Hi this is Ron from Ron’s Tron Tutorials. Today I would like to show how I convert a
cheap LED projector into a pretty good home cinema projector. For this I use the Excelvan CL720D for about
150 $. It has all sorts of connections, but I actually only need the HDMI port because
I will hook the projector up to the PC, to play movies mostly. Analog inputs and USB connections as well
as the built-in speakers I will not use. This Keystone lever is a mechanical trapezoid
adjustment for the image. However, the image becomes blurred either
at the top or at the bottom, since the lens can no longer focus the picture evenly. I will therefore not use the mechanical keystone. This is not a problem because I will place
the projector in front of the screen in the middle. The projector has a nice bright picture and
the resolution of 720 pixels works fine for me for now. The picture is excellent for the price. Most important for a home cinema projector
is of course a silent fan. I will measure the noise 3 ft from the projector. It is 38 dB. Or course this is way too loud. I am going to replace the built-in low-cost
fans with better quality PC fans. To do this, I turn the device around and take
out all the philips screws to open the case. Be careful when removing the cover because
the control panel is connected to the board with a cable. Here you can see how the image is directed
through a mirror to the lense and then to the wall. Behind the mirror is where a radial is located
which brings the air to the LCD panel to cool it. In front of the panel you can see the keystone
lense, which I think is useless. The air then continues into the rear housing
and is then pushed out by a second fan. Here I have cut out the plastic slats of the
housing to have as little air resistance as possible. That helps a little bit, but it’s still really
loud. Both fans are therefore being replaced and
I start with the radial fan. To do this, I take off a part of the housing
to get to the screw. Then it is easy to get it out. I will replace it with an 80mm BeQuiet fan. It is important that the fan is inserted the
right way around so that it pushes air in and not out. The arrows on the fan help. Because the new fan is axial and not radial
i have to change the housing slightly. I just use cardboard and double-sided tape. I form a cardboard funnel, so that the new
fan can bring the air nicely into the corner and behind the aperture. I cut off the old fan cable so that I can
connect the new fan. The new fan has a third cable for temperature
control, this cable is not connected. Now the second fan is replaced. Here I need a 92mm fan. So far I’ve had good results with the Pure
Wings from BeQuiet. Here I also remove a part of the case, then
the fan cover can easily be removed. It is important that the new fan is the same
size as the old one, so that it fits exactly. Here also the air flow direction must be checked
during installation. The metal cooling ribs ensure cooling of the
LED chip. For a test, I turn the projector on and check
the functions of both new fans. Both fans run fine. Now everything can be reassembled and the
case can be closed again. There will be another video soon on how to
mount the projector bracket. At a distance of 3ft the noise test now only
shows 18 dB, which is really nice and quiet. The fan conversion for about 20 € was worth
it. With the new bracket, the beamer is located
centrally in front of the screen and the keystone does not need to be used. I spent about 200 bucks total for this setup. I am very satisfied with the result and hope
this video helps as many viewers as possible save money. Please give me a like and share this video
if you liked it. Thank you for watching and please don’t forget
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    J'ai acheté les ventilateurs, je les ai mis en place. Super plus aucun bruit … par contre après 10 seconde une brûlure apparaît sur le coté gauche de l’écran. J'ai immédiatement coupé l'alim. J'ai relancé l'appareil après avoir vérifié que les ventilos tournaient, même problème. Heureusement que la brûlure n'est pas irréversible, mais bon ça doit pas lui faire du bien pour autant.
    Résultat: j'ai remis le ventilateur 80 mm d'origine. Je conserve le second de 90 en espérant que ça ne prenne pas feu… .

  2. This projector colors is valid only for old movies and cartoons for kids. But i still will keep it, for summer house, as it still better than laptop or 32" tv.

  3. If you had added a bit of foam projecting go horizontally from the outside of the casing the fan sound on both intake and out-take would reduce by another 30% or so… Maybe another $5 for parts. That would bring it down to 12db to 13 db. The sound level would be the same leaving the unit but absorbed by the foam and converted to kinetic energy. But I noticed the other side is pointing away from potential users and would be absorbed further by some foaming on the wall. Might get another 3-4db there.

    Ugly perhaps I know but just saying…. Hey… Its worth a go.

  4. Dont try that mod with silent fans, turn the screen black after 30 mins…. by the way this projector is crap by its own, dont spend your money on this

  5. A éviter a tous prix ! J'ai claqué 20€ pour que l'écran noircisse après 2min car le ventilo de 80mm ne permet pas de remplacer le ventilo "radial" qui envoie beaucoup plus d'air .
    Je vais essayer de garder le silence que les ventilos apportent en rajoutant un ventilo sous le LCD et un autre a la place des speakers

  6. hi i have the cl760d and i would have changed the fan to have less noise but mine is 3 pin connector and the noctua i have bought by misstake is 4 pin its impossible to plug it.did you comfirm me that your 92mm fan be quiet is 3 pins or you must to cut an adapt it?

    thanx a lot for your quick answer

  7. I just bought one, and I overcame the fan noise by adding two 5000 watt speakers. Now the ice cream man complains about me!

