How to Make Homemade Greeting Cards : Materials & Supplies for Greeting Cards

I am Heather McCanna on behalf of
and today I will be discussing the basics of card making. Specifically what you need
to make a card. There are many specialty crafts stores such as Hobby Lobby or Michaels but
you can also find many of the supplies that you will need to make a card lying around
in your own home. Here I have some storage binds that I purchase very inexpensively at
a local store and I usually keep them to organize my card supplies. The first thing that you
would need for a card is some sturdy paper. You can use color construction paper which
is very festive as well as store bought design paper. Such as this paper that has a nice
pattern on it. There is also some paper that you can buy in stacks such as this which has
several different designs within the same package. You would also need supplies to decorate
your paper with once you completed a card. Here I have many different types of markers,
as well as decorative pens these can help you when you are writing message as well as
illustrating things on your cards. It is also nice to have some other supplies such as stamps,
as well as the ink and paint that you might need, and other professional pens. But these
don’t have to be expensive items. It could be things that you find around your own home
such as your markers that your children might have. Or these inexpensive adhesives such
as a glue stick, or basic tape. Double sided tape also works very well for many cards.
Here I have some more decorative items such as Popsicles sticks, stickers, and smaller
sheets of decorative paper which can be great for cutting out different designs as well
as different pictures that you want to decorate your card with.

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