How To Create: "The Most Advanced 1v1 Arena" (Pt.1) Building the Automatic 1v1 Reset & Starter Box

a lot of you guys have been asking for this video so here it is welcome to my tutorial on how to build the most advanced 1v1 arena this is part 1 of my 2 part series where I'll be showing you how to create some of the most advanced mechanics like the automatic starters box the 1v1 reset function the glass-top viewing deck and how to build the random loadout generator so let's go this tutorial is by far the most requested video I have ever had thank you guys so much for all the love this is why I make maps not only is it fun to do but knowing that other people enjoy playing them makes it all worth it if you guys haven't seen my original most advanced 1v1 Arena video I will leave a link in the top right at your screen make sure you check it out before you watch this video so it all makes sense I was going to try and make this into one video but it would be very long and I felt like breaking it up into two videos will make it more digestible for part one I will cover how to build the automatic 1v1 starter box and how to create the 1v1 reset function and in part two I will show you how to build the glass-top viewing deck and how to build the automatic loadout generator make sure you are subscribed with notifications on so you don't miss part 2 let's get into it and start building the automatic starters box how it works is there is a trigger at the bottom of the ramp when a player steps on it it's nurse a three-second delay and then sends a signal to the barrier to turn it off to reset the barrier that same trigger sends another signal to a music sequencer to play which in turn signals another trigger device that sends a signal to turn back on the barrier that might have sounded complicated but it's pretty simple to do and it's a good segue into learning about triggers and receivers to start go to the creative menu galleries tab and select the indestructible gallery pro tip make a platform out of a basic material and place your assets on it the reason for this is when you are all done creating you just have to delete one piece to delete everything you place on the platform all right now we can start building our 1v1 starter's box place your ramp down and then go to the creative menu under the device tab select the barrier trap place a barrier under each ramp make sure when you place the barrier you are looking in the direction of where the players will start this will make it so you can just copy my barriers settings make the barrier visible whatever color you feel like I made one side blue in the other side red to match the scoreboard colors make sure you select the enable setting block weapons doesn't matter barrier width is one depth is half and height is one adjust these according to your terrain set enabled when receiving from two channel two and disabled when receiving from on channel one next up go to the creative menu under the device tab and select trigger device throw it down and customize it copy these settings trigger by player on trigger by damage off times can trigger infinite delay three seconds this setting is very important this is how much time it takes from when you jump on the ramp to when your barrier drops set reset delays to three seconds as well this will ensure people don't keep resetting the timer trigger sound and trigger visual effects is personal preference I use a music sequencer with music blocks on it to make the audio start timer cue I will show you how to do that later turn visibility in-game off then keep the rest as default and go to the last setting find when trigger transmitter on change it to channel 1 this is the same channel that we set the barrier to turn off you should be all set with settings now let's resize the trigger to make it so no matter where someone lands on the ramp it will start the trigger now if you were to jump on the ramp your barriers should drop after 3 seconds now let's set up the barrier reset function go to the creative menu under the device tab in select music sequencers place it down and customize it keep all the default settings except start sequence when receiving from and select channel 1 next up go to the creative menu and under the device tab and select another trigger device throw it down and customize it keep all default settings except change delay to 3 seconds and when trigger transmen on select channel 2 this should complete your automatic 1v1 starters box and the barriers should go down after 3 seconds and reset itself after 3 seconds if you want to set up audio cubes you just copy and paste trigger device one that's at the bottom of the ramp and keep all the same settings except change delay to none and select when trigger transmitter on and change it to channel 3 next set down another music sequencer all default settings except change tempo to 80 and change start seaman sir when receiving from and select channel 3 now go to the creative menu gallery tab and select music blocks here is a screen shot of the keys that I used feel free to use any sound you want I recommend that you put grid snap on number 1 this will ensure that all your music blocks are evenly placed set your keys down in the music sequence or play area now that should complete the automatic one do one starter box pro tip if you want to make testing your triggers and devices easier go into game settings and set spawn location to current location this setting will make it so when you start the game you'll spawn where you are standing don't forget to change the setting back before you publish though all right now let's build the 1v1 reset mechanic this is a little more complicated but once I show you how it works you'll be like aah how it works is you hit a trigger device which sends a signal for a bot to spawn in with a rocket launcher it also signals a barrier to turn on casing the bot so will not damage anyone or any structure just the build above that square inside the bots enclosure there's another trigger device that is signaled by the damage caused by the rocket launcher that device sends a signal to drop the barrier and turn