How to Possess Your Healing | It’s Supernatural with Sid Roth | Kynan Bridges

Is there a supernatural
dimension, a world beyond the one we know? Is there life after death? Do angels exist? Can our dreams contain messages
from Heaven? Can we tap into ancient secrets
of the supernatural? Are healing miracles real? Sid Roth has spent over 35 years
researching the strange world of the supernatural. Join Sid for this edition of
It’s Supernatural. [Applause] Sid: Hello. I’m Sid Roth. Welcome to my world where it’s
naturally supernatural. My next guest had a visitation
from the Lord for three months, and he was downloaded revelation
from the Word of God, so that all of the promises of God will
be activated in your life, and it’s wonderful. Superstars have it activated. But my Bible says we
only have one superstar and his name is Jesus. And I’m telling you, he is so
charged and filled with new revelation that you will never,
ever be the same. [Applause] Hello. You know, Keenan, you
provoke me to jealousy, and that’s what you gentile
believers in Jesus are supposed to do to us Jewish
believers in Jesus. But at 15, the spirit of God
opened your eyes and you began seeing things. Was it a little scary at first? Keenan: It was, Sid, at first,
because without a mentor there to really mentor you in the
supernatural you have to kind of fend for yourself in a way. And what God began to do with
me, is He began to unload or download rather discernment, a
spirit of discernment of spirits, and I began to see
people and meet people, after I got filled
with the Holy Spirit, that had spirits of depression,
spirits of rejection. Sid: You knew that? How did you know it? Did sense it? Did you hear it? Did you see it? Keenan: Both actually. It’s kind of an interesting
thing because in the spirit realm we don’t see with the
natural eyes. We see with our spiritual eyes. And so I was able to see,
sometimes it would be like weights on people or you would
see a cloud, like a dark cloud over somebody or something like
that, and I would instantly know that they were dealing with
rejection, for example, or a spirit of depression. And so God began to do that for
me at a very early age. Sid: Now in 1996, you had a
vision that’s about ready to take place now. Tell me about it. Keenan: In ’96, I had a vision
from the Lord. God began to speak to me. Again, I was a young believer,
both in my walk with Christ and also my walk with Jesus, and
also in my age, actually. And God began to speak to me
about the coming age of the church that God is raising up a
generation of people that are going to walk in a reverential
fear of God, they’re going to walk in an authority, a kingdom
authority, and they’re going to begin to speak things
in the atmosphere, and they’re going
to materialize. There’s going to be young people
that are going to be teenagers that are going to be college
students that are going to flow in the supernatural
and purity, Sid. Sid: Now what we’re seeing,
unfortunately, right now, is the opposite of
what you’re saying. But yet because of what you saw
you know it’s here. Keenan: Absolutely. Sid: It’s like this
close to being here. Keenan: Absolutely. It’s here. It’s just a matter
of time really. But I’ll say this. It starts with the Word of God. Jesus said something very
profound in the Gospel of John. He actually provoked the
Pharisees, because he said that, “Your Father is a man in the
wilderness and they’re dead.” He said, “But my words are
spirit and life.” In other words, he literally, in
the Greek, that’s the word “zoe”, it means the same life
that’s inside of God. The Word of God has the power to
release the very life that’s inside of God. When we speak the Word we’re not
just speaking something with an audible voice, but we are
literally, Sid, speaking for spirit and life. And the more people do
that, the more the Word, the spirit of the Word will
transform their lives. Sid: You know, Keenan,
when I hear you speak I want to run and
grab my Bible. You’re making me so hungry for
the Word of God. Keenan: Amen. Sid: In 1997, you heard the
audible voice of God. Keenan: I did. This is
another situation. My father was, he loved to fish,
and we were coming from a trip in Pensacola. And I was looking out the
window. I daydreamed a lot. Don’t tell anybody, but I used
to do that. Sid: I won’t. It’s our secret. Keenan: But I used to daydream. And I was looking out the window
