How To Start An Amazon FBA Business With Little Money

this is cool give us one sec guys every live tie you'll be able to see right there on the other computer on the YouTube will say that robot it takes a minute to show up on the actual YouTube channel yeah okay alrighty one welcome to today's live stream this is my beautiful girlfriend Tatiana by the way hey everyone on YouTube and everyone here on Facebook and here going here on periscope before we get started if you guys could just leave a quick comment and let us know where you guys are joining in from which city where you guys are right now in the world right now we're live in Vancouver Canada and we're streaming this in three different places we're streaming this on YouTube or streaming this on periscope and also on Facebook live so we got people from Scotland London Manchester California Houston Texas paradise okay Paradise loved it Calgary Alberta Germany awesome how about your own face we can hang someone from Vancouver Toronto awesome guys Portugal Wow LA awesome gospel welcome to the stream I'm really excited and looking forward to engaging with you guys today and sharing a little bit about how to build a successful Amazon business and my girlfriend here Tatiana is a superstar on Amazon and so I feel very blessed to be able to introduce you guys to her and her story and what she's been able to accomplish on Amazon she's more involved in the Amazon business than I am you know she does it you know part-time as she has a job and everything as well and so I think she has a lot of experience and knowledge that she can share with you guys to help you guys get started and then also just to be able to answer a lot of your guys's questions as well so on this dream we're going to talk a little bit about building an Amazon business I'm going to ask Tatiana some questions and for her to share a little bit of her experience and her story as well so that you guys can find out a little bit her she's crushing it right now in Amazon in the last month she's made $15,000 from whatever products and which is pretty amazing for anybody and if you guys have questions we'll do it like a Q&A at the end where will answer you guys's questions tatianna can answer your questions as well and just to help you guys out a little bit for you guys to build your business and create the success that you guys want okay sound good all right so how about we start things off and you want to maybe to share with people a little bit about yourself and you know how long do we do Amazon for and okay yeah so my name is Tatiana hello you've probably seen her Instagram pictures but yes so Steph and I met in 2014 and since then I I was never really an online person I didn't even own a computer to be honest I got an iPad the only time I ever was on my iPad was to go on Facebook here and there and to like browse Instagram so I was never a computer person I never thought that I would have an online business and so basically in 2014 we were introduced to the amazing selling machine which is a really great program it's kind of more of a high-ticket program but it's worth every penny and we both went through it together so I didn't know anything about at building the Amazon business I was doing a Kindle publishing but I wanted to get into Amazon because that you know newest trend or whatever and ESM was coming along and so we both decided to do it together yes so we started it together we basically went through the modules there's a bunch of different modules and every week we'd be like hey which module Europe are you on which one are you on we it was kind like a competition between who was getting through it fastest so he eventually finished it together and that was kind of the end of 2014 so early 2015 we went to the ASM event so every year they after you purchase the program and you go through the program and just to clarify Ashley s Sam's not available at the moment it hasn't been available I think for like a year now so we'll talk about other alternatives if you actually looking for a course but TSM was the original course that we both started with but it's not the only option there's tons of free online programs YouTube videos and great people who can help you build this online business too but anyway so we went to the USM event and that was when was that 2015 yeah yeah I think January January February and at the event I had my first sale so basically what I started with is what I learned is to start with something that is kind of lower ticket something because I didn't have a lot of money I'm a student I go to university I'm paying my tuition I have a lot of expenses and I have a job that I have you know I'm not like an online entrepreneur like Stefan here so it's like I have a day job and I'm going to school and so I had a lot of money and to be putting aside for school and I didn't have a lot of money for this online business that may or may not work like I wasn't really sure about it right so basically I said okay I'm going to take a thousand dollars or I don't know it might have been less than thousand dollars or a thousand dollars and I'm going to use this I'm going to jump right in and I'm going to try and get a product that is not going to cost me so much and that is going to be light and shipping because I was gonna source from China I knew that right off the bat because everything you can get from China is a lot cheaper and there's certain things that you can get from China that are equally as high in quality as what you can get in the States so I wanted to get something from China that I could get for a low cost and low shipping fees so I found a really lightweight product that cost me like like pennies and basically I started selling that and you know your first product is usually never your like you know amazing seller it's never the best product that you have but I learned so much from the first product so even though you know there's there was ups and I had like a like a couple months it was just crazy sales and I was like yeah this is it and then it just kind of went downhill and but you've learned so much from that and I learned a lot about sourcing from China and doing these overseas things because before this like I had no idea about any of this stuff so it's just a big learning curve for me and so since then I've launched one to other products my second product was another product all of my products are actually from China I still prefer to source from China for my personal reasons but you can source from anywhere in the world for us but my second product was a product that I was passionate about but it wasn't a product that kind of went with the flow of my first products so I was just kind of trying to launch out products that I thought were hot sellers but basically they were good for a few months and then they would kind of die down and then finally I found products that I learned that you know what I need to find something that I can market my stuff something that I believe in and basically what's happening is I was on Amazon and you know I'm not a big Amazon purchaser I never used to purchase on Amazon that often but when I did it was four things that I would be able to find in the store so I said you know what what are the things that what are the things that I'm buying on Amazon because that's probably what other people are going to purchase on Amazon I'm not going to go to Amazon to purchase something that I can just purchase at my grocery store I'm only going to purchase the things that I can't really find at the store or I can find for a discount rate on Amazon so I found a product that I was already putting my own money into buy for myself that would benefit me and then basically I bought a bunch of these products which are waist trainers if you want to know and I found all the bad parts of each brand and basically I found a supplier where they allowed me to change and modify the product so that the product is basically all the best parts of you know I tried a bunch of different waist trainers I took everything that was bad and I didn't want that in my waist trainer and then I built this waist trainer I thought think is really high quality I use it every day it works really well and it sells great because I can stand by the quality and it's something that I can market so just basically knowing that finding something that you know that you can market yourself because social media is everything nowadays they're sellers on Amazon that are selling and they're doing well but if you have that plus side of being able to market yourself on social media doing streams like these it's going to be a huge advantage over your competitors because most people they won't want to put themselves out there on social media so that's basically what happens yeah so whenever you're starting a business right and what your experience was even my experience when I first start on Amazon or any business there's always a peak of uncertainty and there's a huge learning curve because we had no idea what we're doing just obviously a number of logistics you know things that you know kind of you kind of you kind of learn as you go right and thankfully we had a good course that was able to help us because there's probably no way that we would be able to actually do what we've done without a good course that could guide us step-by-step a lot of moments where you're you know you're trying to figure stuff out and you got to get on the phone with Amazon you got to reach out to people you got to have a community of people that have already been there and done it that you can learn from um but you know the first product it's you don't really know how well it's going to do because you've never done before rifle so mistakes that happen yeah and so even fly fur for example for her and for myself as well we picked the product I sell supplements she sells you know beauty fitness related products um in a you pick one that just to kind of test the waters with and learn with and turn up with that product you're able to make money from it I was able to make money from mine but once you learn from that you might launch a second product or a third problem have to go through a few products before you eventually find a product that is the one the one deck you're going to break through with the one that you