so lately as I'm posting videos try my best to post them every day there is this one person who keeps commenting the same thing over and over and over and over and over again and they really want me to make something you know in order for them to stop this I might as well do it right you know so today we're gonna be building the biggest house in the lux burg now just because it's a big home doesn't mean it's gonna be pretty let me tell you that right now this gonna be probably the one of my ugliest houses ever so buckle up and get ready there's this person named Audrey loves cats and bunnies 1 2 3 4 and they've been commenting these things I love you Peter bread your builds are amazing can you build a big giant house tomorrow's my birthday oh is that today oh is it your birthday today oh my god happy birthday if it's your birthday today if I miss it I'm sorry happy belated birthday so yeah they said can you build a giant house so this was yesterday and then four days ago you always make my day and I love your videos can you build a big giant house please and then five days ago who else loves Peter breasts I'm like can you make a big giant house and blocksberg and then a week ago who else loves Peter bread in hate school can you build a giant house and blocksberg and then once again a week ago no please make a giant big house once again a week ago and this one had 104 likes on it just to remind you can you please make a giant big giant house this was two weeks ago okay so it's been non-stop every single video I post they've been saying this thing for it to stop I might as well do it it's probably gonna be one of the silliest videos ever it's gonna be an ugly house do not count on this being a beautiful at all first starters we're going to go ahead and start building the house so let's put a bunch of walls it's gonna be the biggest house ever on blocksberg I do have the large plot game pass so it is probably this is the max size grid I don't even know how you're supposed to make the biggest house in the game we're just gonna cover up the whole plot and just maybe put a giant roof on this thing so those are all three levels of walls alright so now we're gonna put a roof on this thing and I don't even know what kind of roof I want to add without this oh this house is ugly this looks like a historical landmark just put a bunch and bunch of windows hey peanut Brett what are you doing with your money oh you know I'm just building blocks Berg's biggest house ever I already thought about stopping what I'm doing and just not doing it at all but I'm like okay well I've already gotten this I mean we're not that far but we've already got ourselves a pretty good start on it so in wise we keep on going I mean it's new right has anyone done this before I'm not sure I haven't actually looked to see if anyone's done this you know what I was thinking of what if we made a city inside a house like how am I supposed to do what am I supposed to do with this okay so I'm gonna divide this up into four separate squares someone just passes by they're probably gonna be like what is this what is pita bread doing is he does he actually just build like this yeah probably I probably build something like this by there's a really cool like building over here it's like a little farmhouse they got a little like a garden over there I got a I got a barn there some silos I think that's what's called silos or something cylinder silo place I want to visit that honestly can anyone do this and make it look like pretty okay we're gonna put a bunch of windows cuz windows will definitely make this look nice and neat where did I go through what this is too late to back out now pita you're wasting all your money building this how many windows already well that's six six windows on that side like six rows of windows okay oh my gosh I hope no one goes joins me and just questions what I'm doing right now because it's gonna be very embarrassing to explain like oh you know I'm just building the world's giant house okay let's put a door in this lets out a door we're gonna use maybe this one way is there like a bad start was that not even oh my god we hold on oh I see what's wrong now now I see what's wrong okay then we use these square windows here all right this is what we got going on so far guys let me change this real quick in color – perhaps we'll do dark taupe in maybe like lily-white or the color oh my gosh okay wow that's beautiful that's like crazy what are we gonna do with the inside that's the biggest question I mean of course we're gonna add things to make it a functioning house but like I don't even know I don't know anymore oh my goodness it's so dark in here I cannot see anything it's like super dark there's no lights we need light well this be a multi-story home I think we may might make this multiple story you know what I don't even want to make it three stories cuz there's already so much room down here there's no point in adding extra levels alright our house is looking a pretty good like doesn't this look beautiful it looks beautiful and on the inside I'm gonna do like a nougat a nougat color there we go this is the most aesthetically pleasing house I've ever created in my entire blocksberg career okay we're gonna put a fridge I'm gonna put a fridge here you know and then put a bunch of counters we can like fill up the whole town and this the whole town can live in this place honestly looking good oh yeah just for the fun of things we're gonna put a car inside our house cuz we're gonna need it if we want to get around to places let's just put a car in here I don't even know if I want to make the whole floor like wooden kay let's put a couple dining tables down gotta feed the whole city it's already costing me a lot putting these down oh my goodness gracious my money is screaming this is not the giant pot this is not the project by the way guys this is not the official house if it was I'd be very disappointed in myself my goodness Oh God just so tortured its Sodor give me your over here I'm gonna make this the living room let's just put a bunch of random bunch of random sofas everywhere we're gonna oh my god this is like a community centre I'm just gonna buy the cheapest thing so all my money doesn't go to waste I am still saving up the money as much money as I can for the my new official house tour this is not looking too pretty well there's just gonna be multiple living areas you know I bet someone actually made this and they're like oh hey you want to see my mansion this is my mansion let's just do multiple colored couches you know like a rainbow okay there you go I fixed it up a bit even though it's totally not good guys sorry this house is hideous it really is ugly I'm very sorry why did I go through with this I don't know I just wanted that person to stop asking I'm getting a little bit cheaper here so we're gonna have to go with even cheaper TV okay let me fix up the