How To Build A Minecraft Modern House (Minecraft House Tutorial Timelapse Animation)

hey guys it’s captain Fluffy’s here and
today we’re gonna be showing you how to make a modern house in Minecraft now
before we get started I just wanted to warn you guys about a couple of things
first now what I say to build seven blocks across that is the entire block
count total so say I also go a total of seven blocks in this direction so like
seven blocks total but you’re only placing six blocks this also applies to
when you’re building up so if I were to build seven blocks up it would be the
same thing so you place the six blocks and it’s seven blocks told hopefully
that clears up just a little bit of confusion speaking of building up make
sure you build this entire build three blocks up than what you normally would
go to at because in the future we’re gonna add some depth to the ground so
that it doesn’t look so bland and it’s just sitting there if you guys are
curious I am using a shaders pack I’ll link it down in the description if you
guys want to download that so starting this build off you’re gonna want to
build eleven blocks in the right and down directions then you’re gonna build
twenty-one blocks in the right direction followed by eight blocks in the upward
Direction nine blocks in the right direction 20 blocks in the downward
direction and remember it’s 20 blocks total but you’re only placing 19 more
blocks followed by 40 blocks in the right direction making sure that both
sides line up and finish it off with 23 more white concrete blocks now I usually
like to start off with the basic outline on the bottom first
and then work my way up so as for the vertical part here you’re gonna want to
build up seven blocks and then go up one more block and outline the entire thing
just like you did it on the bottom except for these four pillars right here
usually when I’m building things my creative mind is just like oh what’s
this shiny thing so I’m very sorry in advance for the things that I ended up
deleting but I will try to let you guys know like oh hey don’t build this then
you’re gonna want to build these four pillars seven more blocks even though
you see me outlining this section here actually don’t do that now starting with
the second story of the bill so essentially it should be seven grass
blocks in between these two white pills and then you’re gonna want to build
twelve blocks and do the exact same thing on the other side these are what
the dimensions should end up being moving on to the third story of this
build you’re gonna want to build these four
pillars up seven more blocks go ahead and ignore that third bottom outline we
ain’t gonna use that thing bye Felicia now I’ve always built minecraft houses
in the past but I’ve never actually shared it with the world because I guess
my anxiety is like oh my god it’s so stupid so if you guys do enjoy this
build I really preciate it if you leave a like
subscribe because I will be doing more minecraft fields in the future and I’m
really excited for what this channel is gonna turn out to be now I always like
to play in the color scheme of my houses before I actually build them and for
this house we’d be using the colors white black and gray because white black
and gray are like best colors with this house and what you see I’m doing here is
basically just outlining the bottom sections with the gray raising up
everything three blocks so that it looks more natural and doesn’t look you know
ugly cuz we can’t be bothered with ugly things and mankind sorry you got a
little bit carried away there after you finish that you’re basically gonna want
to build out the roof or the first floor now what I’ve seen for modern builds is
that they usually have just this very clean aesthetic look and when it comes
to that in Minecraft everything can kind of look a little blocky and weird if
you’re not you know careful so I really tried to add some detail by adding
different shades of blocks that’s why you see me struggling here with the door
so much because I didn’t exactly know how I was going to build this out and
make it look cool and also modern at the same time using a mixture of glass panes
and glass blocks really helps add this depth to the windows that you can’t get
anywhere else when I first started this field I wanted to incorporate some sort
of glass balcony and I struggled with the dimensions for the longest time and
I actually had to reconfigure the top portion just a little bit and bring the
second floor in one block on both sides so that the top outline of the roof
would merge into the top section of the house but in the end it should be 17
blocks across for the longest section of this house and then go in one block and
over one block and in one more block I don’t know I’ve never seen a house with
a glass roof like this so it was pretty cool and it’s pretty unique and I never
done something like this before I’ve also never done a minecraft tutorial
before so bear with me and what I’m doing here I’m basically just trying to
add as much detail as possible into the house so that it doesn’t have that
blocky feel to it I ended up deleting the bottom half of these windows and
actually putting in a/c for captain fluffy but if you guys don’t want to put
a letter feel free to build it just like you see
here but you know party in the fraud business in the bag I also wanted to
include a balcony with the pool in some way shape or for what I usually like to
do is just build the basic structure of the house first and then work my