can build a brand around the one that you have the most passion for the interest or the one that you can stand out and differentiate yourself in different ways and so you've now been able to find you know you've had two other products before that they both you know we're able to make money from it and of course there's been challenges you run out of inventory and you're kind of you know got to rebuild it and stuff like that and hijackers and things like that but now that you found you found that one product and I think that's that's the key thing in building a business whether it's Kindle publishing or Amazon or whatever sometimes you know there's that learning curve and that's just part of the process of being an entrepreneur building a business you got to go through the ups and downs you got to go through the trial and error to be able to find the one that's really going to make the difference but also just note that the one product doesn't work for everybody there's people who are these events that have thousands and thousands of products and they're doing like they're doing millions a month I'm not even kidding right there are people making millions a month off of Amazon just from not an array of products there's this one guy you were telling me about he's at a restaurant and he sees like this rapper or something like that what was it oh this the thing on them in the restaurant as I go I'm going to I'm going to source that I'm going to produce that so he basically has just a bunch of little products everywhere doesn't mean that there's one Golden Nugget it just means that's what's working for show so everybody has a different method whether you find the one almighty product that works for you or you have a thousand different products so it's not like it and this there's many different strategies as many different methods I think the best and most long-term strategy is building a brand and building a brand of related products because then you can leverage yourself and you can cross promote the products right so if you decide on a certain niche like fitness and you decide on that leash and you maybe start with one product in that market now you've attracted people customers that have bought that one product related to fitness you can build your brand on YouTube on Facebook on social media many different ways and attract people to you promote your product and then your next product I believe to leverage yourself you want to build a brand of related products in one particular niche there are people that go all over the place and they make money by doing it that way but it's very challenging to build multiple brands and you don't want to just depend on Amazon because I think a lot of seller is a big mistake they make or anyone in their online business as they only depend on Amazon or one stream of income or one stream of traffic and that's going to work short term but if you're not anticipating how things are going to change a year from now five years ten years then you're going to be in trouble so if you only sell your product on Amazon you've got one product you know that's not a very secure business because something could happen to that product something could happen with your supplier something could happen with Amazon there could be a hijacker it you know you might you know the rankings might drop or use Mike until there's so many things that can happen from that right so if you build the bread you have multiple products and multiple ways of marketing and selling your product you know you're ranking your product on Amazon but also you've got a YouTube channel you've got a blog you've got Facebook and Instagram all these different chain channels to promote your product you're going to have a more secure business that's going to be able to scale much bigger because you're building the brand so that's the key thing that I believe it's going to give you a competitive advantage five ten twenty years from now because if you're just selling the product products can change yeah the internet changes products become irrelevant we always got to innovate and further meet your customers needs because there might be new products that you can launch to your customers and build that relationship with them so just to reiterate what he's saying and to bring it back a little bit for new sellers or people who are interested in Amazon basically when you are planning on selling and Amazon products you can go you can kind of go one of two ways you can either decide okay I'm going to go look on Amazon at the bestseller list say I go so that Amazon has different categories right so basically say I go to the Beauty category and I look at the beauty and I click on bestsellers and beauty then I find the products that are selling the best with you know a lower number of reviews so it's easier for me to compete with a high BSR so I know that it's selling well not too many Amazon you know people from courses like ASM competitors and then I pick a product from that basically based on it's selling well or I can decide okay I'm gonna pick my niche right now I'm going to pick something that I'm going to follow through with for my whole Amazon business and I'm going to pick the Beauty category and within that beauty category I'm just going to do makeup I'm just going to do makeup brushes I'm just going to do paradise whatever it is but basically picking one category that you're going to sell in so you could have like you could basically have selling different so this is what I did and this is how I screwed up in the beginning is I just found best-selling products in the Beauty category and I said I'm going to sell that I'm gonna sell that I'm going to sell that I'm going to sell that and I thought that was going to work out for me but what I realized is that if I take now this Amazon and I build a website out of Amazon because I don't want to rely on Amazon it's going to be really hard for me because somebody who's looking just to buy mascara isn't necessarily interested in some other beauty products that might be on my website and it might be a little bit confusing for them so basically I learned that I should just stick in one category one niche and one brand and have a brand build a brand outside of Amazon onto my personal website my Shopify and there for social media so YouTube Instagram all that stuff so it's just easier to take it away from Amazon when it's just one niche one product or one in each one market and one brand rather than just an array of products that did that make sense and so youyou've been also very different than a lot of sellers because I think a lot of sellers they just think I'm just going to throw up a product in Amazon and I'm going to sell it I'm going to make some money and you know they think that's all there is to it and obviously there's more to it you've got to market a product I don't care what your product is whether it's a book a physical product of course affiliate marketing whatever it is you have to market you have to attract people to you and you can't just you know depend on Amazon to do that for you so you have been able to build your brand and be able to sell your product through creating content on YouTube your blogging through Instagram Facebook and whatnot do you want to maybe share how we were able to attract people and promote your product well I mean okay so you know everybody has something that stands out about them or something that they know more of that they can share with the world for example for me I know a lot about health fitness and basically waist training in general because I've always kind of been a waist trainee some people I know a lot of people think it's unhealthy and dangerous but I've always used a waist trainer my mom's always used a waist trainer if you don't know what it is it's basically a garment that you Swift cinch around your waist and you wear it when you workout you wear a post partum and it just helps suck in your belly fat and basically tightens your core and helps you shed fat faster so I said you know what I love this product I can definitely talk about it I can promote it I can wear it I can show it to people and I can show people my results from it so I found this product because it's something that I liked and I knew it was something I could market so from there I never wanted to be on YouTube I don't like taking videos I don't like taking pictures I didn't want to Stefan always told me you have to go on YouTube you have to go in YouTube I didn't want to at all because I just don't like putting myself out there even my friends don't know about this business or my YouTube account because it's not something that I don't I just don't want people to look at my videos but that type of thinking is something that you have to really overcome because in this new age that we're living in it's all about the social media and it's all about the interactions so this live stream like we're interacting with you guys we can read your comments right now and this is how you can kind of connect with people a lot more easy so take advantage of that right so basically I created my YouTube account when we were traveling in Thailand so we went away for four months and with that time we didn't just travel or just vacation we worked on our businesses every single day so I started creating blog posts which I had never done before I started doing YouTube videos excuse me I started doing um what was I doing oh yeah social media so I started an Instagram account a snapchat like all these things that I never had done before and literally you're basically for the first few months you're talking yourself I'm making videos nobody's watching them I get like one follower a week and then it's kind of silly but all of that is the compound effect so over time all of those videos of those blog posts at compounds and you finally start seeing results so a couple months later I was getting you know one new follower a day and I was so excited every time I saw that I was getting new followers like wow people are actually watching my videos so um now a few months later I've got you know 3,500 subscribers on YouTube and the YouTube is really what helped increase my sales my business because you're able to show people how product looks when people are purchasing on Amazon when they're