floor a bit okay okay what start we got our living room done we got couches and TVs we got a kitchen with dining tables and appliances we're definitely gonna need to add some more stuff to this there we go green and grey looking snazzy alright so now we need a bathroom and a bedroom and then this would be a fully functioning giant house so for the bathroom I'm gonna create a giant room here we're gonna make another room do you imagine if I just made a tiny bathroom in this giant house nothing too crazy even though it is already crazy enough why don't we just put a bunch of showers in here I think that's what we'll do we'll put the modern shower set but a bunch of these this is where the town can shower there's a lot of smelly people in Blacksburg so just to fill up the room – got a bunch of toilets and we need a bunch of sinks in here – well let's add a couple of things mom this is this is looking and beautiful I'm gonna make this concrete because why not ho ho ho all right and some mirrors we need this framed mirror oh ho ho oh this is great oh ho ho each different so this one's gonna have polka dots this one can have a colorful triangle oh wait nothin right that's not right this one can have colorful triangles because it's stylish this one can have tiles because who doesn't like tiled towels this one can have dotted tiles ooh royalty this can have rust mist kidding zebra print for that now we're going to change the colors of these sinks because we want a rainbow we want a rainbow not really rainbow there's only the specific colors for a rainbow what is this then gonna be because the bathrooms like right here I don't know there's only maybe maybe a study area this will be the bedroom area so we're gonna add a bunch of sleeping bags because like I said we're going cheap but this time I don't want to spend all my money so um let's just put a bunch of sleeping mats because these are the cheapest things you could get the whole town can sleep in here I'm definitely bigger than the whole town too like more than that more than the whole time even we can invite the aliens over to invite the aliens and the cousins of the aliens and the aliens cousins cousins and the cousins of the now I'm just being stupid at this point I'm really being dumb at this point amazing so we have finally a place to eat sleep watch TV and use a bathroom all people are going around to like is this the real pita bread I don't know what the real pita bread do this probably oh my god see if you don't see any shadows that means you fully lit up the place right so much money it's over color-coordinated tables so and then I'm gonna make this like the study area so we're just gonna add a bunch of shelves I'm gonna had some computers probably you obviously you need some more sofas because you need to sit down and study a bit so we're just gonna put some more sofas now we need tables so these are some study tables and so let's just put in a chair but in a couple of chairs how about some tree stumps you know okay and then we'll color coordinate the bookshelves – okay beautiful beautiful so we have a study area what else do we need do we need a laundry area – yeah I can do that I can do a laundry area that's that's the thing that I forget the most is laundry there we go that's all you need and maybe a mop a cleaning equipment here clean up the mess maybe a little drying a dry iron board there you go that's you need that how to carpet under each table cause you know we're fancy like that if you don't know what you're doing at a carpet at a plant add a random table or something and you're good okay we're good this is it guys this is it the world's biggest blocksberg house ever is finally complete not the prettiest maybe the dumbest idea you it's a fully functional a blocksberg home that takes care of every single need whether you want to eat sleep use the bathroom wash some TV or study it has everything that you need to survive so that makes it a house right is that what qualifies for a house everything that you need to live and it has shelter well let's not forget that if you guys take a look from the outside it is covering up the whole plot and it's got a roof and it's got a bunch of windows although it doesn't have multiple floors use the limo to get yourself around here quite a faster this is so cool is it now is it's over here is the sleeping quarters where everyone can have a nice rest and then over here is the beautiful living room with a bunch of TV's and sofas you can sit anywhere you want it doesn't matter and yeah it may be cheap but it operates you can see what's on the TV now over here we're gonna make our way to the kitchen the grand kitchen and um you got a bunch of tables and then oh wait I forgot the appliances oh snap I forgot there we go my mansion is complete I have everything I need all right so that's it for this area over here now over here is the study room and this is where you can grab yourself a nice book and sit down read it anywhere you want if you want to do homework you want to do work work I don't know super nice the bathroom I know it's very luxurious mansion like well anyway guys I hope you enjoyed this video this was me creating and the biggest house ever on blocks reckon once again this whole video is basically like a troll it's like a meme and so um if you thought oh this is so ugly what do you mean this is the biggest house it's it's it's okay it's a joke I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you found it funny or something or you found yourself entertained make sure to give it a big ol thumbs up and if you guys want continue watching any other roblox videos on the channel make sure you hit the subscribe button already it is completely free and you'll be notified of when I upload it so stay tuned stay awesome has a wonderful day pita bread signing out goodbye everybody okay

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  1. He said my name try to guess it btw it’s not LILLIAN so yeah when you think you have it tell me in the reply comment thing!
    Hint he said it between 4:30 and 5:00 I will subscribe to whoever gets it right first,


    -iM sRrY fOr YeLlOiNg ((that's what a kid says at the daycare I go to))

  3. Hello PeetahBread i love you.
    You're a big inspiration to me!
    Thank you for making my days!
    I don't know if you remember but im Myklaberg70 i met you in bloxburg, also im writing this with a cracked screen so there might be some words written wrong! Love you ❀

  4. People should really calm down about telling a youtuber to do this and do that. Like 1 comment is enough.

  5. Peetah…. You should totally build a sandcastle house!! Or a pizza box house!!
    Btw, luv your videos and your houses aren't THAT ugly, they're bootiful!!! :DDDDDD

  6. This is the first time I’ve seen your face for some reason it makes this vid more funny but in a good way

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