How to Outsource Content Creation: 4 Step Content Blocking For Great Content (Blogging & Video)

what's up guys Jason here aspiring entrepreneur and in this quick video tutorial we are gonna be walking through how to outsource your content as a fellow entrepreneur and content creator here on YouTube I can tell you from firsthand experience creating content takes a really long time especially creating good content it's really easy to run over to Fiverr and find someone to write a really crummy 500 word blog post but we all know that that just doesn't work anymore we have to put a lot of time and effort into making great content that actually connects with our audience and customers and actually adds value to people's lives so I want to share a simple system for breaking up your content production we're going to be talking about content in the terms of blog posts and videos and then I'm also going to walk you through the simple step how you can easily begin to outsource little by little as opposed to you know just trying to outsource all at once because that is going to be a recipe for disaster and when you're done watching this video make sure to check out the links in the description where I've talked about how to outsource and hire on Fiverr and upwork so that will get you covered on all the details of actually the hiring process so here we're gonna focus on how to outsource that content and we'll start with the four phases of content creation so this is a simple system I've created to kind of parse out and block out the different parts of content creation so first you have research then you have writing then you have production and then you have promotion now I'm including promotion here because without promoting your content there's really no point in creating the content so we're not gonna focus on promotion in this video we'll talk about the first three because that's generally the traditional content creation but it's really important to never ignore how important promotion is in fact some marketers spend 80 to 90 percent of their resources and time on that promotion part and just ten on the content part I'm not really in that camp but that just illustrates how important promotion is now the first step in the process is research and this essentially covers what are you going to talk about what is the piece of content going to be so if you're making youtube videos this is going to be research right figuring out what your tag should be what keywords to go after if you're doing a blog post this even includes topic research generally just figuring out what kinds of topics should I cover on my blog or my channel then next you have writing and this is where you actually get into the creation of the content so for a YouTube video this is writing the video outline for a blog post this is actually writing the rough draft of the blog post and the reason we separate the research and the writing for number one it's easier to begin to outsource different parts of this process and then number two it uses different parts of the brain so someone who's really good with research may not be the best person to do the writing and then we have the production phase which is everything involved in taking that rough draft that rust transcript turning it into a nice-looking YouTube video or a beautifully written graphic intense blog post and now that we know the different phases of the content creation it's really easy to pick and choose which parts of the process we don't want to do anymore now with the exception of recording a video you can pretty much outsource everything else the only exception here is the video because it's gonna be a little weird if you're making videos on you know your channel or for your blog and it's not your voice or it's not you on camera so now we're gonna walk through each one of those three steps and we'll have a basic intermediate and advanced so you can kind of see how you can gradually ease yourself into outsourcing more and more of this content creation process so first in the research block at the most basic level you can just have someone look up keywords for you whether you're doing blog posts or YouTube videos you can have a person over on Fiverr for 5 to 20 bucks look up keywords for you then on an intermediate level you can find someone to actually come up with blog posts topics or come up with titles this is intermediate because it's going to take a little bit of work to figure out who actually does a good job when you have someone keyword research is relatively basic and it's kind of hard to screw up at this point but when it comes to topics and titles and you know blog posts subjects that's a little more advanced and then finally the most advanced is going to a place like freelancer or upwork and hiring a full-blown content marketing professional who's going to do all of that and then look at your content calendar as a whole and really dive into what is the content that we should be making and so it's a much more hands-on process which is why I don't recommending starting off with it next we have writing and so at the most basic level writing is something you're probably going to be doing all the way up until the end because it really is one of those most expensive things to health source so at the basic level remember promotion is part of this process so what you can do is have someone go through your either your video outline or your blog post rough draft and they can pull pieces out to make Instagram quotes or have quotes for Twitter or little blurbs for Facebook when you promote your content the next phase is the content outline method and this is a phase that I'm personally at which is working really well where essentially you outline your content and you write a couple hundred words on what you want in the blog post or what you want in the video and then you hand it off to someone that you've hired on upwork you know guru or freelancer and they go ahead and fill out the rest of it so it's kind of like you make the skeleton you tell them the direction you want the piece to go and then they fill in all of the beat of the piece of content finally the most advanced and expensive in this step is of course just hiring someone to write the entire thing and in production which is where I recommend that you start we have at the most basic level finding someone to post the content for you I think this is the perfect place to start if you never outsource before this is the place to start because it's going to allow you to ease into the process of outsourcing and find and hire a really good VA which should be your first hire I'll have a link in the description to a video that talks about how to find and hire VA and why it's so important to get started with a VA as your first hire as a entrepreneur and so essentially this position all they would be doing is taking your videos or taking your blog posts they're uploading them to YouTube they're uploading them to WordPress and then they're sharing it across your social media channels if you want to get a little more advanced with this step I would wreck finding a good graphic designer to make you some slides for your content or make you some info graphic style images for your content it's a really great way to take a plain old video or plain old blogpost and really just kind of take it up to the next level with some good image custom graphics and imagery and then finally we have editors so if you're doing video this will be finding someone to actually edit your video so all you have to do is record and then you give them the files and the content outline you say okay make this look nice and pretty if you're doing a blog post this will be someone who goes and proof reads and if you want to get really advanced you'll find someone with magazine writing experience and what I recommend doing is you can find loads of these people over on Fiverr and upwork is where they will not only proofread your content but they'll also improve the readability because it's really easy for you to use big words or talk about things that make sense in your head so it's just good to have not only a proofreader but someone who's going to go through and actually improve the readability of your content so it's easier for your audience to read and that is it that is how you outsource your content production be sure to check out the links in the description to videos on how to use fibre how to use up work and I even have some job templates in there as well so go ahead and check out that video if you want to jump straight into up work but I definitely recommend starting with Fiverr and starting small at the basic level and then you can always come back to this video and try the intermediate and advanced levels of outsourcing your content so if you got some value out of this video go and hit that like button and subscribe over on my channel I'm documenting the entire process of putting together a online business from scratch and of course how to create awesome content that brings the right kinds of customers to you so if you are a fellow entrepreneur who's working on building their business I encourage you to subscribe and hit that like button and until the next video keep building the business you love take care you

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  2. Hey Jason, loved the outsourcing vlog! Can you please critique my first travel blog? Went to the Philippines to learn how to outsource. Looking to improve my vids. Thank you!

  3. I don't want to outsource any creative work because I want to fine tune my creative skills (and it's fun)! But I should learn to be more effective!

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