purchasing a product line they can't touch it they can't smell it they can't feel it it's really kind of scary because they don't know what they're going to get and so when you can actually show them the product show the results show how you're wearing it they have a lot more trust in the product and in you so I can't really emphasize more how important it is to put yourself out there and not be afraid of it because it's just silly to you know not take advantage of the social media and YouTube that we have now yeah you guys can understand that the world is changing you know the Internet is changing right now the most consume content online is video and that I have heard us us a statistic in the next five to ten years ninety percent of content online is going to be video so if you're not using video in your business then you're getting left behind and if you guys look at the streaming right now if you guys look at content on Facebook you guys look at content on Instagram look at snapchat you to get periscope why is it that all the social platforms are leveraging videos because that's what people want that's what people are using and it's something that the younger generation gets and they're growing up with and they're utilizing a lot more and if you're a little bit older you're not used to it you go to adapt you know as Charles Darwin said it's not the strongest or the smartest and the species that survive it is he who is the most adaptable to change so you have to adapt you have to be willing I believe to put yourself out there a little bit more because you'll have a huge advantage you can do it without that of course there are people that do but you'll have an incredible advantage and an incredible long-term advantage as well because you can build a relationship you're a real person you can be transparent people are going to want to follow you and I think you know at VidCon there's a conference every year called VidCon they're talking about how like reality video you know just kind of lifestyle stuff like reality TV that's becoming really big now as well people just watching other people how they live because people want people to connect with you want that you know and I think that's why you do so well that's why IV well it's because it's you're a real person they're going to buy from her her product than anyone else because she's real person that has the result that they're after that answers their questions that engages with them that they can follow along with and and build build a family with and I think that's powerful yeah yeah so I mean basically um what I think really helps me scale my you know my small business my online business to you know getting more sales and more customers is having amazing customer service you need to make sure that this is your priority because whether or not the person is going to purchase your product even if they're asking for another name brand that you can suggest you want to make make sure that you answer them in a timely manner you want to be nice to them friendly give them helpful suggestions just create a bond because your customer service is one of the most valuable assets you have a lot of these big corporations and companies that sell similar products they may not have the time or the people and had to give you that customer service so you can really differentiate yourself by giving that one-on-one direct attention and really you know answering emails quickly answering you know comments on YouTube and things like that so making sure that you have really high customer service making sure you have a really good quality product a product where you're not going to get complaints about it not working about the quality about you know anything that could be negative about the products you really want to test out your products get samples make sure that you don't slack in that area because that's super important and I think I mean basically Amazon takes care of the rest for you they actually handle most of your customer service and inquiries and they handle all the fulfillment so they handle the shipping you don't have to worry about shipping times so if you do Amazon FBA you've got a most of your business taken care of by Amazon you only paying them a small fee and it's really going to save you a lot of time and hassle so at that time you can really direct it to your customer service and social media and working on your online presence is what we're going to do guys we'll take some of your guys's questions here in a minute but I also wanted to bring tatianna here to show you guys it's possible like anybody can do this any of you guys can build a successful online business and so many times people say to me oh I don't have the time or I don't have the money and yet you have the time to show up on a stream yet you have time to watch TV yet you have time to do all these other things and they don't have the money and here you know my girlfriend is going to university and she's working at a bar and she finds the way to build a business and invest you know a small amount of money and still investing money into improving herself and doing all the things and so the real key is the psychology the mindset you guys that follow me know how much I talk about the mindset and the psychology of success and that your mindset is the only thing that's limiting you and that the ultimate characteristic of an entrepreneur as someone who is resourceful because if you're resourceful you'll find the resources you'll find a way you know and there's many times in our businesses you don't know the answers but you got to be resourceful enough to find the answers like how many times you get on the phone with Amazon are you looking up online and and being a problem solver you know instead of this saying oh I don't have the money or time or I can't figure this out actually become the person that can solve those problems and find a way and actually be committed to it right so I really wanted to emphasize that and share that that you guys can do this anybody can do this and you know investing in course resources things that can help you get started and build the is that's the ultimate thing and I think I just want to add on that I think that the one thing that really does stop people is you know with the online business is not only the leap of faith but the investment like a lot of people don't want to put in their own money into a business that they it may or may not work right so I think something that differentiated me from some other people that I met at the the you know the ASM event who are still working on their first product is that you kind of just have to take that leap of faith and here you have Stefan and I telling you that this works so I mean we're not going to lie to you we're honest people and basically like I said I invested very little money I didn't have much money to invest but I still took that leap of faith you know instead of saying oh well I could use this money for something else more important no there's nothing more important than my financial freedom and I wanted nothing more at that moment than to have an online business because I hate working for somebody else I really don't like going to work and just having a normal job like a nine-to-five so the days that I can just work on this even though I spend more time working on my online business that I do at my day job is just so much more liberating and freeing so taking that leap of faith and really just going for it you're going to get results it takes time I mean my first couple of products did not really work I was still making money from them but nothing major right and not only that I never took out any loans and I never really all the money that has been coming from my business has been recycled so this money I just recycled I put back into the business so I never really took much out for myself and I think that's what helps it grow faster so if you can keep your nine-to-five job and not just like say okay I'm going to quit my nine-to-five and start this on a business that's going to be harder for you because it's going to take a lot longer for you to start to get the online business growing because you're not going to have the money to support yourself so if you're able to keep your nine-to-five job and use that money to support your living expenses where as you take the money from your in business and just recycle it completely and put it back into the business it's going to grow a lot quicker absolutely so what we'll do guys and by the way I appreciate you guys on YouTube on Facebook on periscope give me some love make sure you guys tap hit the like button really appreciate the sport I want to make sure that you guys are there you guys are watching you guys are engaged so give us some love give us a thumbs up and by the way if you guys could share this video we would love that we want to reach more people so if you guys could share this somebody that you might know that might be able to benefit from this that really needs this information we greatly appreciate appreciate that as well so if you guys have any questions you guys can submit it right here on periscope or right here on Facebook and if you can actually refresh and try to find the stream line and this is your time to really ask all the questions that you have about the Amazon business because we're going to really just take them as they come and answer them honestly for you it's not working on here someone said you offer classes um I have coaching programs that it you know if you want to personally work with me there's courses out there that you know we could recommend to you that we both been through we started with amazing selling machine but amazing selling machine is actually no longer available only becomes available once in a while the course that I recommend recommend now that's available is called marketplace superheroes and if you guys want to check out the course it's really good as by Steven summers I did an interview with him on YouTube and also I did did a webinar with him as well and he is a pro he works with a lot of people getting started to build their business he's got the step-by-step training we both went through their training as well and they found it very beneficial and would highly recommend that and if you guys want to