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Let’s go way back! Look back and reminisce on how it began And how I became the architect that I am I knew I was an architect since the age of two, Standing in my crib I had a fascinating view. Riding in my stroller the sights were amazing Everywhere I looked was stone, brick, and glazing My second word form, first word function My parents were amazed i could connect that conjunction Lookin like a zebra, yeah I’m wearin white and black, Too busy building structures ain’t got no time to nap. We’re architects oh! and we knew it from the start A perfect combination of building and art We’ve been creating, since the age of two And now we’re designing, a better city, for you My skills blossomed, at the age of six Dropping instant designs with pickup sticks Call me Abraham, I had skill with the Lincoln Logs, Designed a mini-house, for my dog. I was a boss at Jenga, schooling all my friends, Check out my desk, my great assortment of pens, Pulled my first all nighter by the age of nine With Legos I built an immaculate design We’re architects oh! and we knew it from the start A perfect combination of building and art, yeah We’ve been creating, since the age of two And now we’re designing, a better city, for you Built a doll house, out of foam core board For my Architect Barbie, she was floored! Skipped a family trip to go see Mickey Mouse, Rather go to Falling Water to see Franks famous house. Donned a drawing tube, instead of a book bag It was the start of my architect swag Sorted all my clothes, according to hues And made a sketch up of my bedroom with a 3d view We’re architects, and we knew it from the start A perfect combination of building and art We’ve been creating, since the age of two And now we’re designing, a better city, for you Composing skylines within Sim City And in Minecraft I built a home that was pretty Designed a treehouse, and brought to fruition But I had to cut costs, to save for my tuition Mowed a hundred lawns to buy a 3d printer And took up woodworking, ow! A splinter! Love to design and build, it’s what I do. I’m gonna be an architect, how about you? So get up! Grab your pencils, let’s design the city Inspire the world, as we make it pretty We are creators! As you can infer Come join us! and DISCOVER ARCHITECTURE

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  1. @YKKAPvideo  wheree  i can findd the instrumental of this song!! :3 ???? thiss  is a fantastic song!.. i like it!! please…!! 😀 i want to make  a cover in spanish of this song "I am an Architect – Discover Architecture" … im a architecture's student 😀

  2. I love all your videos here 🙂 it inspires me a lot 🙂 wish i can become a successful architect someday 🙂 can't wait for another uploads 🙂 WERE ARCHITECTS WHOOAA!! 🙂

  3. love your videos, love my work as an archi hhhh…for me was age 7 when I knew 😉 I find myself perfectly in these videos

  4. Currently working on a Minecraft club for the after school program I'm a part of and I am ECSTATIC to show them this!! Awesome video!

  5. architects before watching this video i may not have fully appreciated your work, but now i do.. architects keep on keeping on, may your buildings be sturdy and well designed.

  6. I´m an architect from Costa Rica and this video makes me proud! Love Design, love architecture and everything that comes with it!

  7. Interesting and Effective way to make an ad. I thought I can make one vedio like this for my Protflio. 😀
    But I realized the key is you can compose a Song! 😐
    When I was around 3, I had no goal. I can only disassemble(ruin, more precisely) things.
    Sometimes I was able to re-assemble them, just with some extra parts.
    Which from positive way to see, not bad.
    Well, not too bad.

  8. In school the teachers showed us this video and now I want to be an Architect like or comment if you agree.

  9. Accurate view of the profession, 90% white guys. Oh, and girls like
    pink. If we really want to change the makeup of the profession, maybe
    take another look at what we produce to promote it.

  10. I'm thinking to be an architect, but i'm scared about a lot of things. Payment, my talent, skills, etc. The main is "do i really like to build?". I do love drawing and art, but i never thought myself as a good artist. I never liked drawing as much as other artistic people, and i'm scared i might lose interest once i joined architecture. If i lost my interest, that means i wasted my money and time. Not really sure, but after i heard this song, i remember my childhood. I loved to build rooms from blankets, i loved to play sims just to make houses. I played minecraft just to make buildings. I always tried to build a cave with my and siblings' pillows.

    I forget what i wanted to say ehehe

  11. I as an renomated architeckt can say that this song was long time ago animating me to going to make this job. I hate it alldays. I ve to sit 24 7 for the ku projekts before my laptop and thats really sad because my hamster died last year and he was my only friend.

  12. As architecture, it is called the art of designing, designing and constructing buildings and structures where human activities can be developed, and which, at the same time, are functional, enduring and aesthetically valuable.

  13. I want to be a architect when I grow up too and I built a city in Minecraft and SimCity it’s so big That inspired me to be a architect and I’m going to achieve that dream and me inspired to be a architect since when I was 2 I built a whole museum out of Lego bricks I could also build a lion and my parents were so impressed 

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