I Retired Rich At Age 26… And This Is How I Did It

Becoming financially independent at the
age of 26 has given me some amazing opportunities in life and how I really
did it came down to 4 simple phases. I want to share those with you today.
Because I want to help you hack what you need to do on going through these 4
hoops. Because if you can do it, it can open up a whole new world of possibility
for you. I travel around the world and I share
with people the story of how I became financially free at such a young age. And
the independence really came from 4 key phases that I’m gonna be sharing
with you right now. And the first thing that I want to talk about. The first
phase it’s what we call motivation. I work with people that say and give lip
service to, “Oh, I want to be wealthy .” like, people comment below, “Kris, teach me man.” Like, “Will you help me figure out how to like you know build all this
wealth.” And I look at that and I’m just like, “Are you motivated?” For me, my
motivation came from some like deep pain. It was one part watching my wife cry
over my inability to put groceries on the table. And I felt pathetic and small.
I had just decided I wasn’t going to be a doctor. I had no idea what I wanted to do
but I know I never wanted to see my wife cry like that ever again. And it unlocked
something in me that pain. A lot of people they take their pain and they
just feel worse and worse and worse over it. And my pain led me to rise up and say,
“I never want to feel this way again.” I am motivated. I was also motivated by my
parents because my parents had 9 kids. They didn’t have any retirement to speak
of and I felt like it was my responsibility for whatever reason to
take care of them in their old age. So, I’m like I got to make enough money for
my family and for my parents. And I got to tell you. I mean, for the last 10
years I’ve been taking care of my parents. I send them on trips and I
take care of the medical procedures and I cover their monthly this and thats.
And room and board and food and is joyful for me. Like, it’s probably the
most meaningful things I’ve ever done. That’s motivation. It’s one thing that
pain in your life but the question is can you harness it to do what needs to
be done? There’s got to be a turning point. There’s got to be a point where
you say, “I’m finally gonna do whatever it takes.” And here’s how you know if you
have enough motivation. Because when it comes time to doing the do, you do it.
When most people don’t, it’s like, you got to understand that anyone that
accomplishes something great. Always has that moment where it’s hard and
difficult where most people would give up. Like it’s hard to I
go online and look for a good deal or to like buy a course and get a mentor and
learn from them. Or to get through all the training materials. Like, there’s some
things that are just hard that people don’t want to do. And so they don’t do
the do. The people that do versus the people that don’t come down to
motivation. And motivation is not waiting for something bad to happen in your life
where you like, “Finally, more motivation.” I mean, it is self-created. If you had a kid
and I took a gun and I put the gun to your kid’s head and I said, “Find an
amazing deal with 20% equity today or I’m going to kill your kid.” As graphic and
vulgar as that sounds, I promise you would find a deal or call the cops and
plant a really awesome FBI sting operation. Like, it’s gruesome of example
it is. I want you understand that motivation has nothing to do with
ability. It has to do with a reason to make a choice. A reason to act. Motivation
is a choice. You don’t have to wait for something dramatic to happen. You can
choose in. And that’s number 1. The next thing that happened was that motivation
led me to buy my very first house. And it felt kind of safe for me it was a
stretch and it was hard. But it had a basement apartment that was going to cover
the mortgage. And I guess in my head I’m like well if the basement doesn’t run
out. If it doesn’t end up being a good investment. People need a place to live
anyway so we’ll pay that. I thought the motivation. I took action on it. And it
was the start of a system. Because I bought the house, the house had equity in
it and it ended up being a cash cow. And a system emerged. Once you have the
motivation in place, you then need to lock in on a system. My system really
emerged when I did my second house. My second house is when I used equity from
the first house because of how I bought it. I put it into a second piece of
property. And that other piece of property was awesome because I bought it
really far below market. It had a $600 month cash flow. It took courage and
motivation to buy that house. But once I did it, I’m like, “Oh, this is what a lease
option is. This is how you find someone to live in the house that isn’t just a
renter. They’re going to take care of it will eventually buy it.” A system emerged
that I ended up documenting in this book. This is a second edition. But this book
is creative millionaires. And everyone needs a system. You…
But you can have mine for free. All you need to do is click the link below and
then you can… Just cover the shipping. The actual cost of the book I’m covering and
the book is yours. That led to a system on that second property. The next thing
once I had this system was duplication. Like, “Alright. I know how I’m making money.
Now, I need to duplicate it. I need to replicate my result.” So, I did it on my
third house and my fourth and my fifth. And I’m like, “Okay. I have a system I’m
duplicating it and now I have a funnel working for finding the deals, put tenants in the home and getting paid for doing them.” There was a draw though.
There was a… There was a fault in the system. And the system was it always
required me to come up with more money to do my next deal or wait for money to
be in the next house that I could pull out to do the next deal. So, it was
growing but for me it was growing really slowly. And that’s what takes us to the
4th step which is the acceleration. Acceleration is when you figure out how
to put your duplicatable system on steroids. And how I did that was I took
my track record and I shopped it out. And my father-in-law said, “Whoa, you’ve bought
some homes. It’s working. Let me give you some money and let’s speed this up” And
after that worked and bought five homes and kept on going.
I found three or four other partners and then more and they put the money in. And
then I kept supplying the deals. And now this thing started accelerating.
Along the way, I was operating this whole thing which meant that it replaced my
job. But it had become a job itself. And then I learned that really part of
acceleration means moving from being a business operator to a business owner.
And a business owner means that you get the earnings from the business without
needing to actually run the business. So, it’s actually one of the coolest parts
about the whole thing. I look at my life and rewind and it’s so perfect
mostly because if I start it over, I’ll just do the exact same thing again and
start from scratch and build wealth and I can be a millionaire almost overnight.
Because I know that I have the motivation. I tapped into the system. I
know how to duplicate it and accelerate it. So, in my world today
I do this every single day or rather I should say other people are doing this
for me. So, my wealth continues to grow. My wealth continues to expand. And that’s my
journey. If you’re looking for a wealth system, look no further. It’s here and
it’s free. Just cover the shipping and I’ll send this out to you. If you’re
sitting there and you’re like, “Well, Kris. I have money in a 401k or an IRA. Could I
go faster?” You can actually talk to my team about leveraging my system where
we’ll find the deals for you. We’ll give you the system. We’ll duplicate it and
will accelerate it for you. All turnkey. So, that might be for you. If it is, check
it out, talk to them. Other than that, please subscribe. Leave some comments. Let
us know what you think about this video. Tell us what other videos you’d like
made. Because I’m making one every single day for you. Thank you so much for
watching today and I look forward to seeing you on tomorrow’s video.

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  1. I'm reading a FREE book of his and LOVING IT!!!! And talk about motivation, I fear I'm about to lose my job and I support my wife and two children and my wife is a stay-at-home mom. I don't think I can get any more motivation than I already have. Find me Kris!!

  2. You're such a great teacher
    People always say you boast but at the end of the day you're buying properties while they're commenting crappy insults on YouTube 🤔

  3. Hey Kris! I love the video! Can you do a video discussing on how can I savings and grow my income (living in apartment) from scratch as a recent graduate in his 30s? I would highly highly appreciated it.

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