and I saw the clouds open, and I heard an audible
voice of God that said, “I want you to preach my Word.” And it just resonated in my
spirit, Sid. That was the first time I heard
the call to ministry. Sid: Okay. But then in 2008, you
had visions that lasted for three months with a major call
of what to do in ministry. Tell me about that. Keenan: Well actually, my wife
was, she was newly pregnant at the time. Actually, we lived in a little
apartment that didn’t have a lot of windows or anything, so there
wasn’t really a lot of light at nighttime. It was very dark in our bedroom. Well God began to wake me up at
three a.m. in the morning and I would see a
door open, a door of light. And I would hear the
Holy Spirit say to me, “Behold, I set before
you an open door. I set before you an open door.” And I really didn’t know what it
meant at the time. But then God began to show me,
what He was taking about was the Book of Revelation, Chapter 3,
Verse 8, where Jesus declares to the church, “Behold, I set
before you an open door.” But he said something
very key, Sid. He said, “You have kept my
word and not denied my name.” And so what God began to unfold
to me is that the door that He’s talking about is really the door
of revelation that comes to the church, when we keep His Word
and we don’t deny His name, which is really a door of
authority, because the name of Jesus is the authority of Jesus. As we keep the Word of God and
we stay in the authority of His name, a door of the supernatural
is open to the church. Sid: Now you are so strong in
your conviction and your belief. How did you get so strong,
seriously? Keenan: Well you know, Sid, it’s
a matter of choice. I believe every believer that
has come to this place, you’re going to decide which side that
you’re on. You’re going either be on God’s
side or you’re going to be on the world’s system, and the
world’s system has proven to us, Sid, that it does not work. The healthcare
system has failed. We can’t trust the government. We can’t trust the systems of
this world to provide for us. We can only trust the
Word of God, Sid. And I made a decision,
me and my whole house, that we will serve the Lord. We’re not going to
move from that. Sid: Do you want to
make that decision? I want you to teach a little
bit and it will be easy to make that decision. Don’t go away. We’ll be right back to
It’s Supernatural We now return to It’s
Supernatural. Sid: Hello. Sid here
with Keenan Bridges. And Keenan, the Word of God
works in your family. It works when you teach it
to other people in your congregation. Keenan: Yes. Sid: Tell me, when you read a
promise, Jesus said that if you speak to a mountain the mountain
will move. I know you literally
believe that. Have you moved any mountains? Keenan: Actually, I have. I have moved several mountains
in Jesus’ name. But one that really comes
to mind is my son when he was very young. Our son Isaac is
our last born son. Sid: I like that name. Keenan: I’m sure you do, Sid. That’s my last born son. And actually, he was born with a
hernia in his belly button. It was really big,
it was really wide. My wife and I, we had been
meditating on Mark 11:23 where Jesus said, if you move the
mountain, if you speak to the mountain and not doubting your
heart, but believe in what you say will come to pass, you’ll
have what you say. So I took God at His word. I said, “Well God, we don’t want
this herniated belly button, so we’re going to speak to it.” And so we began to speak to it,
and we said, “Belly button go down in Jesus’ name.” In four hours, it shrunk. Sid: You and your
wife saw it shrink. Keenan: We saw it
shrink, literally. Sid: What did this
do for your faith? Keenan: It ignited my faith. Because we need to know that the
promises of God work. And so when we see something
happen it builds our faith. But let me say this. There is a young lady right now,
your name is Danielle and you’ve been dealing with autoimmune
disorder. And God wants you to know that
you can speak to that mountain of autoimmune disorder, and it
must obey your voice. Don’t doubt. Believe God. Sid: Your wife has been hit with
a lot of sickness. I guess this is your laboratory,
your wife’s laboratory. Your wife had an irregular
heartbeat. Keenan: She did. Sid: Tell me about that. Keenan: Well it happened, it was
actually before my daughter my born, my wife started having an
irregular heartbeat and it lasted for almost
three years, Sid. And we were going
