million dollar sponsorship or multi-million dollar engagement for a suite now I've tell you that because I want you guys to say I want you guys to understand that this is not like we're selling a widget we're actually selling a very large experience we're a very large ticket item with a very large title that requires the approval so one of the fears that individuals had was looking at video and they're uncomfortable with video right now and and and being people be able to see then and I'm gonna call a spade a spade and people have all the excuses in the world about video I'm too ugly I'm too fat I don't look good I have a zit my hair doesn't look good you know I'm losing my hair everything in between that you could possibly think of we've heard it all but here's the one thing I want you to think about in terms of leveraging video if you did two things number one if you took a video camera this little lens right there and if you pretend it that this is nimesh nimesh Gupta from one mob and I'm talking to nimesh that will eliminate at least 50% of your fears if you can pretend that this little lens right here is the mesh you can now create a different type of experience the second thing that you need to be cognizant of is ask yourself this question if you walked into a networking event maybe even a an event where you guys are having exhibitors booth or maybe a customer appointment would you walk into that meeting with a bag over your head because you were afraid of someone seeing your the hair loss the the the zit the whatever imperfection you believe you may have of course not you wouldn't be in sales period and a discussion you wouldn't put a bag over your head so we've got to get out of our own way and what we do know is that when you engage with video and you leverage it from a social perspective video becomes very very powerful and nimesh I'll let you comment on this and then I want to come back and showcase through LinkedIn a couple of examples that you might be able to put engage with content to be able to attract your targeted buyer nimesh yeah thanks for those best practices Mario and it is important that you first kind of get into the mental mindset of the actual recording before you record it some people have different temperaments and kind of strategies and how they do what they may go off the cup but I do think you need to invest in some energy behind that mindset specifically one that Mario mentioned so one thing I will add in terms of the content piece which i think is very important is you want to educate your buyer right so I think folks who record a video and immediately go into hey this is the mesh from one mob book a meeting on my calendar it's a very off-putting right because I don't know who you are you don't know who I am and I mean mmediately asking you for something so in today's world where there is just so much digital content out there so much new so many stats you want to become a curated feed for that particular person that you're reaching out to so for example if you are in the security space and you are reaching out to a buyer educate them through three tips for example of what they should be apprised of based on some recent current events and become that person's trusted advisor so that that person doesn't have to navigate their Twitter feed or go to TechCrunch or go to whatever publications they are going to to get that information and you can do that do a personalized video like this where I just start talking to it or now one mom has green screen functionality and other aspects to do so where you can have as bullet points the three things that you are going to cover and that's kind of a side note in terms of the the actual video itself but the point here is become that person's trusted advisor in that they will want to hear from you make it that type of relationship where you are educating the bar and the bar saying hey you know what this person knows what they're talking about they've provided me some great nuggets when it is time for me to engage or I am thinking about maybe you know learning more about a particular stat that that person may have told me then I will engage with that person and the greatest thing is that there is that opportunity today to do so because again I you know the first thing I go to is my Twitter feed I see so much and I'm in the digital experience sales enablement space if someone were to curate a few fad for me in terms of you know companies that recently raised funding in my space or a few stats that have came out and you know directed those to me and perhaps other buyers it doesn't need to be a video just to niba a pool of buyers that say you know someone recorded a video send it to me Mario and a few others because we're in a very similar space that would then enable me to to really garner trust in that person so that I will hear him out the next time perfect alright so over here on the right hand side is essentially what we've got is a video that I had published now this video is a thought leadership piece right this is on old school selling versus new school modern-day selling and what we want to encourage you here's your third tip that somebody asked for what's the type of content I can create right establish yourself as a thought leader you create your less than two minute long script and the beautiful thing about one mob is that it actually has a teleprompter so you can create your script it'll take you ten minutes to create your script and you can create video content like this now video is hot on LinkedIn this is the one thing on LinkedIn that LinkedIn is actually through the algorithm is accelerating more views so if you put a video natively on to LinkedIn and you create this what I want to show you is is the type of analytics that you can get now if you look over here on the left hand side you'll see that I had 86 people from PGI 60 from ATP 64 from Sprint 41 from Oracle people that have actually viewed this video now here's the question