If There was NO Build Limit – Minecraft

wow *Wow what?* Im pretty high up *You think?* *Whos this?* what do you think your doing *Id like to know the same thing* your ruining my lake!!! *What lake?* wat *im asking the same thing* oooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh *Why did you build in a mans lake?* sorry about dat! *You should be* im trying to make diving boards *Umm I think your meant to put them over water not in* well for one thing *…* your tower isnt getting any higher than this *is this max?* were already at the world height build limit *Called it* check F3 y=255 *The stats thing?* whats DAT *the stats thing* its something to keep noobs like you from ruining the game *is he a noob?* im sick of you people *I guess so* ok u can kill me *Yes!* but i wanna go higher first *you cant* werent you listening to me *Was he I cant tell* this is the max *Yeah* *What!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!* *Subtitles by thejackcraft12* this rain is pretty spoopy *Rain its a black screen* i hope i dont slip lol *oh I see now* oh no im running out of blocks *Wait did he get up higher* guess i will have to use these *would not recommend using that block* What does he think he’s doing with iron during a thunderstorm? *WAIT WHAT!?* Well…………….. *…* That Wasnt very shocking *Stop with the bad puns!!!!!!* have you guys heard *Heard what?* there isnt a build limit anymore *is that’s whats happened?* we can go as high as we want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Yay?* so????????????? *So yeah?* yeah…………….. *oh I see what you did copying my text* why are you so excited???? *I don’t know* DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS?!?!?!??! *NO!* I Can Finally Build To Space *oh is that what he wants?* I Dont Think Thats How it works *Yeah* I Always dreamed of going to the moon ever since i was a little boy *You have?* my mom always told me my dream is inpossible *well it is* But Now……. *he is not doing what I think he is?* I Can Make that dream a reality! *No you really cant* Dont you understand *yes but also nope* Was i really talking that long *Zzzz* what ever… *Huh im awake* i guess i’ll have to do it myself *im here* I think this should be enough blocks for where i need to go *Oh no* 79 thousand hours later *Why this long!* I didn’t notice these patch notes… *is there nothing up here?* 1.12 World Limit Update! Expanded the world build height to an infinite amount! Note: Theres nothing there yet so don’t bother going up *there it is* *Don’t jump!* *Hes jumping is he* *Yeah* *That got to really hurt* *Stop with the puns!!!!* *AJ 222 thanks for my suffering seeing that man fall for that long* See that video under Previous video? Click it! Go ahead! Its a free video you can look at last chance!

100 thoughts on “If There was NO Build Limit – Minecraft

  1. What if anyone could build as high as they wanted to?
    Make sure to enable the notification bell! 🙂
    Can we reach 5,000 likes again?! :O

  2. Lol can someone make a petition to increase the build limt?Theres all ready one,but I think orepros should make one and have this vid be the reason for it or somethin'.

  3. If people could do,that in Minecraft the creators could make that a demensiokn where the player is given,a book about a new world and new items

  4. There is also a flight limit it took do long to get down I couldn't stay but in a half an hour I wasn't close at all the ground under me there was slime blocks and I never saw those slime blocks ever again ;(

  5. You should do what if Minecraft added a sleep bar and if u was low on sleep u would TAKE 3 MEALS A DAY SLEEP 40 TIMES AND MINE 20 DIAMONDS that the hard way easy way: say I'm a banana

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