How to Make a MEAT House – Christmas Recipe

Greetings my beautiful lovelies!
It’s Emmy. Happy holidays! Today I’m gonna be building a gingerbread house that’s
gonna be covered in meat. I first saw this just a couple days ago on Twitter,
and I felt inspired, so I went to the grocery store and bought myself a
gingerbread house kit, and I’m going to encrust this with deli meats because
it’s just silly and funny — if you’re vegetarian you may not want to watch
this because you might be a little bit grossed out. So I went and got myself a
couple cans of spray cheese. I also have some cream cheese that I’m gonna flavor
up with some ranch dressing powder mix, but before I do that I’m going to build
my gingerbread house. If you haven’t seen my gingerbread house video — it’s a
long-standing tradition in my husband’s family — my mother-in-law continues to do
this with the grandchildren, and it’s a beautiful tradition: a lovely recipe a
lovely house. If you want to see that video I’ll put a link down below — that’s
how to make a traditional gingerbread house. Here is the kit. And this is the
E-Z Build Gingerbread House: baked for you; cut out; and here is the foundation
for the house. This is the E-Z Build roof holder instructions. So I think this little bit of cardboard is supposed to help the roof stay in place as you are,
you know, spackling, and allows the icing to kind of set up — that’s handy. We
actually are going to my mother-in-law’s tomorrow to build real gingerbread
houses, so these will not go to waste…. And we’ve got some icing in here. “Knead the pouch for one to two minutes.” It’s kind of nuts that I’m getting icing sugar all
over the place, everywhere. This is weird…. Two gable end pieces — they look to be the
same with a door; two side pieces; two roof pieces…. By the way, if you’re looking for
a last-minute holiday gift, please consider an “Eat the Ducky Moss” shirt. I
will put a link it down below. It, of course, is the poor auto-translation
of the phrase “Itadakimasu!” which means “I humbly receive,” or “Let’s eat!” So, I’m not about to eat right now, but I just thought I’d throw that out there.
Okay, so this has a little piping tip and you need to cut that; and I cut it on the
first line. *Pfft* Oops, it farted. Okay. Yeah that’s flowing nicely. Now this is
gonna be our spackle — this is really going to hold the house together — that’s
why I’m using this royal icing rather than using cream cheese or something
like that…. Gable end…. and now we’re going to take a
side piece and place that right here. Put this to this…. and smaunch it; and make sure
everything touches. Oh, this is where I messed up! Do you see this? Not correct. We
want the brick to be at the bottom. Woop! Buh-buh-buh-buh! Don’t do what I just did. Okay. Luckily we can just put this back
together again. We want the bricks on the bottom. Okay. So
I’m gonna reinforce my edges, just a little bit. So before I put on the roof
I’m gonna go ahead and adorn this with my meat and then I’m gonna put the roof
on because I don’t think I’ll be able to access these little pieces once the roof
is on and I have concerns that my meat might not stick all that well so I might
do some draping — draping of some meat — like draping of prosciutto because I
want this entire thing covered with meat. Okay, let me go grab the meat. Okay, so
let’s get decorating! I’ve got some mini pepperoni. Have you ever seen these
things before? They’re so stinking cute! So tiny.
Yeah, I’ve got some like salami pieces. I think that’ll be great for the roof and
then I’ve got some prosciutto which I think would look great just covering the
walls; got some meat sticks; and some mozzarella cheese. Let’s whip up our glue.
I’ve got some whipped cream cheese here, and I’m gonna mix that with some Hidden
Valley Ranch powder. I learned this trick when I made my
stacked baloney — you can seen that cake recipe, it’s called the baloney cake — it’s
pretty impressive. So we’re gonna dump that in there. I’m gonna mix that in here.
So I decided to go with the whipped cream cheese because it’s a little bit
lighter in consistency than the regular cream cheese; a bit easier to mix. I don’t really have a plan — I just…I’m gonna do this. Okay, I’ve got
some prosciutto here, that’s ripping on me….
that’s not part of the plan! Ughhh. No, no, no…. That wasn’t part of the plan at all. Okay. Hmm…. So my idea initially was to take the prosciutto, and use that on the sidewalls.
Oh good, they give you little pieces of paper. Okay, so that one did not work. I
did not want the prosciutto to tear, but it did. We’re just gonna peel this
plastic off, and that’s gonna keep our prosciutto whole. So now I’m gonna slather a
little bit of glue on here. Savory glue. YUM! Now we’re gonna apply — look, it’s just
like a decal — just gonna apply that right on there. Peel that off. Boom!
Meat house. So, I’m gonna grab my scissors which are clean… snip that a little bit off. Okay. Look, that’s beautiful. One side complete. Did you ever see that Miranda Sings
video where she and Rachel make gingerbread houses together?
Miranda’s is amazing. She puts eyelashes and cat food….. It was a beautiful, beautiful