is my video getting to the right audience the answer that question is all of these companies are my prospects right now or client that I am working with so we are continuing to land and expand so here's the number one question that you have to ask if you include some of our social selling skills which is a connection strategy along with a social surrounding of the targeted buyers into your network and you leverage video the power of video can you start now creating a account based selling methodology to make your message stick the answer is a hundred percent here's the example yeah the other beautiful part about this is that there are over three hundred and thirty three people that are on LinkedIn that are CEOs that are viewing my content but now let's take a look at the one of the other important pieces note that there were over seven thousand five hundred eighty-four views I can bring my traffic to me and you'll notice up there at the top that I had 117 likes 25 comments which turned into at least five meetings so far so you can use video one-to-one you could also use it in the form of social engagement by bringing native video and the beautiful thing about one mob and I'm gonna back out of here for a second here and share this other screen the beautiful thing about one mob is that you can see this video right here where Kurt shaver my chief sales officer and myself we're actually recording a one mob presentation I one mob video and you see this thing at the bottom it's a branded video right you see a banner along the bottom and you could actually integrate your own personal branding you could also have overlay text that is included all of these things can be placed not only on social but they could also be brought into a sales video landing page and that sales video landing page has a lot of great content that you could actually have a branded video but on that page you can say directly below what I want you to take a look at as this thumbnail that thumbnail or what I love to do is is over here in the upper left hand corner yeah right here you see my phone number my email address you can contact me there so you've got your own personalized landing page that can drive call to actions and those are that's another way that you can be able to engage with the right type of content great great we did have another question come in says we have sales assistants who are trying to penetrate existing accounts and prospects for new customers they aren't that savvy with social media of social selling if they use video and sending email would they just include their value prop in the video of why their prospects should do business with them I think you know it's a bit more of a content related question there but you know how how did the video and the email kind of work together hand-in-hand basically I think is what the question is there so I'm gonna take a quick stab at this and imagine and then and then I'd love for you to get your feedback on this but look guys um Holly thank you so much for asking that question fantastic question but I want to I want to answer it with a question if you were to actually be on site at an event and you shook my hand and you wanted to prospect to me Mario Martinez the CEO of ingresso would you say hi Mario nice to meet you hey by the way we are X company and what we do is this and I would like to set up a meeting with you for this and here's our value proposition we've about 2,000 companies that we've worked with five thousand blah blah blah and we help companies buh-buh-buh buhbuh and here's all the case studies no you wouldn't do that you would never do that in real person see here's the thing about sales but think about sales that we know is that people want to do business with people who are interested in them so before they find out that you're interesting so be interested in the prospect that you're trying to communicate with introduce yourself be able to have call to actions that are of value send me a video here was a great message that someone sent to me yesterday and it was not the right I'm not the right person to prospect to but they sent me a message they said Mario I've noticed that you had a 90 percent growth in 2017 off of your LinkedIn page what was more interesting is I actually heard the podcast that talked about and she identified the podcast with the person that she listened to because I have a podcast called selling with social and I love this point about blah um it actually made me want to reach out to you and I'd love to have a conversation with you to be able to see how you are solving this particular problem which you didn't address in the podcast hallelujah that was a fantastic point fortunately I'm not me unfortunately I'm not the right person to talk to so she became interested in me before I became interested in her and that's the exact same thing that you do in sales period and a discussion weave and you take that same exact best practice into video nimesh yeah I mean I think that's a great answer and I think this whole being showing that person that you are interested and I will add only show it in an authentic way right the way that this woman reached out to Mario was a very authentic way they were very good stats it didn't leave an impression on Mario to the point where he is addressing this webinar which i think is fantastic so again to answer that question and thanks for asking is you have to have a phased approach first develop that relationship through some type of authenticity or be authentic rather and it's not just like it can't be faked right it has to be something that's real that's relevant and then when the time is right so they'll deliver that value proposition and as you can as you'll notice this is not a one-to-one one day to one week process it is you know months two to almost several months so you have to think in a lot of our buyers of one mob and you know Mario's training programs have already committed to this long term digital transformation