check out the webinar go to project life mastery comm /m PS okay project life mastery comm slash NPS there's actually a special discount available there for you guys as well there's a webinar that we did that was specifically for you guys that we did before a lot of people have been through it and really enjoyed that course okay so project life mastery comm slash MPs you want to open up the YouTube here so there should be a chat here all right so what I'll do is I'm going to take some questions here you can maybe if you see one good they're all let's see all right so someone asked what's the best way to get the FDA process down uh well I think first of all honestly getting training you know I don't start any business or really do anything without having the right training to guide me from A to Z especially in a business that you're not familiar with and that you know the truth is in any business you always have to be investing in yourself you always have to be learning educating yourself because once you learn how to sell on Amazon then you also have to learn how to market there's many ways of marketing online and it's always growing and evolving so I'm always investing in courses on marketing on how I can build my business whether that's learning about YouTube whether that's learning about Facebook advertising where the rest learning about Instagram and always try to find other ways that I can build my brand and be able to sell and promote my products and attract people to me right so I would say you know to really get it down get a good training program like marketplace super hose go through it step by step follow the training and then invest in other trainings and just continue learning how to market how to be able to build your brand okay Ruben has asked do you think that buying from Alibaba and selling on Amazon is a good idea yes so there's many different ways that you can source products you can do a simple google google search with basically the product that you want to sell for example waist trainers a wholesale supplier private label you can use these type of keywords and you're going to get a bunch of different you know suppliers you're going to have to go through pages and pages don't just look at the first page go through to page seven go to page eleven and you really need to interview these suppliers and find the best one for you or you can go to a site like Alibaba or Aliexpress so these most of these you know the suppliers from these sites are from China but there's various different countries that the suppliers are from and you can basically do the search within those sites for the waist trainer keyword or whatever product that you're selling and from there you can find several different suppliers that are selling your product and you can interview them you can send the messages you can Skype them you can get samples from them and from there you can decide ok which one of those am I going to go with but both are great options now if you want to there's also something called drop shipping which is basically where if you don't want to invest a lot of money into stock basically mean meaning that so you don't have any money right now and you can't afford to buy a thousand units then what you do is you could do drop shipping um I don't know if I would recommend it because it can it takes too long to come from China especially takes about like 16 to 30 days to arrive to the customer but from there per drop shipping you can do that from Aliexpress so if anyone knows about drop shipping and they're interested I would suggest going to Aliexpress for that and that means that basically a person will place an order online and from as soon as they place an order you get a notification through email and then from the email you will instantly contact the supplier and order from suppliers so you get the money from the person you recycle that money and you give it to their supplier and then you just kind of make a profit but that's completely different but that I would recommend Aliexpress for because there are specific programs for Aliexpress that make it easier and keep in mind too when you're looking for a supplier and you're looking for a product to sell you want to have multiple options of suppliers because sometimes it doesn't work out long-term with one supplier you don't want to depend on one supplier on your business you want to have multiple options so making sure you have multiple suppliers just in case and even for me at my business you know we're switching suppliers I know you've you know switch the pliers at the endpoints to you because sometimes it doesn't work out as powers too slow there's problems that arise with that so being open to having multiple suppliers I think that's a really important thing and also just yeah being open to it and just making sure that when you you contact and you get the samples you find the samples okay this is the best sample so I'm going to make this my suppliers second best and third best and you keep into communication with those two suppliers because if for some reason the first supplier fails or they're too slow or their business gets shut down then you still have contact with those two and you have a good relationship with them so you can move forward with them and get you know the products from them in the future somebody asks I've heard Amazon was good a couple years back but now it has a lot of competition and do you need to invest more to get the profit so I'm going to answer this and I get this question all the time and it always drives me insane and I'm going to address this probably like in every video that I do every coaching video where a lot of people they have this fear and they have this you know it's really all it is is a fear about competition and saturation and they're worried about whether or not you know they can do it and everything and I was at a seminar last week with Las Vegas and Jay Abraham was speaking and one thing we talked about someone asked him why do you think a lot of entrepreneurs don't succeed and he said the answer is because most people have low self-esteem most people fail because they don't have high self-esteem they're low self-esteem low confidence and when you operate from a fear-based place where you worry about computation competition saturation that's if that's low self-esteem because someone who's confident doesn't worry about that you guys think that I worry about competition of course not because I'm more confident that I can add more value than everyone else I'm confident that I can make my product better that I'm always going to innovate it and that I'm in it for the long term I think a lot of people they worry about competition because they're looking for a shortcut they're looking for the quick fix or looking for the magic bullet they're looking for the loophole and sure enough every loophole every shortcut every quick fix is only in a work short-term it's not going to work long term you see the biggest illusion that people have is they think that the goal is to get rich that's not the goal the goal is to get rich and to stay rich anybody can make a lot of money in a month anybody can figure out some sort of you're a gimmick they can make the money but is it going to work a month from now three months six months a year from now five ten years from now the answer's no so the way that you get the competitive advantage where you no longer have to worry about competition as you build a brand when you build a brand you have people coming to you and you're not going to them and the way you build a brand is that you focus on adding massive value in a specific niche or market the best way to do that online is through content content is king YouTube videos blogging social media when you're created content they help solve people's problems or meet meets their needs or adds value you're going to attract people to you because people are going to receive the benefit from that and they're going to they're going to want more they're going to want to benefit more than going to want it buy your products if you're only depending on Amazon then of course you have to worry about competition because everyone else is doing the exact same thing everyone else is just trying to you know rank their product on the Amazon search and then you're basically competing with all the other products there if you just try to do something a little bit better than your competitors you'll have a little bit of an advantage if you do something that's totally different and you build the brand then you're going to have a geometric advantage from that so understand that the only thing that stops you in your business and in your life is your psyche up your psychology and your mindset and the fear of competition if you're saturation that's the choke pull that's holding you back and you've got to develop the confidence you have to have the mentality that you're always going to add value you're always going to grow and evolve you're going to have a way to differentiate yourself you're going to build the brand when you do that you don't have to worry about it you don't have to worry about competition at all so if you're looking for the short term then yeah you know you're going to make some money for a little bit but you got to understand also that Amazon is growing massively Amazon's growing 20% a year Amazon hasn't even touched yet you know a lot of the international market because it's primarily dominating the United States then it's in Germany in the UK Canada you know Amazon not that big yet in the rest of the world so as Amazon grows there's more there's gonna be more opportunity more potential for everybody to make a lot of money from it and here's the other key thing is you don't want to just build an Amazon business you want to build a physical products business so you start by selling on Amazon because that's the easiest way but then you want to get to selling on Shopify then you want to have your own store maybe you might want to sell in retail maybe you diversify your income streams with affiliate marketing creating the information can us component to it as well and you're not building a one legged stool but you're building a Parthenon see a lot of people and I know I'm going on a rant here but I really want to emphasize this a lot