  8. if noise is the problem, and considering the location of the projector is above.. I'd cover the cooling fan hole with a tube like damper/sponge.. it doesnt affect the opening but absorb some of the noise

  9. I think you are a really good narrator. I don't see how two fans make your cheap projector a better one, for that to happen I think you need some things like a top lightbulb and great lenses (like Carl Zeiss from Sony for example). But aside that i liked your video a lot, your voice is pleasant, your articulation in great and your filming is clear. 2 thumbs up from me!

  10. does anyone have a workable method to reduce the fan noise and the heat if that's possible ? I bought this projector but in 9m square room, even a soundbar couldn't handle those problems..

  11. Thanks for the tutorial bro. Can I ask, if the replacement fan has a lower CFM than the in built one, would it still work?

  12. i have the same projector i have an issue after 1 year that i dont use it, it wont turn on, if i press turn on button it does not nothing.

  13. The Fans is Loud because thats maiby Cheap or the another reason is thats need enough flow Power to keep cooling,
    You Can buy expensive Fans or use the same Cash and buy a beter quality Home Cinema Beamer…..
    I Choice the seconnd idea……

  14. see i was just going to pay $100 dollars more and get something decent and reliable,but that cardboard wind tunnel blew me away not to mention cutting big chunks from the caseing! WTF ron, flammable material inside a high heat electrical unit!

  15. The title bit misleading, close to click bait. To say you change something to a better product, when all you did is quite the fan? You could have taken the housing off, taken one of the fans out of the scenario and just left the housing off. This would have not only quieted the fan noise, it would have cost you no money, and I guarantee the working temperature would have been cooler. A temperature you did not bother to take, before or after. Better?

  16. I installed 33 Ohm 5W resistors in series with my fans to reduce their noise. Works great. I also tried to shift the lens 1 cm up (down for ceiling mounted) to reduce the blur by reducing the required amount of keystone, which worked, but only a little.

  17. I brought one of these and swapped the fans out for two old vacuum cleaner motors with noisy bearings and now I can watch films with sub titles.

  18. Μην τολμησεται να αντικαταστησεται τουϛ ανεμηστηρεϛ .Θα καψεται τον προτζεκτορα!

  19. Changing the stock ducted type centrifugal fan for a standard radial one will most likely lead to reduced airflow across the lcd/polariser. Ultimately the Lcd will fail prematurely (pixel failure/polariser yellowing). Did you check the airflow over the lcd before and after? Same goes for fitting a 'quieter' fan for the led cooling. Quieter may not mean the same or more cfm to cool the lamp. Only time will show if the mods were worth it.

  20. Thank you very much, it will help for my video projector CL760. Many people say that the CL760 works great but it makes noise. I paid 109 euros in France.

    Best wishes for this new year 2019

  21. "Cheap LCD projector for 150$"

    I bought a 1080p one for 49€ a few months back.
    I wanna change the horrible fan it has, the rest works great.

  22. I guess your profession is not something with repairing electronics… I REALLY HOPE NOT! I was just for seeing the chain saw and cutting the fan out.
    The idea to change the fan is great, but the warranty is gone of too.

  23. Me thinks he should only replace second fan which is the same size. The cardboard stuff I don’t like. Or maybe disconnect first fan and mount other outside the projector?

  24. unfortunately this is wrong and very dangerous. DO NOT replace the turbine fan! the LCD needs the air forced over its surface or it will fry. The appropriate way to do this is decrease the voltage for both fans. get the smallest step down buck regulator and reduce voltage to 7-8V and you will hear nothing. Needless to say you get some 5000 hours of your LED instead of 20000. But at least it is nice hours in silence

  25. Waste of time if you`ve got a decent surround system you`re not even gonna hear the fans – i have a budget led projector and the pic quality is amazing for the price…if it fails i`ll buy another one

  26. Without a dought, these are some suitable modifications for this projector, but I can't really say that 200 bucks are worth it for a 150 projector… I have an Epson eh-tw7200 and I have spent 30 bucks for constructiing a extracting/retracting mechanism so that it can hide inside a closet. My point here is that you should spent 30 bucks buying wooden parts and creating a stand of your own. 170 bucks for a stand is a lot…

  27. Also wondering if there's an effective method to take blower fan apart to clean (i just used compressed air). i know you can get wheel out (the dustiest part) and its wire electronic free so water could get thick dust off wheel (saw crappy just pics video on YT). But blower doesnt have screws holding it together, but really tight snap parts, so dont want to break snapclip things. Also then i could grease wheel motor cylinder. Amazingly you're the only video on youtube taking this model apart (& clone), cant even find fan cleaning

  28. The video title is supposed to say “HOW TO CHANGE MOISY COOLING FAN TO A QUIET ONES..btw it’s a cool video.

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