house. Okay. Place; peel…. Oh yeah that worked pretty nicely. The prosciutto actually works really nicely as wallpaper — it kind of just
sticks cuz it’s so thin. I’ve got some SPAM, so maybe I’ll use that for windows. I guess it’s not really wallpaper — this
would be siding. That plastic actually is really helpful. It’s so handy. Fold that over…. What do you think? Meat house! Haha! This is pretty gnarly guys. Pretty, pretty gnarly. The
house is covered with prosciutto — looking meaty. So now I’m gonna take some SPAM
and I’m gonna make some windows…. *Bam!* Oh! *whispers* That’s a problem. Pretend you didn’t see that. Take a little bit more glue…. and put that on there like that. Put it on thick. And you just go…..mrrrnp….
right back there. There we are. Nice I think I better get this roof on I
think this roof is supposed to hold things together right right back to the
spam get the spam at the can people like said make a hole in the bottom and it’ll
come right out oh look at that oh yeah SPAM smell like processed meat door meat
door oh this is coming apart okay I think I’ve made things trickier on
myself because by adding needs to everything it’s made the walls heavier
let’s get the other door on boom now I’m going to take some icing and I’m gonna
put a crap-ton of icing on everything like a lot we want to make sure the
tiles are going in the right direction so one here the other one here and add
some pressure and then we’re supposed to use this thing to kind of hold
everything together oh maybe this will work. It feels pretty tight. Oh I like that! That’s great! Okay, I’m sorry I put it now
I’m gonna take some more of this icing and seal our roof here our ridge line is now filled we’re gonna
cover that up all right so a little bit of spooning that’s okay
yay our house is coming together look at the meat house so my younger child is
obsessed with witches and we’ve been recently reading a lot of fairy tales
with witches and summer are really scary he’s totally into it though so this
would be a scary bougie house right you’re like okay and – my wick and
Friends nothing against witches I’m just reading witches from fairy tales to my
son who’s just can’t get enough of them can’t get enough okay I’m gonna continue
to decorate and I’m gonna decorate with one of my favorite decorating tools and
it is this this is easy cheese you can find this here in the US sharp cheddar
and the way this works so you take off the cap and has a little starry tip
already on it and then you just go push mache spray cheese come out oh look at
that it’s not satisfying oh it’s so cute and that nasty kind of
way look it’s kind of like spray inflating foam have you used that stuff
that stuff is so satisfying I think I’m gonna do spam windows glue that one on –
okay now it’s looking like a meat house to make a door knocker I don’t know eyes
that’ll make it look a little too anthropomorphic let’s put a piece of
salami on the top that’ll be like a solder wreath kind of thing going on
this is delicate work guys get the pressure on this nozzle correct it’s
hard I had to put this whole thing in the
frigerator and allow this to set up my Ridge here was starting to separate cuz
I took this off too prematurely especially when I started loading on the
slices of salami it started to go bad so that’s the whole thing about making
gingerbread houses you got a you got to be patient so now I’m gonna remove this
crutch and I’m gonna continue with the shingling of the roof
we’re just overlapping our salami layers here for the top of our roof so add a
little bit of glue on the top here and just dot the top with that okay any
little gingerbread showing I’m gonna cover up with spray cheese. There! all righty my lovelies my meet house is
finally complete so the next time you need a holiday potluck idea well why
don’t you consider bringing one of these oh but I’m so pleased I’m so pleased
that it turned out okay let’s grab one of these and let’s give this a taste I’m
gonna grab a little roof tile off here and have a little cherry tomato, too. Alrighty…. Let’s try the again. Let’s see if I can balance this… Happy Holidays! Itadakimasu! Cracker is too big. Tastes like a water cracker with some
salami which has got that really great cured meat flavor — lots of fat; a little
bit of black pepper — love salami! Have loved it since I was a
child — and you got an actual cherry tomato. I love buying cherry tomatoes
when it’s not tomato season, by the way. I feel like they have the best tomato-y
flavor until you can wait until summer. All righty! So there you have it: the
beautiful gingerbread meat house! Let me know down the comments below if you’ve
ever gingerbreaded before; if so, if you have any tips or tricks. Thank you guys
so much for watching; I hope you guys have a wonderful, beautiful safe holiday
and yeah thanks so much for watching. I hope you guys enjoyed that one. I hope you
guys learned something. Share this video with your friends; follow me on social
media; like this video; and, of course, subscribe, and I shall see you in the
next one! Toodaloo! Take care! Byeee! The meet house. The meat house. The meat house….