of people they focus on building a one legged stool but one legged stool is just Amazon and that's it the problem with that is that that stool can fall over you want to build a Parthenon that has multiple streams of income so you're maybe selling physical products you're doing affiliate marketing you might be selling information products as well multiple streams of income multiple products so now you have a six year foundation and multiple streams of traffic so not just Amazon search not just Amazon sponsored ads but also Facebook and Twitter and blogging and YouTube and Instagram and all the different channels because now you have a secure business you no longer have to worry about competition so whoever asked that question I'm hoping that I can you know my passion here on this is going to help you open up your mind set and free yourself from that fear because that fear is stopping you from taking advantage of incredible opportunities that can change your entire life you know five 10 years from now people going to be seeing the same thing and yet there's going to be more and more people getting more and more results people said the same things about fear and competition with Kindle and Amazon and Google and everything you know a year ago three years ago five years ago 10 years ago and you know it's the people that have the right psychology those are the ones are going to get and the people that have the fears they're going to get weeded out you know because they don't have the they're mentally weak that they can't have that confidence to build succeed so that's my opinion on that awesome I can't I can't speak like got a gift and you know I get so fired up on this question guys because I see this is just repetitive gear and it's so obvious the limiting belief it's right there and it consumes people and you know people are so afraid and that's why I believe that you got to work harder on yourself than anything else you've got it you know have a practice of self development because 80% of success is your psychology and mindset and it holds people back you know I see so many limitations that people put on themselves that are just B X it's just a belief system and it's not true and as long as you believe it's real then it'll be real for you but the people that like I said that are successful are the ones that are resourceful they're the ones that find the way they're more committed to anyone else the you know they they did just commit themselves fully and turn up they end up being successful and you know what I just want to touch on a few things before I answer some questions here but I can relate to you if you are scared to start an online business because before I met Stephin with his online you know empire that he's created I never wanted to have it on my business I don't even know what it was and when I did meet him I told him like remember it's been months like we were dating for months and I said no I don't want an online business and he was kind of like urging me to do it because he loves to travel I love to travel and to have that mobility so I didn't want to start it but I tried a few things and it just wasn't into it and I just gave up and I just didn't do them anymore and then I finally found this Amazon course and I found something that I actually liked doing so some you know for some people there's several different ways that you can have an online business so maybe the first time you try something it's not going to work for you but maybe the second the third maybe even the fourth attempt at a different type of on business maybe that's what you'll fall in love with for me I now love having this online business and I'm so grateful for it I really am grateful for it and I'm glad that I actually took that leap and decided okay I'm going to go for and a lot of people don't have like their own Stefan at home right like without Stefan I wouldn't have been as happy right here though you guys actually probably get more of me than my girlfriend here because I spanked so much I spend more time by the way guys printing content for you guys and spending with her yeah and so there's a lot of free stuff that I give you guys that you guys can access from home that I'm trying to help you guys as much as I can to ship in but what psychology is what I'm trying to get my point through is that because you know for me it wouldn't I was kind of like oh do i I don't know should I invest this thousand dollars in this business he's like why like why not why wouldn't you he was always like what's the fear what's the doubt how could you even doubt this you know so he already had success with this online business and I knew him personally so I trusted him and that's why I had kind of more of a push to do it but you guys really need to just if that's what you want I mean it doesn't not everybody wants an online business but if that's what you want that's whether yes oh yeah don't don't you know don't then don't stop yourself from doing it it's really going to give you freedom yeah you know as she said you know their failures part of the process everybody's got their own journey there's so many ways of making money online there's Amazon there's publishing there's you know blogging and their view tube and there's affiliate marketing and there's creating your own products and there's mobile apps there's so many different ways and sometimes you got to go through a different process you know you're going to invest in different courses and products and and and you know invest the time to build something up and it doesn't work out and you learn from that and those lessons really become your greatest assets because the things that you've learned from your first product and second product has now allowed you to have success than a third product Yeah right and so everyone you know everybody goes through a process and as long as you guys again are committed and have that psychology you'll find a way and if you don't have it yet it's okay you guys can keep you can develop it listen to what I'm sharing with you guys here follow on my youtube channel got hundreds of videos and my podcast and all the stuff that I do to help you guys and you know having that confidence is a key thing and I think I want to emphasize again investing in a course because the course give you confidence when we went through ASM that gave us a lot of confidence and being when you go to an event right when to the vebber meeting people we're seeing the speakers that are real people and we're like wow this is real you know you're joining excited and you're meeting other people on Facebook and online you know I did a mastermind event you know we did it and that masterminded make here a few weeks ago people flew in and these are people that followed me online when they actually came to the event it became more real for them because they actually saw a real person they got to personally meet me they got a you know hangout here in my penthouse and it gives you more confidence it validates that it's real and so going to events coaches courses that's what makes it real that's what gives you that confidence that you can do this as well because other people are doing it you've got a role model that can guide you and help you go through that process exactly and there are two questions that I wanted to answer yep one person asked hello Stefan and Tatiana is it possible to export and store my products in the USA and other countries while staying in India if so how absolutely yes so you can have it an Amazon business from anywhere in the world Amazon has different marketplaces so you can sell the UK you can sell in Canada you can sell in Australia whatever it is but basically if you want to sell on which is the biggest marketplace you can sell from anywhere in the world and basically what you would do is you would get your manufacturer to send your products I mean you could inspect your products and you could have them sent to your house and then you could set them from your house to the Amazon warehouses or you could send them straight from your manufacturer to the Amazon where so Amazon in the States and their men I don't know how many but lots and lots of lots of Amazon warehouses through every state and basically that's where you store your products and you pay a small fee um I mean you pay monthly $39.99 to have this we say this for the sellers for the sale central and then you pay a per product fee to store your products in there and for Amazon to fulfill them and get customer service and all that so basically you can be anywhere in the world and have your products sent to the Amazon warehouses so that's not a problem second question was um what was I thought there before oh yeah how do you make your first sale so basically what we learn from our program is that the first sale is it takes a little bit of time so the first thing that you want to do is you want to have an amazing listing you want to make sure that you've had multiple eyes proofread it you want to make sure that it draws an attention you want to make sure that there's scarcity so people are going to want to buy now you want to have really really high quality product images you don't want to just take them with your iPhone and just like try and photoshop it yourself because trust me I tried to do that I was like oh I'm gonna save some money I'm going to Photoshop it myself and it didn't turn out well you want to really invest in high quality images and it doesn't have to cost a lot you can get professionals on fibre for five bucks to actually professionally Photoshop your images for you so if you want to know ways of like saving money you can come to me because I've tried all of them and I know them really well you can also so basically once you've done those things and you've gotten ten about ten reviews then what you can do is you can start turning on Amazon ads so it's a pay-per-click system that Amazon provides for you with you you can either do manual automatic keywords where Amazon will input the keywords for you or you can do manual keywords and Amazon will drive traffic from those ads to your listing for free and from that you'll probably get your first sale and then it's a ripple effect to getting more and more yeah and also one thing that can give you a big boost is doing a bit of a giveaway