How To Build EVERYTHING in Tranzit Black Ops 2 (Tips And Tricks)

my god give me that Emma oh my god ducks can die shoot all zombies oh my god like a boss a duck's opinion quack quack quacks hey is anyone else what's up guys a duck opinion here and I'm gonna do this full guide pretty much I'm gonna kind of chop it up and show you guys some fudge already done and show you guys some new footage as well of every single part that you can make in black ops 2 trinsic mode and like every single part so the first part you want to realize and make is this fan and these parts will be in the same place every time the fan will everytime be right there the dull thing will be everytime on the map and the last piece you need is kind of really small to see until you actually know for sure what it is but it will always be over here by the phones it's right there and so this makes a turn and this does this probably does the most that anything does besides like the power switch and pack-a-punch but like this powers a lot of stuff it opens up a lot of random doors such as this one it opens up the power door soon and also it just opens up a lot of stuff it also powers a lot of stuff you can make and you can also power up perks with it so the turn is a very important thing and it should be one of the first things you make so you don't end up spending 750 on this door for pretty much nothing so that's pretty much it for this particular thing called a turbine but I'm going to show you how to make the rest of the stuff it might be in older videos it might be in new videos but we are going to make this one video show you guys how to make everything so let's continue on and so the next part is the zombie shield that you will find in the diner slash gas station and the first part will be right here or you'll find it right there now to put together this part we're going to run back to the area and I'm going to show you what it makes and how to use it and it should be pretty pretty interesting so you come over here and put this part together now the last part you're looking for is a car door it'll be in one of two places they'll be on this wall in this in this building somewhere or it will be in this bathroom so let's go put this card or piece together and I want to show you what we get out of it we fit in zombie shield now I want to show you how this zombies shielding works now you can hold it in front of zombies and you can just hit it you can hit it over and over and you will not get hurt I think this works with multiple zombies as well but the thing about it is it will break down eventually like it's doing right now it will break down it will tear apart and before you know it you don't have a zombie shield this zombie is really slow though he's really stupid but as you see it broke so that's how to make the DeJong be shield the next thing we are going to make is the turrent what's up guys duck opinion here and today I want to quickly show you how to make the turrent now it's in the farm so you want to jump off the farm and there is three pieces we need to put together to make a turret so one is a lawn mower it can um it could be in a number of places but mine was in the garage nothing ROG but the shed why am i going at a garage probably because I'm saying lawn more and it just seems like a be in a garage but it could also be over here past the shed type garage thing and it can also be over here by the house it has a few locations just look around and you will find it the next thing we need to find will be located inside the house and it is ammo for the turret so put on the piece and must look for the ammo now can be on any of these little shelves and it could also be in this corner but after looking for a minute I have discovered that mine was on the table right over here by the TV which was right next to the build station so you can get pretty lucky and grab that stuff pretty quick so like I said it could be on their shelves upstairs in the corner or where those TVs are so the last thing is a gun to actually control the window so it can actually shoot the turret so the gun can be in the farm I did go into the farm and look around it could be on upstairs or downstairs barrels but mine was over here by the box location it could also be there those are the three places it can be upstairs in the farm or downstairs on barrels or it can be the by box location like mine was so let's put it together and grab it you will need a turbine to power it and I kind of it kinda it's kind of weird because I wish it would just kind of power self because the turbine after a while kind of breaks down and doesn't work and will lose power and it's kind of sketchy but I do like this turn it is pretty cool so I'm going to show turn a little bit in action here and I hope this video helped I hope you guys can go make some cool turns and uh find a good spot to defend yourself maybe you can get three players to have turrets and you can get one player to have an electrical power source such as the turbine and you can just put it down and make it really cool montage of you owning people with the turret so the turns cool and all I like to turn this is actually that was the last thing I learned how to build and I built everything but it and I was like what there's a turn so that's really really cool but this next thing I want to show you is of course how to build one of the major things in the entire game that you're pretty pretty hopeless about and that is the power switch so you can turn on lis power and I'm going to show you the video I made for that and I hope it helps as well so here it is so I'm going ahead and jump down here and show you how it is if you dolphin dive which is this if you do that down it will kill you so make sure you just jump down it now we're looking for three parts one of the parts can be here which it is it's this part one of the parts can be right there which is is the hand it can also be right here and the part can be right here the hand can also spawn right at these stairs and they can also have a part that spawns right over here so the workbench is here and want to put together three parts there's the the part that goes on top of the power right there there is the leather part which is the leather parts usually in this room it's usually on this this or this but all those spots I shown you they will have the parts like no matter