and that's just a fancy way of saying hey we will use digital assets to communicate with folks but knowing that once this commitment is made it's going to take time and you start developing this kind of drip campaign digitally and you use various channels starting with social then video etc but the point I'm trying to make here is you need to start today because if you don't and you know it's not it's not a scare tactic there's just so much junk and noise out there it really is right so much content out there that you need to yourself relevant and if you don't you're gonna get left behind and that's why a lot of folks are adopting video and it's not just at the buyer level the executive level but these reps they're waking up they're going to work saying hey how am I going to meet my quota how am I going to stand out and develop trust with these particular prospects and that's why they are there they are experimenting with new various ways to communicate with folks okay and also I just put into the chat window a link so I want you all to go to the chat window right now and copy that link this is actually one of our most popular videos that we have published and I cannot take credit for it this is our chief sales officer who's a very conservative dude when it comes to his image and when you watch this video you this has got tens of thousands of views when you see this particular video because of the unique nature so I'm gonna give you the last Pete last piece of advice and you ask what types of content can we create well here you go this is if you want to invite somebody to an event for example we create these types of videos when we want to invite somebody to a webinar to get them on a webinar which is an educational learning platform think creative and when you when you click on that link then you'll be able to see a an extremely creative way of how to reach your targeted audience to invite them to an event in this case it was a live event so it was actually like a trade show that we were going to but the principle still applies to a webinar and I promise you you'll never see anything like this before you know a lot of this is a behavior shift and you know one mob is that technical offering it is the platform that facilitates this but a lot of this again because it's behavioral behavioral change in nature requires a lot of training and what I would urge folks to do is to reach out to folks like Mario specifically Mario in becoming kind of apprised of the certain things they should be thinking about because as you can see even in this webinar we haven't really talked about the tech that is utilized to enabled these videos and we add one mod like to think we are the leaders in the space because we do focus on it that said a lot of our competitors are doing really great things but because we've spent the last four years laser focused on just this component we feel like you know we developed a a very robust platform the point here is I would urge you to talk to folks like Mario in developing that particular digitization plan and adopting this mindset of hey I am committed to the long term in digitally transforming my organization and it's going to require the following and Mario will you know certainly walk you through that and you can always reach out to us too but this kind of partnership that we have with garceau has been kind of helpful in giving that total that total package to two other customers yeah yeah it's like I always like to say to mesh a tool with a fool is still a fool or a fool with the tool is still a fool how about that yeah but but the point is is you know you've got the technology piece that is going to enable some pretty amazing things and and one of the things I love about the one-mile platform is again you need to think about this every engagement whether it's an email whether it's a social prospecting whether it's a connection message whether it's a a video message whether it's a text message that we have the omni-channel approach to prospecting right I wouldn't say video is the Silver Bullet but it's definitely a bullet and it must be a bullet that you include into your arsenal and so when you think about this with from the concept of leveraging video to the meshes point you've got mindset skill set and then tool set those are the three components that you have to have in order to be able to get this right and if you can if you look at what your sole purpose in life is is to create more conversations whether you're an account manager or a hunter a farmer a hybrid whatever SDR BDR inside sales field sales field marketing whatever is to create more conversations with the right people video is absolutely a way that will create more conversations with more people and I can't think of a better place to wrap this up here especially because we're especially cuz we're 10 minutes over now note to self whenever we do video in the future schedule these things for 45 minutes so so very good so so let's so we're gonna go ahead and wrap up we want to thank everyone for for joining us today please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions out there we can get you to tomorrow obviously connect with Mario and the mesh on on LinkedIn feel free to connect with me as well on LinkedIn if you have any questions about social selling or prospecting and and really being that I'm the kind of person using all channels effectively when it comes to your b2b sales please reach out to us as well you see our phone number up there our website is up there our social channels are up there and and if you want to get to us directly just go to go down frontline selling dot-com slash webinars and we will reach out to you as well we've got a little form that you can fill out there and and take things from there so gentlemen thank you very much for joining us today we appreciate it and I want to thank everybody out there in webinar land for joining us as well

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