at the beginning as well so if you order you don't need to start with a thousand units whatever you can start with a hundred units of our product you choose but be prepared to give away a little bit a product for you know a discount or any expensively just to accumulate some reviews and to boost your product a little bit so I've done some videos on my youtube channel where I share you know more videos and some strategies on this but by maybe you decide I want to give away ten units so that I can get ten reviews for my product and get a bit of a boost then that's going to help you rank your product a little bit better on Amazon and then also building the brand you know for those of you that are part of my affiliate marketing mastery course you guys are learning how to build at YouTube and how to build the blog in SEO and Instagram and by building that you have a platform to launch your product to write if you've already built an email list if you've already built a following online and you know it takes some time to do that but once you built that now you can easily launch a product and immediately make a lot of money from it like for Tatiana she's now built an email list and she's now built a customer base and subscribers on YouTube etc that her products sold out and she had people lining up waiting for the next you know what had become available again and then when she got some new inventory and it sold out again right because she had the list so you want to attract people to you just by using the different ways of marketing online and this kind of tails in and ties into this question you kind of answered it so Steven asked for starters as a low budget alternative do you recommend affiliate marketing or FBA so the course of Stephan created is amazing I was sitting through I was you know we were in the Dominican and like day and night we were like closed off in our own separate rooms and he's like doing this course and it's really really high quality so if you go through affiliate marketing you're going to be building you're going to be building all the email lists and all this stuff and like these websites where you can start getting you know subscribers and you don't have to spend much money on affiliate marketing correct well the great thing what affiliate marketing is you don't have to create a product right on to come up didya and take the big risk associated with it so if you wanted to and you know a lot of people done this as wellness is what I've done personally is I started by building my blog in YouTube social media and attracting people to being a specific niche and then you can join Amazon's affiliate program called Amazon Associates and you can promote a product on Amazon to your audience and see how it sells see how it responds see if people actually decide to buy and you'll earn a commission from that now you've proven that there's a market demand and now you can go and create your product and then launch it to your followers as your own with your own unique branding because now you've you've tested it out as an affiliate so I love affiliate marketing to always do a test beforehand because with affiliate marketing I don't have to create the idea I don't have to take the risk I don't have to create the product I don't have to spend the money on inventory I don't have to do the customer support there's a lot of things I don't have to do and I can just have an affiliate link and promote it to my traffic and then test it and then once it you know sure enough makes sense for me to create my own product I do that so you could do it both ways but either way when it comes to affiliate marketing you need to have affiliate marketing in your business as an income stream because all successful businesses that I know of they leverage affiliate marketing they partner with other people they promote complementary products because you're not going to you're not going to create and sell every product that's out there if you have people they're into fitness you know you can maybe launch and sell your own supplements but if they're into Fitness they're probably also going to want fitness equipment fitness information ebooks other things that could help them to achieve the goal the result that they're after so they both work you know extremely well together affiliate marketing and building the brand fits with your Amazon at this with your publishing business it fits with everything that's out there right so you want it you want to leverage all of them as much as possible if you look at Tony Robbins to someone I respect and look up to a lot or Tim Ferriss maybe these are all people that have a very diversified business Tony Robbins has seminars yes coaching he has his own courses information products he has a note of supplements and physical products and journals he has his des affiliate marketing where he promotes other people's products he does eventually bring it brings in guest speakers and has them speak and here is a commission from that as well so he's built a business that's the Parthenon right it's not just a one legged stool it has multiple streams of income so that's what you want to do yes that's a good question how you get people on your email email list from a physical product so basically you need to be careful with this because Amazon has a lot of guidelines and a lot of rules with your communication with the buyers so basically Amazon will not give you their email but they will give you their address and their phone number and you are strict you are restricted in your communication so you can actually contact your customers they can contact you through an Amazon email system but you cannot direct them to your own website you can't direct them to other you know sales sites and things like that so you have to be careful but when I did read it I noticed that it didn't mention anything about when you give them the physical product so what I like to do is on my physical products I have a little tag you can have an insert you can have like a piggyback label on a supplement and basically on there it says you know what if you want to get 20% off your product go to Duryodhana comm and claim your coupon code and then from there you would direct them to what's that page called okay page early page where you will have kind of an introduction about your product here enter your email address to get your 20% off coupon code and that way you've got their emails they've accepted the fact that you're going to be sending them emails and now they're honor list and they get another product from you another thing you can do with that to get Amazon reviews is you can also ask them to leave an honest review for you and you could give them a coupon code too if they want yeah and then also someone asked here about your your YouTube channel so I'll do a little plug for you so if you guys want to follow her on YouTube follow Lux health Lu xxxx health and you know it's primarily for a woman and you actually want to benefit from her and yes a good guy you probably benefit that much but you know for the women out there if you guys want to follow her a bit of Lux health subscribe to our YouTube channel and if you actually are interested in her product she's got the amazing product you know a lot of celebrities the Kardashians and all that they use waist trainers so it works and you know she's got a great product for that mm-hmm so let's get some more good questions about Amazon stay on topic yep so any further questions guys yep that's right yeah and by the way one thing I'm going to mention as well is you know I mentioned the course marketplace superheroes and there's a great webinar that we did with Steven summers at project life Nast recom slash MPs and that's a great way to get started because that people was asking how do I get started I have coaching as well but unfortunately for myself my coaching has become unaffordable for most and that's primarily because I'm so busy you know I can't take on that many clients and it's very hard for me to be able to help people with that and so if you guys are looking for an alternative in terms of a coach somebody that can help you somebody that you know can help you build your business and help answer the questions that you might have talked to you on is great for that she's done some coaching with some people in the past and people received amazing value from her and if you guys are interested is contact my support team at project life mastery comm so just go to support at project life nasty calm and reach out to us and I can put you in contact with Tatiana and also you know she's also done work for other Amazon businesses so for example someone hired her to basically set up the Amazon listing and do a lot of stuff for them and actually the person actually was from YouTube and that person loved it right that person received a lot of values so if you need help I can't help I wish I could help everyone personalize but she's able to a little bit more and she'll be a lot more affordable to be able to help someone like you to be able to get started and everything and I learned from her you know she is spending more time on Amazon than myself because I got so many other projects that got going on that she is spending a lot of time with Amazon on the phone with them going through courses and learning and doing really well um someone else how do you know when a product isn't working out well basically you need to be monitoring your sales Amazon makes this really easy they give you info charts they give you you know all those statistics and all that stuff but basically if your sales are dropping consecutively month after month after month and you're doing everything possible you're doing the what is it called the Amazon edge no no product when you're sending out the cow whatever whatever if you're doing everything possible to make your listing work and it's not working for you then that product is it's probably the product that's not a good choice so from there you don't want to be wasting more time time is of the essence right we really the time is valuable so from there maybe you can bring your inventory back from Amazon send it to your house sell it to people sell it to your friends get rid of the inventory so you don't lose money or you can just drop the price on Amazon yeah