How To Use Milk for Glowing Skin

Queen Cleopatra was definitely onto something when treating herself to luxurious milk baths. Cleary she knew its secrets way before it morphed into beauty’s popular home-remedy! Raw milk isn’t pasteurized or heated, and hence retains its natural form of an unaltered fat and protein structure. Here’s how to draw out its magical powers, to reap good skin! Milks concentrated lactic acid content is what unlocks its wonder. This acid dissolves impurities under the skin’s surface to give you brighter, fresher and spotless skin. Adding 3 tablespoons of milk to 1 tablespoon of honey does the trick, as honey possesses healing properties of its own and also moisturizes the skin. Activating each other, these two work in tandem to garner the best results! Massage the mixture into your skin in light circular movements for a 5 whole minutes and then let it sit for another 5, before rinsing it off with cold water. Do this daily to celebrate good results! This lactic liquid has two-fold benefits, resulting in the perfect facial toner and cleanser. Sinfully simple to use, all you have to do is pour two tablespoons worth of raw milk onto a cotton pad and gently rub it against your skin for around a minute. Raw milk’s toning qualities come from its ability to wash impurities that cause pigmentation right out of the skin, evening out a patchy skin tone. And its colossal cleansing abilities are due to instant hydrating of the skin with natural vitamins and minerals. Splash it clean with cold water and do this daily. Nothing is worse than the patchy remains of a leftover tan! Quit struggling to bring your skin tone back to neutral because raw milk is the perfect remedy! The Alpha Hydroxy acid present in milk acts as a natural and beautifully mild exfoliant that lightly uproots the dead skin cells, washing them clean off. Just add a the tiniest pinch of turmeric to two tablespoons of raw milk and apply it to your face using your fingers. Leave this on for 15 minutes and wash it off with cold water. This can be done daily to achieve those rewarding results! And that’s about how to appoint raw milk as your dairy godmother, to make all your beauty wishes come true. Until next time stay tuned and stay Glamrs!

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  1. I applied milk n turmeric mixture n I felt a burning sensation on my cheeks..plz tell me why is that? Should I continue to use or not?

  2. To raw milk add 3 to 4 drops of fresh lemon juice, mix it, massage it on face , neck nd hands for 2 mins, then leave it for 5 mins and wash with Luke warm water for instant glowing nd soft skin

  3. Helpful Video. Thanks glamrs.
    How to deal with intense facial hairs came due to PCOS? Is there any way to remove them naturally?

  4. What is the another option of raw milk? Because here in the philippines its hard to find in the super market..

  5. Please upload a video- how to maintain face in summer..besically for a right soothing cream for face🙏

  6. And what about the smell? I know raw milk is very helpful to our skin but it's disgusting smell stays even after washing(facewash)🙄.

  7. hii im new subcriber😊❤️ im just gonna ask im11years old can i use that for my face plss answer tahnk u❤️😊

  8. I feel this is not for oily skin.. Cuz my skin is super oily and whenever I use raw milk it breaks me out so bad

  9. It is not safe to use raw milk on skin. Milk is pasteurised for certain reasons or boiled before using. Raw milk can be a source of certain potential infectious agents that could cause abortions in females and infertility in males if accidentally even a minuscule enters the eye

  10. But first step to have a beautiful face is to have a beautiful stomach
    Then all these beauty tips will work😊

  11. I have acne spots and very oily sensitive skin…Can I use all the prescribed methods…?? Please reply because all the process are very easy and time friendly…

  12. Raw milk doesn't contain lactic acid. It is found in yogurt( fermented milk). Because lactic bacteria turns sugers in raw milk into acids.

  13. I am using raw milk on my face!!! The most satisfying thing is what u see on cotton pad after rubbing on face.. the whole dirt comes out man!!
    Highly recommended.. took 3 weeks to reduce pigmentation. Most cheap cleanser ever. One tbs of milk costs nothing.

  14. Glarms.Today I used tomato ice cubes which was prepared by tomato juice, cucumber juice and lemon juice and honey.I mix them and then store in refrigerator but after applying in my face.I keep it on my face for 20 minutes.after washing of I saw that my skin turn red.Can U tell me why this happened

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