IBM Z for IT Infrastructure Resiliency

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knows the relationship between you and your customer is built on transactions and data. It sets the common ground where you engage and transact with each other. Your customers and your business obviously have high expectations when it comes to using and
interacting with that data, and so do the regulatory agencies that govern the ins and
outs of how you protect, store, and manage it. If you fail to meet
expectations on any front, due to a planned or unplanned
interruption in service, the customer backlash can
impact your brand reputation, and regulatory penalties
can be swift and damaging. With IBM Z, you have the
infrastructure resiliency that helps protect your company from downtime and
prolonged recovery times, by addressing events that lead to outages in the first place. Clients across various
industries rely on IBM Z for continuous data and
platform availability, and rapid disaster recovery protocols. That’s because IBM Z comes with the technology and tools you need to eliminate or contain unplanned outages, while reducing or eliminating
the downtime of planned ones, making IBM Z your first step
in achieving cyber resiliency across your entire IT infrastructure. IBM Z resiliency facilitates continuous availability of your data, by either restoring service quickly, or preventing disruptions altogether. IBM Z integrates cyber resiliency directly into the backbone
of your infrastructure, so it’s designed to eliminate failure. Through resiliency, IBM Z
gives you the capability to rapidly respond and adapt
to disruptions and outages, and the resulting business impact. But regardless of the level of resiliency your company needs, from storage backup all
the way to zero downtime, IBM has the best practices and experience to help you implement it. You can protect your infrastructure against different types of failure, and quickly recover when an
unexpected event does hit, isolating, correcting and understanding it to help prevent a repeat occurrence. Let’s say a system administrator misallocates your server resources. As a result, there’s an
extreme workload spike across a series of
mission-critical servers. Performance is heavily impacted, and the servers risk going offline. IBM Z feature z/OS Workload Manager. It dynamically reallocates
system resources to thwart unexpected spikes
from overloading your system, and reducing availability. With it, workloads are balanced to provide optimal service delivery. And if it’s a configuration error that threatens availability, IBM Health Checker can detect when the configuration of a z/OS system does not meet recommended
IBM best practices. The tool can run over
215 system health checks across nearly every component of z/OS, serving as an early indicator to help operators address
configuration events that may impact performance. But what about recovery after a disaster? After all, the United States has been hit with 14 natural disasters, with more than $1 billion in damages each, and that was in 2018 alone. That means almost every
physical data center is susceptible to some kind
of natural disaster risk. Imagine your data center
caught in the path of a catastrophic hurricane. High winds and heavy rains wreak havoc on the city’s power grid, and your data center floods. IBM Z is designed to eliminate downtime, through Geographically
Dispersed Parallel Sysplex or GDPS HyperSwap technology. GDPS HyperSwap is an enterprise-wide tool that positions you to manage and maintain continuous availability over
multiple platforms and sites. It helps prevent outages due
to single points of failure, because workloads can be rerouted
and managed automatically across different data centers. Your recovery time can be greatly reduced, and we’ve designed GDPS
for continuous availability with zero data loss, even in the face of a major disaster. Any if your team ever has to evacuate from a natural disaster, IBM has services that offer
remote systems automation, and experts with the knowhow and passion to keep your infrastructure running. IBM Z is a core component of
a cyber resilient business. With its builtin availability features across hardware and software, you’ll gain the tools you need for continuous availability
and rapid recovery. Keep your customers happy, and support the needs of
your industry regulators. Infrastructure resiliency with IBM Z. Go to the website to learn more. (light music)

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