you can just drop the price you just kind of break even even if you break even that's fine but then move on to another product don't kind of stall on it because that's what's going to waste your time and a year can go by before you know it and you've just wasted a whole year on a product that doesn't work and that's why it's very important at the beginning to do the research to do the market research have a good criteria have a good course that can help you identify the right products that can help you succeed but the main thing that you guys can look for is a high demand you got to make sure that the product that you're selling has high demands got it it's a niche that people are actually looking for it people are actually wanting to buy the product half if you try to sell a product that nobody wants there's no proof or evidence in the market that people are interested in buying that from Amazon then you're going to have an uphill battle but if there's high demand you got to really look at why is their product not working you know is it because it's just more competition is it because we're just not getting enough traffic to your listing is it because it's not converting maybe you're getting traffic to your Amazon listing but if the conversion rate is low maybe you know are you marketing the product like I see people like a Steph and I've got a product this up it's not selling and I'm like great are you marketing it you know you can't just put up a product and like oh I did it you know why aren't they coming right i you know if I build it they will come that's not how it works you've got to market your product you got to promote it right so don't just give up easily with it you've got to understand that you know putting up the product is half the battle the other half is marketing and promoting your product and you know getting it out there and you know really hustling and grinding if you want that product to be successful in any product that has high demand you know as there there's a demand for it then you can be successful and you got to really look at the results you're going to analyze and say okay why aren't people buying you you know what's you know is my product too expensive is it got not enough reviews is it you know the saint's too similar to the other products on the market you know how can it maybe make a better offer you know you've got to look at all those different things to determine why it's not selling and you've got to be able to correct that because if you don't have you just go on to another product that you're going to have the same process and the same thing goes with any business I see people I want to start a publishing business names on business they do it for you know a month or three months oh I didn't work I want my money back and you know whatever and they go on to the next business and they repeat the same thing and they give up didn't work after a month I didn't get rich after a month right and then they move on to the next one and that's the wrong mentality as well because any business you've got to invest the time in and you got to invest the money long-term right you're building a business this is not a get-rich-quick you're building a long-term sustainable business that you've got to commit to you know you've been owned Amazon for two years myself as well and you know we're getting better and better as time goes on and sure enough you know three years from now five ten you know that's it becomes easier is that it becomes much easier because you learn to master it instead of gathered yeah and also when we say that you want to make sure you figure out what's wrong with the product you can actually whenever you have a refund on Amazon you can actually go and contact that person every time I have a refund I contact the person saying I'm so sorry that you are not happy with the product I would like to make it right and may it please no what was wrong is the fit is it the material is the quality tell me what it is so that I can improve it with my next batch yeah so that's how you constantly improve your products and you give really good customer yeah when you get reviews you can comment on the reviews you can engage the people you get incredible feedback can even call customers right you can actually call the customers on the phone and be like hi in us checking in I want to make sure you receive the product are you enjoying it are you benefiting from it and actually engage with your customers right so you there's a lot that you can do in this business which is pretty incredible that can give you a huge advantage and again it's just understand this is a real business this is not just a little gimmick or trick this is a real legitimate business that you're going to build up and you go to invest the time and really go for it and you really want to just go above and beyond you can also email your subscribers on there are not email you can send the mail for example your birthday you can give them a free gift you can do things like that little things like that really make the difference in the success of your business because it shows that you care about people you're not just money-making machine it's not really remember that when we want to be successful we're not trying to just get money we're trying to help solve a problem and help other people that's the true way to success because that's going to last a long term mm-hmm you want your primary focus to be on adding value first adding value by creating incredible product by caring about the customer by trying to help them and sure enough you benefit as a result of that financially right if you focus on giving and creating a great product and making it better and engaging with the customer and really taking good care of them that's going to build a relationship that's going to build a trust and you know that's what's going to make you successful financially mm-hmm um there's a lot of comments that are just kind of not really about yes um when someone asks how much money should I have to start you know it really depends because you can find products on Alibaba literally for like pennies right I mean I know somebody that started really inexpensively I started selling water balloons on Amazon and they were getting it for like 10 cents right and you don't need to have a lot of product in fact you know you could have one product and sort of southern on Amazon right now you know there might be products right now you actually have on your house or you can go to the store or whatever like you just ship shipping Amazon that the retail arbitrage yeah so well we'll get into that in a sec but you don't need to have a lot of inventory or a lot of product and every products can be different some products might cost less than a dollar to manufacture some might cost five or ten dollars and obviously depending on your budget and your risk tolerance you know what you're getting so really you can so I commend a couple hundred bucks at least because you're going to have to manufacture the product and have to ship the product and you're going to also have to maybe get some packaging design as well which can cost a little bit of money a logo so a couple hundred bucks is pretty reasonable um but again making sure if you have a course or something that can guide you as well because that will help make sure that you're not losing money and wasting money that a lot of people end up wasting because they're making mistakes and you want to make sure you mitigate the risk and the right training helps ensure that you're doing things the right way and you're not making those crucial mistakes yes yes for sure and I would suggest that you know um selling a product on Amazon that is above ten dollars is preferable because Amazon will take a fee and when it's under ten dollars it's kind of like it's not really worth it there's too many fees involved so I would suggest that when you are doing your product research you're looking for a higher ticket item higher than ten dollars because like my first item was under ten dollars so I know from experience you're not going to make a huge profit from that but I mean if that's what you can afford in the moment that's fine and also if you don't have any money right now to start your business there are ways that you can start so basically there's another way to sell products on Amazon called retail arbitrage so basically what that is is people will go and they'll find products that are on sale from like Walmart or you know big-box stores they'll go to thrift stores and find products that are relatively new and that are also really really cheap obviously or they'll find them on sale online which is online arbitrage and what they'll do is they'll bring them to their house they'll label them for Amazon and then they'll ship them out to Amazon and sell them on other people's listings so you'll notice that for example like this iPhone case if I can buy this at Walmart for like five dollars and it's selling on Amazon for $15 what I can do is I can take it bring it home put a label on it ship it to Amazon and sell it for a higher price so you can you know start with like 50 bucks and then you can resell those things and make like two hundred three hundred dollars from the $50 and from that money you can start investing it into the private label the thing with retail arbitrage isn't it's not a long-term business it's not a long-term solution because you're constantly have to hustle if to go out and look at and who has time for that I mean it works for some people there's great groups online that you can do this with but for me it wasn't something that I enjoyed to do and that you're not building a brand right so if you be it's basically like kind of like having a job so gonna work short-term and help provide you know some money on the side which can be really good but long-term you want to make you want to build a brand you want to build a way of making passive income that has the ability to leverage and really scale up some of your asked after a Lizano what's the next marketplace that you should get into the next biggest ones are Germany and the UK ok Germany in the UK does the next biggest markets but it also depends on you know that where the demand is right there might be a different demand on a different marketplace