27 thoughts on “How to INVEST your first $1,000 as a MILLENNIAL! ๐Ÿ“ˆ

  1. How do i know whats share bonds or etf coming in market i mean how do i get information about share market.

  2. Hhaha Bitcoin. I think this is a great video many folks will be getting 1000 dollars in the form of tax refunds or working a part time job to help pay off debt. Good starting point.

  3. Love your videos Brandon. It's quite informative. Please make an investment planning video for new immigrants.

  4. I just followed your format being a fellow millenial! With slight change because its 2019 (HXT instead XIC). It would be great if you can update which are the best ETF's right now based on your format.

    Tnx! – subbed!

  5. Good job bro it's really helpful I am 23 will start investing I might ask you questions regarding creating accounts online as i may not be very similar with terminology they use.

  6. I just found your videos, and they are every helpful for me as a Canadian who is new to self-directed investing. One question: Could you explain why someone would buy VFV (a US stock in Canadian funds), rather than the VOO in US funds? I'm investing in a Questade RRSP, and my understanding is that purchasing this in US funds will save on taxes, which over the long run will be more beneficial than the loss of exchange fees. Thank you!

  7. Glad I came by this YouTube channel. Iโ€™m 22 and hardly understand any of this. I definitely need to learn and understand these things better

  8. Any chance on a video about why canadians should purchase u.s etfs vs canadian etfs considering exchange rates etc? I feel theres alot of confusion on thats subject online.

  9. I have a question from a canadian I'm looking at opening questtrade account and I'm not understanding the amount of money I need to start can u clear that up for me

  10. Hey awesome video man!! I just have a question: how could I shave off some money of the evfs after making some profit (for pocket money, etc) ?

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