how many there will be random where they put them but they will be close and they will all be in this area so let me go up here and grab this finger which I'm just or it's actually a hand always call it a finger cuz it looks so small but it's actual hands so now that we have that we need to make our way back and put the stinkin hand in the bench and make it where it pulls down the leather now when you do this the zombies will die when you turn on the power if they're inside the power room but they're inside this little room with you they will not so that activated the power now you can turn on the power now and you can also turn off the power but you can only turn it on and off once each round so we're going to go ahead and turn it on and we're going to keep it on because it is the power but the next thing that I'm going to show you guys of how to make is the electrical trap so let's move on to that what's up guys – duck opinion here and it's getting to the point in transit where we are we did so much stuff that there's got to get rid of the minor stuff now so we're going to put together this electrical table so if you go to the power station and turn on the power I don't think think yet turn on the power but you can start putting together these pieces there is a battery and there also is a board and there is this like little like broken light thing now these can be at random places all around these areas and I've seen them all in extremely random places they can be anywhere but they will be in this area when you're looking so keep that in mind and just keep looking around and build up these parts there's only three so we have two now when I first thought about this electrical light I was thinking it was for the him the electrical guy and you could somehow capture them but it appears it's not so here's that other piece I don't know this like a mirror speaker I don't know what this thing is but let's go install it so like I said I'm not exactly sure what this electrical thing does I know it kills the zombies and hurts them but if you see this piece right here this is for the quote-unquote wonder weapon on this map and I have a video of how to make that as well then I will link you guys in descriptions so let's put together this electrical light and let's try it out so it drops my turbine when I pick it up because you can't hold two things but the turbine also powers it so I'm going to put it here it's powered by the turbine and let's see how it effects a zombie the very very slow zombie so it pretty much just kills them when they attack it I'm not sure how much it could take out but that is ly power electric trap so up next we're going to show the quote wonder weapon for the Easter Egg which is the super weapon so let's move on to that and today I'm going to show you how to build the jet gun so you want to go to the power place and you'll get this cord it can be on there it can be over here it could be anywhere inside the power area it could even be on this barrel but you want to get this cord now you may be like why'd you get the cord first and not the actual jet engine well it's just a jet engine at the start and you'll end up having to go back and get it anyway so you might want to get that to the second piece and let's get the cord for the first piece so you want to go ahead and uh put two cord on the table here in the town it is the only area that you can assemble the jet guns and there we go we have the outline of it already done now this did take me a good 45 minutes to do solo and to be honest this gun is not worth it but I still want to show it to you guys because it is kind of a weapon so um this is where the actual jet engine is it can be anywhere in this area can be in this corner it can be up on the balcony it can be over by these cars and on this and this let's play it was by the cars so like I said you can get this part first but I'd recommend getting the chord first because you still have to go turn on the power and all that stuff and you just end up dropping the jet engine piece and it's kind of a hassle so I'd recommend getting it second so once we got these two pieces one being in the power area one being in the tunnel we can assemble the half of the jet engine there's four pieces so now we're going to need the gauge and like the grip and the the little gauge thing is inside the Hunter's cabinet now the hunters cabinet is very close to where the town is you kind of run back in to the town you run in kind of opposite way that the bus comes in and you keep left and you just keep on like keeping left you keep on looking to the left you'll see some fire you'll see the axe and you will see the hunters cabin it is actually really close to the town and it's not that hard to get to but it took me a minute and then I found the piece was sitting right there on the table so um try to try to watch out for the zombie runners you guys have because I almost went down but I had jug so we're okay they also have to go a knife here and so let's get out of this very scary demon Jason from Friday 13th cabinets and let's go put the third piece on the jet engine so back into town I'm going to place the third piece on so there is one more piece and it's in a knotch dirt and totin which is a another hidden place which I'm going to do a I'm going to do a video after this about a few hidden places I'm going to show off four things it kind of look suspicious to me that could possibly be strengths I'm not sure but we'll talk about that in the next video so let's go to a key no not key no let's go to knotch not stir and totin I don't know how they know these dams on maps maybe they should start naming them basic American hips but when you're in the field going between the farm and the town you will see the green light and that's really good indicate to jump out there's this white car it's kind of piled up in a few cars that's the road you want to go down you want to go completely straight until you see the only left turn now it's left turn it's kind of hard to see but the left turn will lead you to a notch door on totin and in here which is the very first zombie map ever made the quote-unquote prototype for world at war we will find the leather that we need to hold which is right here on this table so let's pick up that piece and now that is all for the pieces now all we have to do is return back into town and