How To Overcome The Nine Most Common Objections In Real Estate

okay so you're asking me about how much it's going to cost to sell the home and if I'm flexible on that right yeah okay perfect Tyler the most important question for you is what's more important to you the amount that you net or the amount of Commission's that you pay well obviously the amount that I met exactly and so that's why I want to come by and show you a proven plant and that's the most month per year how does tonight six worth Tyler yeah that works let's look that's fine let's do that great will you lower your Commission so you know on the phone this is sort of a tricky one to handle because they probably want something lower because their agent didn't do something previously and that's why you really you just need to set the appointment so will you lower your mission that's something that I'm open to discussing when we meet at your home and it'll just be a quick five 10 minute or you're home I'd like to take a quick peek at it and then that's one of the first things that I'll answer so that's that's my way of handling it works very well and hopefully it works for you so you are interested in selling still if you can find the right agent is that what I'm hearing uh yeah yeah I suppose let me do this let's do this how about tonight at 3:30 or 5:30 let's sit down and get together and I'll go over my entire marketing plan and then we can discuss Commission at that time all right that's fair let's do that we're going to use the same agent in my opinion probably the most common response that we get very tough to handle I would normally say that's that's great what is their name and number and I know that we probably already know that information but especially key when it's not you know an immediate expire that just came on the market or anything like that so I would say what's their name and number so I can just you know have that information so I can get a hold of them if I ever have a buyer that's interested in seeing the home if they don't immediately give it to me they probably don't have that agent aren't using the same one if they come back with you know we're using the same agent I would also say something along the lines of so I guess I'm a little bit confused you know your previous agent wasn't able to sell the home is that the same result that you're looking to get the second time around or what's going to be different so that's what I've used that helps but it is one of the harder objections that I've come across just because there that's what they're used to and they're not gonna be open to interviewing anyone else but worth definitely handling the objection to see if it's something that we can get in the door oh you're going to use the same agent okay Tyler can I tell you one reason why that really worried sure well the agent that you use did his best job to sell the home right yeah and and I'm sure that he showed you a plan and involved telling everyone he knew his spear Vince was telling people in its brokerage basically marketing it to everyone that he could right yeah I would assume so right and we hope he would but he did that and it failed and so we want to make sure that we're reaching out to a new circle of people to find the person who's willing to pay top dollar for your home I'd love to come by tonight at 7 p.m. and show you the plan on how we're going to get you the home sold sound good yeah I mean I guess it wouldn't hurt to get a second opinion we could make that work great I'll see is that one objection we occasionally run into is you know what I'm just gonna read with the same age and I've already had so our response that is you know mister missus seller I appreciate that loyalty as a matter of fact should I ever fail to sell a home I would hope to get the same result from my clients just out of curiosity when that agent came out to speak with you again about relisting your property I'm wondering what new strategies and tactics did they share with you that they're going to use this time that they failed to do the first time to make sure your home actually gets sold that's great what I'm hearing is you feel obliged to your last agent I assume since they've invested a lot of time and money in your home right mister missus seller you don't owe me anything you don't really owe them anything but you do owe yourself the very best it certainly wouldn't hurt to hear what I do to get home sold so with tonight at 3:30 or 5:30 work better for you I already have another appointment with another agent this evening or at another time okay great I'd love to swing by you know right after them just make sure that you don't sign any paperwork with them because I'd really like to show you my marketing plan pretty simple objection to handle I mean obviously they're interested in listing their home and selling their home so we just need to set the appointment it's not really an objection to anything the question that was asked might have been an you know allow them to say the objection but really just go ahead and set the appointment okay okay so here's the big question what time is that appointment with the other agent he's coming at 6:15 6:15 I wanted to have an opportunity to have an apples to apples comparison between agents let me come by before then at 5:30 I promise to be out of house before them or if you do want to work with me I'll be sure to let them know they have the first crack that bring a buyer to fill your home sound good some of the objections that I have gotten is them saying that they already have an appointment with another agent this evening in response I say hey you know what that's no