for your product you might have a list you might have you know people that follow you on your blog or YouTube or whatever it is and there might be a demand it might be asking you hey you know I live in Canada there's a lot of people there and so it might make sense to launch in Canada or Australia or India or whatever it is right so you've got to do the research on that but the next biggest markets are Germany in the UK we were actually to branch off into Europe because of the European Union there's a lot of benefits and there's a way of doing it actually inside the marketplace super-heroes course that I mentioned but with that the whole brexit thing is happening right now at UK and the European Union is a little bit uncertainty so rational folding off a little bit on that right now and for those that are joining because I saw some people ask this is my beautiful girlfriend Tatiana and she's a successful Amazon seller we're just answering questions about selling on Amazon and building Ramazan business we already mentioned her YouTube channel Lux health you guys can learn and if you're a woman highly recommend following her and benefiting from what she has and yeah you guys can learn more that way and of course if you guys need help with questions for Tatiana or coaching then you guys can contact my support team just go to support at project life mastery calm and sadness email we can put you in contact with her and you know she does some coaching can help people set up their Amazon product and help you guys out a little bit as well and yeah so if there's any plans for a few more questions for you guys and then we'll love you is something that they really need to know yeah this is the time to ask take advantage of it don't just ask silly questions like this is the time to ask what you need to know about this business yeah also on don't expect that you know an Amazon business is just like super easy it's not it's still a business it's a business and you're going to have losses I've lost thousands of dollars already by making the mistakes so when you like you saying doing a course will help you not make those mistakes but I did some things that kind of messed up and so I mean expect to have bumps here and there it's not just easy sailing yeah a lot of lot the biggest reasons why people fail they have no idea what they're doing right there they're trying to learn you know I've got great YouTube videos that can help you but you're going to need a hell of a lot more net like I would not try to figure out a business by going off on YouTube videos and blog posts and reading the forums and the message boards and stuff like that because you need the structured guidance go from A to Z if you're going to get so lost so overwhelmed so confused you're going to make so many mistakes for people that you know it's going to conflict with a lot of stuff and so that's why you got to make sure you're following a certain method that is guiding you and will help prevent and avoid the pitfalls that a lot of people end up making in this business also another reason why people fail going back to what I said is the psychology the mindset they they view failure as failure when they don't understand the failure is actually incredible asset failure you can learn from that immensely and everyone who's successful on the planet has failed they just didn't view it as failure you know Richard Branson multi billionaire he's built over 400 businesses a hundred of them have gone bankrupt right and yet he is massively successful because he learns from those failures and he has the psychology the mindset of someone that is successful so understanding that you got to get the training you got to improve yourself have the right mindset learn you got to mitigate your risk if you make the right decisions and not make poor decisions in your business and get the help that you need and that's what I've done that's what she's done and that's what everyone that I know of that's done that is successful something to ask what's your profit on 15,000 well you know what it doesn't matter what my profit is because everybody's is different depends on what your product is and you want to make sure that when you're sourcing a product you want to have like most people have around twenty to forty percent profit margins ROI so it depends per product I have a very high profit margin because I selected my product specifically with a higher profit margin and you can also you know your prices can great you know be higher as you become more popular as your brand gets grows you can start charging more for your products so just make sure that you have you know above maybe a 20 percent ROI because you don't want to go lower than that obviously the higher the better but it depends for everybody so every person you ask was an Amazon business there are always going to be completely different yep totally alright guys my answer a few more questions before we wrap up somebody asked about drop shipping we already kind of talked a little bit about it the downside of that is you're not building the brand which is the ultimate thing that you want to build in your business so focus on building the brand we like FBA for that reason and private leaving your own products and you have much more of an advantage long-term by doing it that way you got to think long term in terms of building your business what if I live outside the US in Canada we've already answered that as well doesn't matter you can live anywhere in the world and you can sell on Amazon com you could live in India and sell in the UK you could live in Australia and sell the United States you can live in South South Africa and sell in Germany if you want right it doesn't matter where you live all right so let's wrap it up so just to kind of reference a few things we mentioned just to summarize and finish things up guys if you guys want to learn more about building an Amazon business and you're interested in a specific course then marketplace superheroes is a that you recommend today and you guys can learn more about that by going to project life mastery comm slash NPS okay project black master comm slash NPS watch the webinar there it's a good course that we recommend to be both been through and of course if you guys want to you know engage with tatianna and you're looking for maybe coaching or something that can help you build your business on Amazon then she's available for that and just send an email to support at project life mastery calm that's support at project life mastery comm and any final thoughts you want to share I mean we can really answer questions for hours because there's so many details and knowledge that we can provide for you about the Amazon business but there's a lot of stuff that you have to figure out for yourself too so getting the chorus and really doing your own research proves that you're investing your time into it and that you're dedicated to it it's easy to just listen to people and just do what they do but figure out what works for you and figure out what's right when it's wrong there's online you can find so many different answers and so many different opinions and it's up to you to really kind of get you know find what's right and what works for you but yeah we've got lots of different things that we can touch on about anzo but we don't have all the time to do that today yeah you know guys ultimately comes down to just like having that belief having that fake you're going to have many people in your life that you know might not believe in you they might not believe in the business that you're starting and every successful person that I know of has been through that as well and so have that belief have that faith you know you guys are here because you're one of the few that actually are committed to wanting to build a business and wanting to change your life it's given me a lot of negative people out there but those are the people that are going to dabble and settle in your life and they're not going to give them they're not going to change they're not going to have the financial abundance in the financial freedom that you can one day have if you believe and you have that viii and you know you do the stuff that we're sharing with you guys so it just comes down to having that belief guys having that faith being positive learning as much as you can is exactly what you guys are doing right now I respect and admire you guys for being here taking the time out of your day your schedule to want to learn and want to benefit and want to improve the quality of your life you know so just you guys are in the right place and you know just it's just committing yourself fully to it and you know Tachyon is just another example of somebody that you know has been able to make it happen right there's many examples out there like that and just I think the key point to take away from this is like you said don't dab them what I mean by that also is that don't ask these what-if questions you know my own family for example they will not get into this because the constants say well what if this happens what if that happens how do I do this how do that well stop asking these questions and start taking action because that's what's really going to help you and all these questions they can go on forever and ever and ever and honestly like I'm proof of it I'm you know standing here telling you that I was not a person who knew anything about online I didn't have any I didn't even have a computer and I was able to start an Amazon business and now it's it's providing for me and I'm eventually going to be able to quit my job because of this Amazon business so it does work it's just up to you if you believe in it and if you're going to take action and actually do it yeah all right guys well thank you guys so much for joining us today it's been a pleasure and we'll do more videos together if you guys enjoyed this I definitely want you know my girlfriend has incredible wisdom and heart and you know really cares and wants to help people as well and so I'll definitely have her on again where she can share a little bit more with you guys and be able to help you guys out a little bit further but thank you guys for joining and we'll talk to you guys again soon take care

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