put together this quote-unquote Wonder weapon now I say quote unquote wonder weapon because I'm going to show you why I don't think it's a wonder weapon all this is is a piece for the Easter Egg on one of the sides it's the easy side Easter Egg and there's a hard side and this is a piece for the hard side of the Easter Egg which I'm not sure I might try to cover one day but as of now I'm still trying to the easy side these Trig's pretty much a pain in the ass but we now have the gun made but this is not a Wonder weapon this thing will explode instantly and you see it sucks in and the gauge goes up if the gauge goes up into the red it will explode into pieces and you have to pick up the pieces and put them back together which I will show you here in a second but you pretty much just have to wait until the gauge goes down before you can in fact use this and this is how it works it kind of just sucks the zombies in and destroys them now I was trying to make a crowd of zombies and to see if it like sucks in a big crowd but this thing is a really really bad gun it's not that great it like it blows up almost instantly but you can get a good few zombies in but this thing it doesn't affect the max ammo the gauge doesn't and the gauge does not go down fast enough it stays really close to the red and then once you get it close enough as you see here it blows into a bunch of pieces now it sets the pieces on fire and you can pick them back up and put them back together I've done this and I found all three of the pieces pretty much right next to each other they didn't really respawn but the very last piece I found it kind of got buggy it kind of got thrown into a table and I was not able to put back together this gun so once you get it and you put it together it's really kind of a one-time-use thing and it's a really shitty gun and I don't consider it a wonder weapon I don't consider this a wonder weapon at all it's not a wonder weapon it is a build weapon and it is a really shitty build weapon at that but I did want to show you guys how to build it as you see here the last piece I couldn't find it but it was like sitting here like glitched on the table by the teddy bear not sure what happened there but I couldn't get it and I could not put the gun back together but that is how you make the jet gun the quote-unquote Wonder weapon though I don't consider it a Wonder weapon but I'm sure a lot of people do but that is how you make that little jet gun thing it's pretty cool is a pretty long little video there but we are moving on to the table that you need to put together for the easter egg so let's move on and check that out so first thing you should do is the first piece of the easter egg you need to grab is a meteor it is in front of the bus and it is right over here I will grab it and Jonathan here will take the ladder now me and him did do this part and it was really fun and right at the end we forgot a piece so I had to do it alone but most of the footage is going to be of what made him did and then at the end I'll show you footage of when I did it solo from what I understand you might not be able to do the Easter Egg Solo because there's a step where you need to have four players maybe I can do it solo I'm not exactly sure but this step I'm showing you right now that is step one putting together this table is you can do it solo or co-op and once you do this step if you do it online it will save your progress in your online profile so you guys might want to come over here and turn on the power now the step doesn't actually require you to turn on the power the actual easter egg we're going for you have to actually have the power off but it's just a little more helpful I face down the power and you have to come this way anyway because you need to find a board and it could be down there which I will show you guys shortly so I want to show you where you need to go so when you're coming back from the power area they'll be these crops and jump out where the light is a little green light is and you'll see this volcanic eruption and you want to go down the hole now you want to come up here and go right right left so I'm going up here and I'm going right and then right again and then just keep left now you can like you know you gotta swipe these guys five times to kill them or you can just turn around and shoot them but we eventually just end up here inside this little area where there is a radio tower now here in the radio tower is where we are going to assemble this table now this table is really hard to place down it's really hard to see there is no workbench it's just there so I don't know if this is going to be something I don't know it's just it's hard to find so it took me a little while to get this and it took me even longer in solo mode but we do eventually find it so this Easter Egg is really complicated and like I said I think I will need four players to do it I will try it solo though first and see if it's possible I'll rerecord it and we'll do jump cuts and I will show you all the good parts but we just placed it down it works so we got to find some more pieces and I will show you where they are so there is a piece here this is the tunnel in between the starting area and inside the cafe between there so it will either be there inside the tunnel or the the plywood piece that you need can also be down here in the power area it could be right there so those are the two places I found it so excuse me so ball means get that and then go place it back into the place where the radio tower is the next spot is over here in the farm you need to open the farmhouse and it will be right here on the left side of the fridge this thing right here now sometimes it's not there I am Not sure I apologize if you know where it is when it's not there leave in the comments but I'm not sure if that is so the last piece that we need after you get the little buttons of the farm hopefully there is inside the gas station it's usually on top of this cabinet but if it's not on top of the cabinet then ill be at um the very first zombie map ever made up from world at war and that map is a hidden East dragon here so it can be there if the radio is not already here so we have all the parts let it simple at all and there we go we now officially have put this together and we can hear and bitch about the Easter Egg so now that we have shown you