through this challenge. And we decided that, and it’s
frustrating when you’re in the Word of God and you’re preaching
the Word of God, and things begin happening in your life. It can be frustrating. Sid: But you know what? I believe it’s thrown at you to
stop you from what you’re doing. Keenan: Absolutely. Sid: But instead, what the
devil meant for evil – Keenan: God turned it around. Sid: Yeah. Keenan: He did. Sid: I like that. Keenan: Amen. So we were actually in a
meeting, and my wife, there was a man of God that was speaking. And my wife released her faith. He received the word of
knowledge and said, “Someone has an
irregular heartbeat.” My wife released her faith for
healing, and immediately, Sid, her heart became
regular in that moment. And it’s never gone back again. Sid: I like that. The best medical science can do
is they take these two panels and they put shocks on you. I like that much better. Keenan: That’s right. Sid: You know, you were
teaching, and I was fascinated about the Passover,
communion and the Exodus, and not one feeble. Teach a little bit about that. Keenan: Well the Bible talks
about in Exodus, that when the chosen of Israel, they came out
of Egypt, the Bible says, right before they came out they were
instructed by God to perform the Passover, and they were supposed
to eat unleavened bread and they were to roast a lamb and put the
blood on the doorpost. Well the Bible says the death
angel passed over, and we see that in scripture and people
teach on that. But what we don’t focus on a lot
is what happened after that, Sid: The Bible declares
in Psalm 107 that, “There were none feeble
among them, none sick.” That word means sickness. Now you have to imagine how many
people would be sick after 430 years of slavery
with no healthcare. There would be lepers. There would be all kinds of
people with diseases. But the Bible says, when they
partook of that Passover— Sid: You know what
I’m thinking? The government doesn’t have the
answer for healthcare. Keenan: That’s right. Sid: But God has the
answer for healthcare. Keenan: Absolutely. Because Sid, what the church
needs to understand is that God is a covenant God. He’s a covenant God. What that means is that He
must, and I want to be clear what I’m saying, He absolutely
must honor His word. He cannot, God says in Psalms
that “He has said His word above all His name,” which means that
God has obligated Himself to honor His covenant. And Passover is a covenant. And what happens is that when
they took that Passover it released the supernatural power
of God and they were healed instantly, so that none
of them were sick. But guess what, Sid, the
same thing is available to the church today. Sid: Because you know what? That was a shadow. Now if on the shadow of the
substance, what, how many, a couple million people? Keenan: That’s right. Sid: Of all ages coming from
slavery. Keenan: That’s right. Sid: No affordable health, no
doctors, no lawyers. What a world. But there wasn’t one, this is
mind-blowing to me, Keenan. Not one feeble among
the, not one. They had problems with
their memory, not one
that had cancer, not one that had heart trouble,
not one that had arthritis under the shadow. What happens when you come face
to face with the real thing? When we come back we’re
going to do that. I promise you. We’ll be right back to
It’s Supernatural We now return to It’s
Supernatural. Sid: Hello Sid Roth here with
Pastor Keenan Bridges. And in the last segment we were
talking about the Passover. And Yeshua, Jesus is the
Passover lamb. But the power of the lamb in
Passover was so powerful that a slave nation went into the
wilderness for 40 years. They should have been sick, they
should have been dying, they should have had every disease
known to man. Over a million people,
children, elderly people, not one feeble among them. And that was just the Passover
lamb was a shadow of the Passover lamb, Yeshua, Jesus the
Messiah. Tell me about the substance. I love the shadow, but we have a
better covenant with substance. Tell me about that. Keenan: Amen. Actually Hebrews talks about the
fact that we have a better covenant built upon better
promises. And in First Corinthians,
Chapter 11, Paul the Apostle highlights the communion, and
he talks about how Jesus, right before his
crucifixion, he says, “This is my body which
is broken for you. This do in remembrance of me. This is the new covenant