on a damaged volume trap killing the bot instantly when the bot is killed it sends another signal to turn off the damaged volume you guys got all that if you didn't it's ok I will show you all the steps on how to build it first grab some walls from the indestructible gallery and make an enclosure right in front of the 1v1 ramp go to the creative menu under the device tab and select the century trap place it down and copy these settings the weapons type rocket launcher health 1 no shield never respawn range far accuracy Deadshot target style proximity adaptive aim on team monster spawn on mini game start no spawn when receiving from channel 4 and when eliminated transmitted on channel 6 next step go to the creative menu under the device tab select the barrier trap place the barrier one block under the century select Customize and copy these settings turn barrier enabled to disabled barrier height 2 number 2 set the size of the barrier according to your terrain select enabled when receiving from channel 4 and disabled when receiving from channel 5 next go to the creative menu under the device tab and select the damaged volume and place it on the wall next to the century the century technically kills itself with the rocket-launcher us sometimes there's a bug and it won't actually die so my workaround was to use the damaged device select Customize and leave everything default except for these settings change the depth to 1/2 enable on game start to disabled put enabled when receiving from 2 channel 5 and disabled when receiving from 2 channel 6 now it's time to place some triggers the first trigger will send a signal for the bot to spawn in copy these settings triggered by player off and triggered by damage on don't touch the x can be triggered and delay settings just leave them alone change reset delay to 3 seconds triggers sound and visual effects is up to you now pay attention to these settings visibility and game you can have on or off this setting decides if you want to see the trigger device or not this is how you turn any object into a trigger device just pick any item from the gallery you want and put the trigger on top of it select the visibility saving to off and once the game begins the trigger will go invincible but you can still activate it by damage if you have the visibility off you will want to make sure you have a received damage while invisible setting enabled the last setting you will change is when triggered transmitted on channel 4 so after you have these settings entered you should be able to spawn in a bot when you trigger it we are almost done copy and paste the channel for trigger device and change these settings put delay to one second and change reset delay to none then you can make this trigger visible if you want it doesn't matter it's gonna be inside the box where no one will see it if you keep it invisible just make sure you have received damage while invisible set to take damage the last setting you have to change is when triggered transmitted on channel 5 now place the trigger inside the Sentry BOTS box make sure you place it against the wall towards the ground and or resize it to make it smaller it can block damage and make it so it won't break your 1v1 ramps now all you have to do is copy these settings for the other side and that should wrap up the 1v1 reset mechanic when you hit the trigger it should blow up all your builds and reset your 1v1 match did you guys get all that I hope you did that is part one I really do hope this video helped you guys out if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment and I will try to answer all of them and if you guys use any of these mechanics in your videos I would really appreciate it if you would give me credit all right now it's time for the sell out portion of the video if you guys would like to support me please consider using code amateur at checkout I really appreciate it if you don't use my code make sure you were using someone else's it really helps out a lot if you want to stay up to date on all my maps and learn how to do other cool things in creative make sure you follow me on twitter at immature gamer x and if you want to see the behind the scenes of immature gamer check out my Instagram I post behind the scenes of what goes on in my life and behind the scenes of my creative Maps so if that sounds like your jam then please follow me at immature underscore gamer I will have some links in the description as well that is gonna do it for today's video guys thank you so much for all the love and support I really appreciate it feel free to leave a comment I try and read all comments and reply to them go ahead and press that like button it really goes a long way and as always I challenge you to go to a smaller Channel and like one of their videos and leave a nice comment if you like their stuff then subscribe make someone's day I hope you all have a great week and that is it for this video I am immature gamer and I'm out make sure you subscribe so you don't miss any new videos and thank you for watching [Applause] [Applause] you

25 thoughts on “How To Create: "The Most Advanced 1v1 Arena" (Pt.1) Building the Automatic 1v1 Reset & Starter Box

  1. For people who are having issues with the 1v1 Reset. The bot will shoot in the direction you are standing. That is why I place the reset button near the middle of the 1v1 starters box. It also helps to have at least 2 players on your map. It's not guaranteed to work 100% of the time. It's not perfect but it does work. I would suggest when you start your 1v1 battle JUST place down a ramp under the reset area. That will make it more effective.

  2. I’m not hating but whenever I start the 1v1 and the walls drop I can’t get threw the barrier I’ve done everything u said I promise?

  3. Nah bro you should have kept some stuff to yourself. You worked hard on that and just to show others. But thanks for making i like that map i use everytime

  4. I left creative and when I came back a couple hours later and started a match to try it the kill barriers on the bots didn't go off please help

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