100 thoughts on “How to Make a MEAT House – Christmas Recipe

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  7. Years ago they did not have the kits. I tried making the cookies and they always warped. So. I bought the candy house kit they did have. My kind of thing. Sturdy chocolate. Loved it. Lost a piece and quit making them but I remember them fondly. I don,t even do Christmas baking or candy making anymore! So interesting watching this. They need to come up with a frame for the meats. What a wonderful idea!

  8. i mean, you can totally make this using like a savory shortbread instead of gingerbread, and a savory substitute to royal icing. make your chatercurie board just a little more festive these holidays.

  9. my mum always used melted sugar instead of icing as glue! turns out it holds a lot better when you have three kids piling layers and layers of candy decorations on the poor little house

  10. My husband's family has a new tradition where we make cheeseball houses. You put cheese ball in those little cardboard half pint milk cartons to make the house shape, chill them, remove the cartons, and decorate. The decorating often turns into a competition, either solo or in 2- or 3-person teams, and toppings are a free-for-all of anything in the house. My SIL and I won this year and some of our toppings included chia (gravel path), nuts (rocks), bacon (brick siding), celery leaves and split green onions (plants), chex (roof), and pretzel sticks (chimney). So fun.

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    I wish it was made from crispbread or some such and… hmm, whatever would make some spicy or salty glue. Or if that doesn't work/is doable at least something none sweet and if necessary inedible (but easily detachable and with a warning of such provided to every eater).
    Because my idea of such a meat house is to be able to eat the whole thing, from the rooftop down to the foundation… except for the platter it sits on.
    Actually, coming to think of it… there's a lot more stuff that would make it a tasty treat. Olives, pickled or semi dried vegetables and so many cold cuts, and creamy spreads available here in Germany.
    The downside is… I haven't got the time to do it, I haven't the right imagination to actually pull it of, I can't even afford it and I don't have the crowd of people to eat the meaty/spicy mansion that I right now envision and would want to be devoured to the last crumb. And I never would want to let any tasty food go to waste.
    Aaah, the difference between dreams and reality. I hope some day someone does something like that and has the people who literally eat it up.

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  18. yo, you should look up the Portland, OR restaurant Cheese and Crack on instagram, they too made a savory "gingerbread" house using a cracker base and gourmet meats, cheeses, and pickles!

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  20. I mean, for what it is, it's well done! (No pun intended.) I would suggest making it with crispbread, but that stuff's too brittle.
    My husband's parents are from Norway (living in the States now), and we always make gingerbread houses from scratch. They have a mold you press the dough into to make the shapes, and then we put them together and decorate them and they stay up all holiday long.
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