problem at all I'd be happy to provide you with a second opinion and if you decide to list with me call the other agent for you and cancel the appointment how at 5:30 or 6:00 o'clock work for you this evening for me to come meet with you have you cited a contract already no I haven't no they're coming over to to tell me what they do gotcha what time are they coming over at 7:00 here's what I'd like to do how about I come over at 5 o'clock and I'll show you my marketing plan and we can go from there and if you decide that you're comfortable to move forward with me then we can go ahead and move forward and I can make that call for you to let the other Asian know that you won't need to be seeing them I'm going to sell as a for sale by owner or Fizbo when someone says that I would say that's great what do you plan on selling it for they come back with a number ok awesome when can I come by to take a look at the home and then immediately just book the appointment there's really nothing more to it they might say well I'm not going to show you the home unless you have a buyer and then you could go with the well you know I need to see the home all that kind of stuff that basic objection handling stuff but they say I'm a physio or I'm going as a visible awesome let me come look at the home and that's really all there is to it Oh Tyler you're gonna go for sale by owner perfect I think that's a reasonable way to do it the nice thing is that our appointment is more of a three lesson than a sales pitch if you like the things that I have to say you can either incorporate them in your own marketing or if you really are impressed you can put me to work get top dollar for your house and to protect you during the process sound great how about we need tonight no mr. mr. seller excellent I'm glad to hear that just out of curiosity most people I talked to they have that intention of going by owner have a particular timeline in mind that they intend to try that before they decide to interview aggressive agents like myself welcome what timelines in your mind right now okay three months excellent if in the meantime I do bring a buyer to your property would you be open to pay me a cooperating Commission fantastic now when that time comes that you are going to interview aggressive agents do you already have somebody that you feel like you're already come to hiring no okay great well I appreciate you being so open with me mr. and mrs. seller are you familiar with my smart seller program no well fantastic it is an amazing program I'm honestly kind of surprised you haven't heard of it it's a program designed specifically to help for sale by owners just like yourself get their homes sold and hedge their bet with using a real estate agent yep retain the ability to go ahead and sell the home by themselves during that listing process now I know you're not planning on doing anything for us a 60 or 90 days and that's fine as a matter of fact you may actually have success selling their home on your own during that time however what I would like to do is make this suggestion why don't we do this I'll go ahead and come take a look at your property I've got some time tomorrow at 3 or even Wednesday at 4 because it's going to be virtually impossible for me to bring a buyer and sell your property if I'm not familiar with with all of the wonderful benefits that that home features and at the same time while I'm there I'll go ahead and share with you a little bit about our program that way so when the time does come if it comes that you're gonna look at putting it on the market with an agent you'll already know what your options are rather than starting the process at that time this will save you weeks of research does that make sense excellent well I appreciate it'll be a no pressure no obligation consultation but I do look forward to seeing your home finding out more about your goals and seeing if I can help you get that sold we'll see you Wednesday at 5:00 you're gonna go for sale by owner yeah yeah hey after what you've been through I definitely understand that let me ask you this mr. mister seller you know you are generally better off to be a Fizbo than to be with the nations that did their best yet couldn't get the job completed correct yeah yeah I can appreciate that um let me ask you another question where did your last agent fail in your mind my numbers not listed how did you find it wow we did some we did some online research and we were able to find it through some different cross reference directories they might say something like which one and then you know there's some different schools of thought here saying like well my assistant find it found it online I just say I did some cross-referencing online I found it and then I go right into script I acknowledge it and then I moved past it because there's no point in dwelling on it they either sell they either want to sell their home or not and we just need to keep moving on well Tyler I got it from the real estate data exchange because I like to keep up with what's happening on the private market as well as the public market I wanted to reach out even ask you a couple questions about your house so where are you plan on moving when you sell this home good see I think that's perfect and I love using I love using the term real estate data exchange because I found that when I said red X people just kind of shrugged it off as a service where's your state data exchange sounds like a very official well produced organization I like those vibes a great service to the real estate market which is exactly true one of the objections that I have received is where did you get my phone number