How to Do a Single Leg Bridge | Thighs Workout

Hey. I’m Layla. And I’m going to show you the single leg bridge. So, you’re going to start off laying down
on your mat. You’re going to bring both legs together,
both feet together with your knees bent. And, for your single leg bridge we’re going
to take one leg out. As you press up you’re going to focus on just
one leg here. Keeping all the way in your heel of the leg
that’s on the floor. And you’re just going to press those hips
up and down. Keeping that leg that’s in the air, keep it
up there. Up and down. Up and down. So, you want to keep the toe pointed on the
leg that’s in the air to really engage that quad on that side. And then, as you press up through the heel
on the opposite leg that’s in the bridge you’re really going to feel this in the glut area,
the hamstring and the quads. So the entire thigh area is working here as
well as the opposite quad on the other side. So, you can do about ten to 12 reps on each
side just taking those hips up and down. Up and down. Other side same thing. Point the toe on the other side. Dig through the other heel. Press the hips up and down. Up and down. Just like that. And that’s how you do the single leg bridge.

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