how to put together the table for the Easter Egg let's show you how to pack a punch let's do this black ops 2 so what you want to do is you have to turn on the power first but on this spot right here you're going to need to have a turbine put here to activate the juggernaut door to open so we had to put up with this electric guy through a little bit of drama before we had to leave this spot he's got a pain in the ass but he's kind of cool at the same time but uh more about the electric guy later when figure out his story moving on I had to run through the area but I did make it into town and Juneau stayed behind so when you get into town you want to use grenades on the safe door inside the bank and now blast the first door open and this will reveal the deposit and withdrawal bank accounts you can deposit and withdrawal money and you want to blow store up as well on the we pass it and withdraw money if you play online and you die with deposited money and you come back you can get that money a different game so when you're here you want your buddy to place down a term lent in a different spot here the air power has to be on but when they do that this door will open like this so I'm not sure if you can do this solo like if you can open up this area and then go place the turbine and then come back I will try to do that later and see if we can but you end up in this area over here when your buddy places down that turbine and you pretty much find the pieces to put together pack-a-punch now if I'm able to do this like I said a minute ago if I'm able to go here and open it up with the grenades and go back and place down a turbine with like a crawler and then if I come back with a door be open now that's possible then hell yeah that's pretty awesome how you get pack-a-punch because i could do that solo but if you can only get pack-a-punch with people that i don't think it's really as worth it because then you're like shit how am I going to pack about solo but I'm sure there's a way to do it solo and I'll be doing that later on and that's pretty much it we're gonna put together the rest of this pack of punch we're gonna pack a punch this gun and I'm going to go back into town I'm going to show you guys some footage of me F and stuff up with this gun because this is my favorite gun on black ops 2 besides box weapons this is my favorite like gun that you can get on the wall and it's pretty beast especially when upgraded I also do know I might be doing a video about it not sure but you can pack a punch over and over and over but what I've learned about it is when you pack a punch for a second and third time it costs two thousand and only switches your sight it doesn't give you any more ammo so let's move on to the very last thing that we can actually build which is putting the bus together so here we are and I want to show you the very first spot out of four that you can find bus parts for are at the very entrance you open this up the turbine and there one is right there I'll be right on the left before you leave and yeah you this is a pretty awesome spot that can get you on top of the roof I will show you where to put all the pieces to a bus but these are the last pieces you can actually put together we went over every single last thing in transit so you put it right there and let me show you the next spot let's get this done I'm ready to move on it's like a 22 minute video so the next area is over here in the gas station slash diner area in the back here and this spot actually didn't have anything there's four spots and only three places so one of the spots won't have anything and all will be random rise so the next spot we go to will be leaf farm now right in front of this big semi-truck is this little area you can only get into a turbine you can only get in these areas turbines you can't buy them and there'll be this ladder so there's also the Galvin Knuckles back there if you were wondering but let's go show you guys where these ladders come in at so the ladder is pretty much you put it on the opposite side of the bus so if you can't get to the bus say if you're in the Power area or addy town you can't get to the other side of the bus without this ladder so it's really helpful and then you can also jump into this piece and you can also jump up so these two pieces kind of go together it's really helpful let me show you guys where the last pieces to the bus the last piece is in the city and the very back here where they have pack-a-punch and tombstone if you're not playing solo like I am and it's this door right here it's the only door that is back here and so and when you can open with a turbine without any money and there go to the grill that is all four locations of where the three parts could potentially be you put the grill in front of the bus and if you get all these parts which is pretty simple to do in one game it will give you an achievement for it so let's run over here and put this part on the grill so this was a huge video of collaboration videos that I made for a lot of cards went over the turbine the zombie shield deterrent the power switch the electrical trap the super gun weapon whatever you want to call it wheeler the table for the Easter Egg the pack-a-punch and all the bus station parts and I am almost 99% positive that small you can build that is it so I hope this helped you guys out and if I missed one thing which I'm pretty sure I have it leave in the comments let me know but thank you so much for watching this huge like 24 minute video and I'll tell you guys later peace

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  1. God damn the old zombies was good more creative, creepy and exciting now its like an overstale series lack luster in shit with an overtop hud that fills the screen

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    Still play Tranzit with my friend though lmao

  3. I miss tf out of black ops 2 when it first came out! Like the unknow factor and having fun unwrapping the new maps when they came out. I know that I could just play black ops 4 and do the same thing but I mean it’s not like the old times. Now they just give you the maps ahead of time and just say here expect nothing more!

  4. If the fuse box is not by the farm…it can be found in the town at the back by the fence where the box sometimes.spawns

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