in response to this objection I say a lot of you know a lot of people are surprised to find out that their numbers and information are available online however I use several different phonebook sources in addition to county records to get the homeowners information if you would prefer that I don't call you again I can add you to my personal Do Not Call list I'll do that right now if you prefer I'm so sorry for the inconvenience and I hope you have a great day so when the homeowner comes back with that basically I just continue going in script so if the other person says so I'm on the Do Not Call list why are you calling or whatever great so are you still thinking about settling they might come back with something like I just told you I'm on the June I call this please do not call me doesn't matter that they're on that Do Not Call list and I just continue going in script hopefully that helps Tyler I apologize I am so sorry your numbers should not be on my list on the Do Not Call Registry I'm going to be sure to remove it right away again I apologize I just want to ask you one question have you allowed any agents to preview your home that's good I like that and then I would get right off the phone immediately and if they said yeah I would look at their price that they're asking and just kind of face it off of that opposed to taking any more time on the phone yeah because because if they say yes I've allowed people to look at it I have an appointment hey I'm on the Do Not Call list why are you calling me in return I say hey I'm so sorry I didn't realize that your number was on the National Do Not Call Registry I am so sorry for the inconvenience and I will remove your number from my call list right away thank you for your time and have a great day I'm very sorry I did not realize that you were on the Do Not Call Registry I'll make sure that I update my records and you won't hear from me again however are you still interested in selling your house so another objection that might come up is the I need to speak with my spouse or whatever before I commit to something the way I would handle this is basically like I totally respect that why don't we do this why don't we just go in and go ahead and pencil something in on the calendar nothing that you know will be very firm you know you know speak with your spouse do whatever you need to do and then once you do that just let me know if we need to change it we can absolutely do that there's you know no cost or obligation and then that way it's in the calendar because I know that we we all get busy so absolutely especially where that your spouse is going to help make the decision of selling the home I wouldn't expect you to make any decisions without here what I want to do is give you the chance to make a tentative appointment tonight at 6:00 you talk to her and if you don't want me to come over give me a call back and let me know and I won't come over so see you tonight at 6 and let's I hear back from you okay I need to talk to my spouse before committing to anything so how we handle that is mr. seller I can definitely appreciate an evening talk to your spouse I would have to run everything by my wife before making a major commitment as well I tell you what let's do this I know you're a busy man as am i and that my schedule fills up very rapidly throughout the week with the pointless just like this to make sure people actually get their home sold when we have a chance to talk with your wife will it be this evening okay great well again since we are both so busy why don't we do this let's look at our calendars and go ahead and pencil in a time what's better for you Wednesday at 5:00 or I've got a Thursday at 3:00 o'clock okay Wednesday at 5:00 excellent so let's do that let's plan on Wednesday at 5:00 and unless how you're back from you I'll assume that you've had a chance to visit with your wife and we'll make that happen how is that sound I totally understand that what are you able to talk to your spouse I'll probably be able to call her shortly okay that sounds great so let's do this just to make sure that you're able to talk to her how about I'm sure you'll be able to talk to her tonight let's just go ahead and pencil you in now for tomorrow at 3:30 that way we don't have to then we my schedule doesn't fill up and we can go ahead and get you out of the book how did that sound okay yeah let's do that the client or potential client saying I need to talk to my spouse before committing to anything which obviously we all completely respect in response to that though I say you know I certainly understand that you want to talk to your spouse about that how about we schedule an appointment for this evening maybe around 5:30 and I'd be happy to call your spouse and talk to him or her and let her know what we've talked about so that they can be a prized of what the meeting is about and if your spouse decides not to go through with the meeting I'm more than happy to remove you from my calendar what's the best number to reach your spouse at so I can talk this over with them oh you're going to take it off the market it sounds like you're really frustrated with the process right yeah you know we've we've tried we've tried for six months with this agent and we we just didn't get a lot of showings didn't get what we felt like was a lot of exposure and so it we decided we'll just wait maybe till the markets heat up or maybe till after the holidays oh okay so I'm actually hearing two things happen there one of them is that you want to wait till after the holiday and the other that you just are so frustrated with the process you're not willing to move forward can