Hyperconverged Infrastructure by VMware: What You Need to Know

(light upbeat music) – [Narrator] There’s been a lot of talk about hyper-converged
infrastructure lately, and a lot of confusion. You might have already heard
some of the benefits of HCI, but how does it work? And is it really the right
solution for your enterprise? To answer that question, let’s compare two IT teams’ strategies
for managing growth. Red Corp, a financial
firm, is encountering performance bottlenecks due to an influx of new clients in its Boston office. Blue Corp, a consumer goods retailer, is running into similar
issues with its legacy system. When Blue Corp’s CIO learns about HCI, he decides to use budget set
aside for server maintenance to test the new architecture, building on top of their existing server virtualization technology. With his constrained
budget and small IT team, he hopes HCI will help Blue
Corp do more with less. Once the initial setup is completed, Blue Corp deploys its
hyper-converged platform in less than an hour. With a new software foundation that integrates server
virtualization and storage, his team can automate complex tasks that improve business agility, and focus on more mission-critical
business challenges. Meanwhile, Red Corp decides to expand it’s legacy architecture. The server room in their
Chicago headquarters is in need of some updates, so Red Corp’s IT leaders figure they can kill two birds with one stone. After extensive manual updates, Red Corp has its upgraded server room up and running in six weeks. While this eases some
of the data bottlenecks, the Boston team continues
to complain about stalling and other performance issues. When the new server goes down
after a configuration error, Red Corp suffers revenue losses
in the tens of thousands. Back at Blue Corp,
business and IT managers see the benefits of the new infrastructure almost immediately. Today, HCI powers all of Blue
Corp’s business processes, speeding everything from checkouts to inventory management, while supporting critical apps that keep
the business running. In the future, thanks to its foundation in all flash storage, Blue Corp knows exactly how to scale the infrastructure. No guessing required. For IT leaders across the
globe, the choice is obvious. Deliver business results
or suffer the headache of maintaining legacy systems. Visit VMWare.com today to discover more about industry-leading HCI solutions. (upbeat music)

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  1. Nice infomercial. But it is right. HCI is where my clients are heading, and I've been slowly progressing those projects

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