away from their constantly adding detail along the way and by the end of it you
have something that has so much detail and it’s like oh my god how did I do
that feel free to pause this video if you
ever get lost with the dimensions or how something should load now like I said
this is kind of like a tutorial slash time lapse video so I do move around to
odd without regards of like staying in one section for an entire moment for as
you see here I ended up moving on to the chimney which is also 11 blocks up and
totally I didn’t quite like the red brick aspect so I ended up just making
it completely black and I’ve also been so fascinated with just modern
architecture in general and the clean look that it has yea traditional houses
are cool in Minecraft too but like what you hardly ever see in Minecraft is like
a modern house I was gonna do a CF for Captain Fluffy’s but that felt too
narcissistic so I did it but honestly when you’re adding detail to a house
just do whatever you feel like doing it also like experiment with like different
blocks and if it doesn’t work it doesn’t work there’s no big deal moving on to
the roof a lot of modern houses have this flat room and in Minecraft that can
be a little bland sometimes we’ll get to the roof part later just like you would
add volume to your hair you’re gonna want to add volume to this roof but you
know me I’m kept in Fluffy’s and I saw something shiny and I wanted to build
the landscape and I wanted to build these cool little modern Minecraft light
posts with inverted daylight sensors course slabs and redstone lamps I think
it turned out pretty cool and when you turn off all the lights at night the
spooky things go away cuz the lights come on I also wanted to include a
different color into this color ski and I figured what a better way to add half
slabs on the side of the house so that this house doesn’t look as depressing as
it could be you know me stressed and depressed all the time maybe that’s why
I like Minecraft modern houses so much I also replaced some of the windows with
black stained glass so that it kind of matches the chimney aspect I’m moving on
to the roof I don’t really know what to call this I guess like these air vents
in a way I don’t know they look cool I don’t really know what to describe it as
I also wanted to bring out the second floor ceiling out just a little bit and
I decided to do this part out of Liam and it actually ended up looking pretty
cool is where I brought up a 2×2 pillar and
up and over and back down to the bottom for it really added that layer of depth
that the back section was looking for and all I really did for this back part
is add some floor-to-ceiling windows and bring out this section here out one
block and I also don’t do the interior of this house because I’ve never really
been interested in designing interiors of houses I’ve always been more
interested in like exterior architecture when it comes to a goating inside I get
so bored so quick leaving on to the side of the houses I wanted to also kind of
bring that pillar-like aspect I did with the top half of the house and bring down
the black aesthetic of the roof here it just really adds that just pop of detail
you know what I’m saying moving back to the backyard of the house I added 11
stone slabs in this direction and added another chimney on the other side here
that’s ten blocks up and told now this little section of the balcony is looking
a little bland so what I decided to do is build these little black pillars with
three wide block gaps in between each of them so that it kind of matches the roof
aesthetic and also adds that level of detail you’re looking for moving on to
the pool section it’s actually a sixteen by four wide block pool and as for how
far the pool goes down that’s up to you guys you can make this pool go down to
bedrock level or you can make it go down one block like I did here I also added a
whole bunch of lounge chairs even though I’m probably going to be the only person
that ever goes to this house and in the middle of the pool here I decided to
build out this little waterfall section that you could walk across with a little
bridge kind of added a little bit more modernist to the entire Villa and with
that being said just add some more leaves around the entire build and I
think we’re pretty much done here I really enjoyed how this build turned out
and there was a part in the middle of it where I was gonna give up because I was
like this is so ugly but I’m really glad I stuck with it and the shaders packs
really just sort of emphasizes the whole thing it makes it look so dreamy and
Aries is the first build that I’ve ever done I catch Ettore all fours usually I
just build and I don’t really tell anyone about it
I’ve always loved modern architecture and building in Minecraft so I thought
what a better way to just combine the two and make a Minecraft video out of it
you guys want to see me build the interior of this
let me know down in the comments below and I’ll try to give you guys something
like that I will be posting a lot more minecraft videos on this channel so if
you guys are into that make sure to leave a like and subscribe but all that
stuff down below and I also kind of love this kind of MTV Cribs kind of camera
angle we got going on here also shout out the cheeto the puffs for drawing
this awesome subscribe button I can we just take a moment and appreciate how
she drew my character in Minecraft I love it so much but with that being said
I’m Kevin Foley and I’ll see you guys in the next video

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