I give you a little insight about the market yeah yeah yeah please so Tyler with the holidays coming up we see a lot of looky-loos staying home that's a benefit to you because you've had a number of people come to your house right yeah we did have a few showings and basically they came and they said no I don't want this house right right and that's really frustrating what we wanted to make sure people that are coming into your home are pre-qualified but they're also serious about buying during the holidays the looky-loos stay home there's an advantage to you I would love to share with you the rest of my plan if I could stop by tonight at 6:00 and show you a guaranteed way to sell your home yeah that's that's fine six works as long as it's not going to be too long an appointment I suppose that would work fine you know it's only gonna be 15 minutes twenty minutes at most depending on the questions that you have I'm excited to meet with you tonight okay yeah that'd be fine six works thanks Tyler see it's an edited so we've decided to wait for X time period that X period is spring summer fall whatever it doesn't matter you know I totally respect that you know not wanting to show your home during the holidays but did you know that there's actually going to be more homes for sale on the market in the spring which means that yes prices might be going up because of the market but because of the demand it would actually be better for you if your schedule allowed to list your home now when there's less homes on the market and then the demand that is there will allow us to get better pricing and your homes is sound quicker I can understand that there's no there's a lot of people that you know think that the holidays is actually a slow time slow time of year do you know in my market currently the best months historically for me have been October and November as far as closings are concerned the homeowner will say something like you're the hundredth agent to call that actually that's probably not too realistic but you're the tenth agent to call this morning that's awesome that's really great to hear that there's nine other hard-working agents out there frequently that'll get some laughs if it doesn't just continue on with script there's really nothing else to it sure we can be the 50th hundreth it really doesn't matter it's just something that I think needs to be essentially acknowledged disregarded and then continue on with script hopefully that helps oh you've had you've had a number of agents calling you well at least you know which agents are actually working hard inside of the market versus the people who aren't right yeah I guess so wonderful so you certainly want an agent to help you sell your home that's active in the market right yeah if I was gonna sell I would want somebody who was going to work hard to do it yes absolutely so let's get together today at 7:00 and I'll show you a guaranteed plan to get your home sold and help you to move forward to get your family a house that fits your needs sound great that's fine I guess we can make that work wonderful one of my favorite objections I love you get is when dialing and people say man you're the 20th agent to call me today you know what we just hit that head on before it even becomes objection so here's how we handle this ring-ring hi mr. mr. seller this is Jeff for the bottom group I bet you hunting the 20th the realtor to give you a call today aren't I sure enough absolutely what are they gonna say yes you are I'm tired of what I'm this on that but here's how it goes doesn't matter what they say then you roll on mister mister seller here's the thing though I'm not like those other 20 that's the good news I'm not calling you today trying to convince you that I'm awesome and everybody else is absolutely horrible that you'd be an idiot not to hire me I'm not even calling you today to try and tell you you need to list your house with me the reason I'm calling you today is as I'm sure you're aware of you're a home hit the MLS today hasn't expired it popped up on my monitor and I looked at it and to be honest with you it looks like a lovely home so I just wanted to call and get your take on it why do you think it didn't sell that'll open up the dialogue from there guys and give you the hot buttons that you need to go for the clothes I hear that a lot that's good what's interesting is most of the agents in my bar could actually send out postcards because they're afraid to get on the phone have you said an appointment with any of those agents I I haven't yet can I ask why you haven't I I guess I don't really have a good reason why I haven't yet it's just been frustrating to get so many phone calls yeah I can definitely understand that let me ask you this would you be interested in sitting down with me tonight at 3:30 or 5:30 if I could show you a way to get your home sold within the next 30 days in for top dollar this time there are the 10th or 20th agent that's called me today in return in response I say you know I understand your frustration and I assure you that I want the very best for you and a half of your best interest at heart and I'd love to be able to help you move forward in the decision to sell your home unlike many agents in the area my history speaks for itself and I can show you how I can sell your home better than most of the agents you've talked to today when we mean I can sit down and show you what I can do differently than other agents in the agent that you had before to get your home quickly and at the best price possible with 5:30 or 6:00 o'clock work for you this evening

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