shed in my blood. This do as often and drink
it in remembrance of me.” So what we begin to see, Sid, is
that Jesus in fact is our Passover lamb. He has become the send-off frame
for all of God’s people. And what happens is when we
begin to understand this, we understand that God entered into
a blood covenant with us with the shed blood of Jesus Christ. As a matter of fact, you’ll see,
the Bible says in Isaiah 53, and also highlights in First Peter
2:24, that he bore our sins and carried our diseases. So in fact, the sin and the
disease that were curses from Adam were placed on Jesus, and
they were abolished, which means that when Jesus was on the cross
six and a half hours that was being done for us. So now you and I, Sid, have
a legal right to walk in Divine health. We have a legal right to speak
to the mountain of cancer. We have a legal right to speak
to the mountain of disease and infirmity and it must obey
our voice because of Jesus, Lamb of God. Sid: Alright. Give me an example, MS, the
symptoms started coming on you. How did you even know they were
symptoms of MS? Keenan: I knew they were
symptoms because I have family members with multiple sclerosis. And actually, a family member
contacted me and they began to tell me that they were diagnosed
with MS. Immediately after their diagnosis, Sid, I began to
experience symptoms in myself. I would lose feeling in my legs
for several weeks. I would lose balance. I would have what would be
considered MS attacks. And this went on
for several weeks. And I began to pray. And as I was praying, Sid, the
Holy Spirit spoke to me one day and reminded me of Second
Corinthians 5:21. It said that, “He was made to be
sin for us who knew no sin that we might be made the
righteousness of God in him.” And the Holy Spirit said, “I
want you to stop asking me to heal you because I’ve already
done that. What I want you to do,
I want you to thank me for perfect health.” So what I began to do, I began
to thank God. I would take the
Word like medicine, like people take pain pills. I would actually ingest the Word
like medicine. Because the Bible says in
Psalms, “He sent His Word and healed them of all their
destruction.” So we can actually eat the Word
of God, as Jesus talked about Luke 4, that “Man should
not live by bread alone, but by every Word of God.” So when we meditate upon the
Word, Sid, we’re actually feeding our spirit man and the
life of God is being manifested. And I did just that, Sid. And as I began to do that the
symptoms disappeared and they never came back again. Sid: So they were lies. They
were literally illegal. Keenan: They were illegal. They did not have a legal right
to be in my body. As a matter of fact, when we
talk about Passover or communion, my wife was diagnosed
with diabetes, and this was very frustrating for her. And I began to pray with her and
everything. And we took the communion. And as we took communion, within
a few, maybe days or maybe a week or so, we went back to the
doctor and the doctor told her that you do not have
diabetes. That’s the power. Sid: Okay. Someone knows
what you just said, prayed and nothing happens. What would you tell them? Keenan: Well you know, it’s very
interesting because I have seen this experience even in my own
life, Sid. Remember, I talked about that
door of revelation, and Jesus said in Revelation 3:8, that
“You have kept my word.” Kept my word. As a matter of fact, when the
Bible talks about, in Mark 11:23, and says, “You shall
not doubt in your heart,” well really, doubt
is a belief system. It’s more than just an emotion. It’s a way of thinking that
contradicts the Word of God. And so what happens is you and I
have to train our spirit man to where there are no other
alternatives to the Word of God. And that happens when we
internalize the Word, and the Word is more than just a
principle or something that we mentally ascend to. Sid: You talk about, you
hear it inside of you, not what you feel,
sense, smell or taste. Keenan: Absolutely. Sid: Explain that. Keenan: Well the church has come
to a place where the Word of God actually has to
become our reality. It has to become
what’s real to us. When sickness comes to me
I already know because I trained my spirit that
sickness does not belong. Sid: I’ll tell you what. Right now there are people that
are fighting sickness. I want you to pray for them at
this moment. Keenan: Father, in Jesus’
name, Lord, I thank you for your children. Lord, I thank you that right now
