How to construct angle of 30 degree using Compass

welcome to educational channel this video I am going to explain you how to construct an angle 30 degrees using compass so under 30 degrees now we need to construct using compass I'll show you so we'll take one line segment first base B so a B is there a no hungry be a some point see any the angle should be 30 degrees okay first of all we need to construct that thing means we need to construct 60 degrees so 60 degrees is take the point with some reasonable degrees draw an arc okay now from the point where it intercepts on this particular train from there without changing this radius again cut that now this is actually 60 degrees we know already this a point and this point if we join now 60 degrees will come so I don't want to 60 no I need only 13 so now this is 60 degree mark and this is zero degree mark these go town to buy signal angle bisecting so from here so any radiation should take and fix that from here draw an arc from the point okay and same radius from the down awesome and that means this is 60 degrees mark and this is 0 0 to 60 in that I have to bisect that's what 16 0 if you bisect it with more than enough to arcs that a gentle point that's it now that two points to join this is centered and this 30 there's so no need of constructing 60 separately so directly this is a 30 degree so I mean we can use it check its protract also keep your butt right here and we'll show exactly 30 degree slide this is a zero degree and finally 30 degrees so without constructing directly 60 only 60 mark you are taking and this pose will bisect thank you one more example I'll show you to take you now this is a line segment at this point I want 30 degrees is it so what our shape oh not only I mean the also till even whatever type of line also you can do 30 degrees from here some reasonable radius draw an arc and from here draw that that is 60 degree smart and now 0 and 0 60 0 and 60 again you have to bisect so take here and from here then you can join with this lines no this is now 30 degrees so not only what you can even or Zartan over the right they can do the same method so this is the way we can do angle 30 degrees using compass

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