How to Make Wind Chimes : Wind Chimes: Materials

I’m here to show you what you need to make
your chimes. Naturally you’re going to need your pipes. All the pipes are different. Different
materials and different sizes will give you a different tone. So I have various, various
sizes of pipes. Then I’ve been using the cover to, for my hanger. So you can see I’ve got
them already marked. I’ve got them, I put a little indention in there with a, with a,
if you can see it, I got it with a little hammer and a nail. So I’m going to drill that
for you in a little while to show you how it’s done. This is what the cover will look
like. Then your pipe will be hanging up with a wire or chain, whichever is easier for you
to put on. This is going into the center of it. When the wind shakes it, it’ll hit your
pipes and make different sounds. I’ve got, I like to use this one here, croquet ball,
it makes a real good tone when it hits. I got all kinds. I’ll pick them up as I go along.
What you need is a tube cutter. Let me show you where it’s at right here. I’ve got one
here. This is my holder and here’s my tube cutter. Being that I was a toolmaker, I am
able to use this quite easily. I’ve already got it marked. So it’s ready to cut. That’ll
cut it. I already have my pipes measured. I try and make them about two inches different
in length because that’s what gives you the different tones.

7 thoughts on “How to Make Wind Chimes : Wind Chimes: Materials

  1. I need to re-string a couple of chimes I've had for years. What type of string do I use and where do I get it?>

  2. Check out the video of the wind chimes in my backyard.There's an assortment.maybe you can do ones like that too.

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