in the name of Jesus that you are quickening
someone right now. You are quickening your children
and you are giving them the gift of faith. Your Word declares that faith
comes by hearing and hearing by the Word. God, I release faith
to your children now and I speak life to them now. I command cancer to die in
Jesus’ name. I command autoimmune disorders
to cease. That someone even with a retina
attachment, it’s being reattached right now by the
power of the Holy Spirit. I declare this Jesus’ name based
on the shed blood of Yeshua, right now. Sid: You know, there is a
scripture that is coming to me that actually you taught on:
“And you shall know the truth.” And the truth is an idiom for
intimacy with God. Know, the word “know”,
Adam knew Eve. Adam had intimacy with Eve. You shall know the truth. You shall have intimacy
with the truth. What is truth? God says, “My Word is truth.” You shall have intimacy
with the truth. The Word of God, and the Word
of God will make you free. I want to be free in spirit,
soul and body. Start by making the Word of God,
Jesus, your Lord. Repent of your sins and ask him
to live inside of you and begin to heed the Word and have such
intimacy that just like Keenan you’ll hear the Word inside of
you, not the things that are external, that are tempering. You’ll have the eternal
inside of you. That’s what you need. [Applause] Sid: Next week on
It’s Supernatural. I have two guests that started
watching “It’s Supernatural!” and got hooked. And today they’re doing the same
things and the people they’re teaching are doing the same
things that my guests are doing. I was talking to one of them a
little bit earlier and he said, “Anything I see on your show God
is showing me I can do.” But I’ll go a step further. Anything my guests can do, you
can do better. ♪♪

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  38. THANKS BILLIONS OMNIPOTENT GOD אֱלֹהִי manifesting DIVINEs Empowering & Firing on thy's servant isisfong once of my life time LOVING GOD יהושוע marriage together serving in *GOD JESUS POWERFUL MERCIFUL NAME of glorying THE unique ***LORD ALMIGHTY GOD HEAVENLY FATHER יהוה ** its done amen thank you Evangelists Sid & Kynan

  39. Good afternoon pastor I thank God for the word that he gave you concerning our lives last month was watching its supernatural hosted by sid roth that breaker anoiting you gave on the show really was for me and my family thank you so much. From sibongile in the vaal Johannesburg South Africa

  40. I feel like I got raptured!!! I finally understand what jesus meant when he said to pray and believe without doubting and you will receive. Oral Roberts testimony completes this study. Oral had a hand that had bunch of warts on it. His dad told him to pray and believe that his warts would disappear. Oral prayed and believed that his warts would disappear. Day 1 passes and all the warts are still there. Oral still believed and expected the warts to disappear. Day 2,3,4 passes and all the warts are still there. Oral still believed and expected the warts to disappear. Day 5,6,7,8,9 passes and all the warts are still there. Oral still believed and expected the warts to disappear. Day 10 comes and all the warts disappear!!! So, the key is after you pray, keep believing and expecting the answer to your prayers to come even though it doesn't happen immediately. Life is soooooo simple now. All you have to do is simply pray and believe and you will receive…and not give up when it takes a long time. I am so excited about life. I am believing and expecting an incurable disease to heal. I asked God to give me a new career direction with a certain salary and he has done this. Life is going to be so easy and free. Future looks soooooo good!!! God is soooooo good!!! I feel like I got raptured!!! I am living in heaven on earth!!! Glory!!! Hallelujah!!!

  41. So I went and bought his book I have been hesitant to try to heal anyone in fear of it not working my cat got hit by a car a while back her her arm was broken are her shoulder blade it would always protrude out of her back just kinda speaking to my cat kinds jokingly I said ellie you want your arm heal and I command her arm to be healed in jesus name and I felt it pop back into place in my hand this is so real if god will heal my cat he will definitely heal you I am still shook god is so amazing

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