How-To Skateboarding: Build / Assemble a Skateboard with Spencer Nuzzi

today we’re gonna be building a skateboard I have a street skateboard kind of like a vert skateboard longboard cruiser this could be applied to all of those as long as you’re not building your snowboard and it’s totally different so let’s get started now first when you starting out and set up your board you’re gonna need a nice flat surface because you can really lose a lot of valuable pieces like little screws tires so selecting your workspace is very important I like to start out with the deck makes the most sense to me riding an 8 1 2 5 by um 31 in the Haight I mean it works for me it might not work for you decks usually come with like this little sticker on it and well I really don’t know what it means so let’s just get rid of it the grip tape is one of the scariest parts or something there’s a couple ways you can do this people like to work it from tail to nose other people like to cut her up or I can do it I do nice and simple let’s drop her down okay you got to remove the backing of the grip otherwise then your grips not gonna go anywhere get it in between your hands pinch it on both edges take your middle fingers find the nose and tail of the board and then you’re gonna match up the edge of the grip with your board and then once you find that you really just have this place or down nice and easy once you lay it down you’re gonna take your palms put them in the middle of your deck and you’re gonna work all the air out from the middle to the end you’re really trying to eliminate any air in between your board and your grip also called a dirty air pocket which none of us like I mean do you want to walk around rocks and your slippers it’s not comfortable now grips looking pretty good no no air pockets but I’m stuck with this futuristic 2050 rectangle and we’re gonna have to shut that off so we’re gonna need a few tools for today’s operation razor blade date tool screwdriver interaction makes it so I got this big old rectangle and it’s time to slim her down and so to do this we want to make an outline with a file this high-tech tools got one so let’s scrape it away next you’re gonna want to grab your azer blade and we’re gonna start cutting out our outline I’d like to start with this nice little incision start pulling it towards you keep your raising play at the same angle otherwise then you’re gonna get some weird cutting marks and ones even coming back where you started and their grips pretty much done now you got your scraps you’re gonna take the edge of it you’re gonna want to fold it over you’re going to start sanding the reason why we’re doing this is to print the grip tape from peeling up on the side so now we’re done with our grip tape stuff sticking through us anyways now you want to get your new trucks or you want to get your old trucks today we’re gonna be using my old trucks because breaking uni trucks is a pain in the ass and I like my old hardware once you finished up with your old complete it’s time to punch some holes through the grip then you gotta put your hardware see the holes to get ready for the trucks once you get your hardware through your board it’s time to line the trucks up and hand tighten all eight screws once you got the hand tightened down take your trusty old skate tool and you’re gonna tighten these mofos down because you do not want to hear your jingle that’s no good now that your trucks are on and securely fastened how do you get your wheels on before you get your bearing on you’re gonna want to make sure that you have both your washers and your nut off keep one washer underneath you’re gonna take two bearings place them upside-down next you want to take your wheel and this is the fun part you want to take all your weight and push them on down once you get one bearing in I’ll turn the wheel around do the same thing pusher it once you get both bearings pushed in grab the other washer if that fancies you put it on top screw it on get the skate tool out and do it for the rest of the earthly wheels you got an L ice got my last wheel on it’s time to tighten them up and this is kind of a really important part yeah my graphics right inside out but you’re gonna want to leave leave a little jiggle in between the wheel and the nut otherwise then and you’re gonna be stuck going no way oh really slow now that my board’s all set up um it’s time to escape well I just got done setting up mine you set up I hope you learned how to set up your new set up cuz I’m getting pretty tired of setting up my new setups so maybe next time you can set up my new set up and this goes for the same as the back side power slide but instead of your front foot and you’re gonna put your weight on your back foot you’re gonna want to scoop it really hard at the corner of your foot you

100 thoughts on “How-To Skateboarding: Build / Assemble a Skateboard with Spencer Nuzzi

  1. how come nobody uses risers anymore? 15 years ago they were essential to any setup and now they're not even mentioned in a "how to build a skateboard" video?

  2. ill set up your new setup if you let me have your old setup cuase my board is shit and i need a new one

  3. I took apart my old board apart, and there are these pads under the trucks. Do I replace them or are they not needed??

  4. when he didn’t use the backing of the grip to smooth i said 😯🤔

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